Brother Wease Els stations ratings ar...

Holley, NY

#178 Jul 20, 2013
So as usual the show Alan is on has not one original member and is in a continuing downward slide and Alan is well aware that mariane has 0 chemistry with him and the loss of jammie is really starting to show up on all the numbers from the show he is on.It has cut across all the demographic numbers and I feel sorry for Mariane because she is being asked to replace some one that was beloved to to the audience and had a chemistry with Wease that was unmistakeable.

CC has set her up for failure and in essence signed the end of Alan and his long illustrious career.People forget that at one time with no competition alan was able to become the top rated DJ in the one small market of Rochester NY.He held that spot for years and still has remnants of what was once could have been possibly a nationally syndicated career.But with some very poor decisions and the advent of other shows he has become a man clinging to what once was and trying to stop the slide in the end of his radio day.

And by the way the station he is on is being crushed by 33 percent from 96.5 .That is correct,the place that gave him his start and made him what he is is now whizzing past him .Oh well ,it is not as he does not deserve what he is getting.People who always think of themselves first end up looking like fools and rightfully so

Geneva, NY

#180 Aug 20, 2013
old,tired,& who listens to radio?2013 ppl.I download what I WANT

Geneva, NY

#181 Aug 20, 2013
wheeze is NOT 2013 radio material &clear channel is a mammoth corp w/ a lousy oldies station to boot.29 y/o people don't like fat people or KISS radio

Geneva, NY

#182 Aug 20, 2013
who is wheeze?

Geneva, NY

#184 Aug 20, 2013
semper fi forever wrote:
<quoted text>What is wrong with you????He's not going anywhere!!! NOW TRY AND GET THIS THROUGH, THAT FETID, INFECTED, TOOTHLESS, HEAD OF YOURS!!!!!!!!!!
HE'S UNDER CONTRACT!!!!! Now, so, your, infantile brain, can understand this!!!! He's getting paid, a VERY LARGE SUM OF MONEY, probably, more, than you'll make, in your entire, PATHETIC LIFE!!
He's not going anywhere, he's going to honor (a word that is probably strange to you), his contract, and retire!!!!!WOW, are you really that stupid??????????
so sad ppl like this stern rip off?
55 year old male

Geneva, NY

#185 Aug 20, 2013
does clear channel pay ppl 2 write about this uninteresting topic?Roch radio is SOO-OOO 1060s
55 year old male

Geneva, NY

#186 Aug 20, 2013
whoops 1960s radio I meant

Geneva, NY

#187 Aug 20, 2013

Geneva, NY

#188 Aug 20, 2013
maggie B

Geneva, NY

#189 Aug 20, 2013
remember when Wheeze backed M Brooks 4 LS"s job? liberal backing a republiCON?

Geneva, NY

#190 Aug 22, 2013
do rochester ny people have nothing to do but post stoopid opinions @ a radio dj?What is this all about?

Holley, NY

#191 Oct 9, 2013
Sorry Mates ,had to make a jump over the pond to the queens land .ok so I see brother wease el is station is still in the doldrums as I predicted and of course I am always right .. Take a look at how low the numbers are for the station he is on and WCMF is kicking the crap out of him

3.2 2.8 3.0 3.6

Ok as any thinking person can tell wease has tied his wagon to the wrong station and now he has to live with the consequences of his foolish spontaneous emotional decisions. But then again he is not the first person to be forced out of a job.Either way he is ( from what I hear is making the best out of it and blowing smoke up the newbies butts to make them believe he is in control).Hey ,the man is well in to his 60s and on a good day he might be alive for 10 more years ( and just for the record i hope he lives as long as possible and that is a fact) but numbers do not lie and wease is old and the stations numbers are horrible
slammer wins again

Holley, NY

#192 Oct 9, 2013
So there you have it,Alan and his fanatic weirdos who live in a world of fantasy numbers and can not process factual numbers refuse to refute my facts..Lets put it this way,I can see them being able to run for political office because the truth matters not and when the facts do not fit the story ,just pretend they do not exist.

One must and I mean this sincerely and from the bottom of my heart feel very very sorry for him. I can not imagine what it must be like to have been so close to big time success and to come to a whisper of making it only to have others zoom past you .
People think he just rolls in 2 minutes before and leaves as soon as the show is over/Sure that is what he used to do when no one was in competition with him.Now hemust get up in the early hours of the morning ( every morning ) and struggle to work and do show prep and then the most boring meetings after a grueling show and guess what .Next day do it all over again.Now believe me Alan has an ability to make people think he has lots of energy and all i can tell you is that the reason he seems so full of energy is the true fear that grips him as he knows he is running as fast as he can from death and its all adrenaline. I in no way wish that upon him ,but the man is close to 70 ,does not eat well and leads a unhealthy lifestyle .He has to work to stay out of the house and to keep the graft flowing.If people think wease has a glamorous life they are sorely mistaken.God speed wease ,god speed
dorky Dave

Alden, NY

#193 Oct 10, 2013
Well wease must be doing something right as he recently signed a 4 year extension to his current contract. If things were that bad station management would of not offered it to him after all they are in the business to make money.
semper fi forever

United States

#194 Oct 10, 2013
Gee, Gary, didn't miss you one bit, Wease didn't either. He was all set to retire, and CLEAR CHANNEL, offered him a BOAT LOAD of MONEY, to sign on for ANOTHER FOUR YEARS!!!!!!! So, once again, you're WRONG!!!! Don't you get tired, of being wrong. One more thing, why is it, you ALWAYS show the numbers for the ENTIRE STATION?? Why don't you ever show his numbers? Especially in his target audience???? You know, the one that brings in the BIG ADVERTISING MONEY?????????? God you're pathetic!!

Holley, NY

#195 Oct 13, 2013
Well Wease has always had his surrogates who can spin his defeats as wins.As I said ,he is really but a 0 politician in disguise and he can mislead people as good as any politician regardless of party. He was born a liar and has parlayed that in to deceiving people for decades.\\

Look at it this way ,if what D Levin says is true then why not talk about the specifics in what he has signed?? Lets be honest here ,Alan is a cancer survivor who will reach 70 in a NY minute ,and I DARE any one to name a radio personality who is still working at that age. 70 is not what you want to be in any media today. It seems abundantly clear that Alan has worked behind the scenes to ensure that he remains employed for the as long as he can for one simple reason.We all know that according to D L he does not have to work ,But what DL does not see and it is hilarious to me is that he in no way wants to be at home as a retired father and husband.

He fears that even more then cancer and who can blame him. Alan is the master at misleading and disguising his true intentions.He knows the job he has keeps him out of the home and keeps the graft flowing ,and its the perfect scenario for him.Hey I almost respect how he has manipulated CC and his family.I never mocked his ability to mislead people,.But as far as being an honest person,that is but a joke.

If you want to know the truth ask Alan to speak about the specifics in his contract and you will see how bad he wants to stay away from home,

Holley, NY

#197 Oct 14, 2013
And by the way besides the fact that the real reason Alan remains working is to escape the doldrums of being a fsmy man .he has just found a way to get out of the house . Keep the graft flowing ( or the vig ) in gambling terms and still say he cares so much .my hat goes off to any man that can pull of such a feat .one must wonder how getting up at 4 am every morning for another 4years is a good deal .by the way I understand there were no increases in pay or vacation time . Some deal you have signed Alan .how do you live such a lie
greece Guy

Alden, NY

#198 Oct 15, 2013
Well Wease is off on vacation for the 6 th times this year. No wonder why WCMF the break room continues to hammer the point home that they are the morning show for the every-man as most common people simply cant go on all those trips ever-year.

All he will talk about next week is the trip that most listeners can only dream about taking.

Holley, NY

#200 Oct 15, 2013
Wease has always mislead any one he could and it is not in his nature to be truthful if it affects his life.
What people are starting to understand is the fact that he expects people to live on way while he lives another one.I do not hold that against him,but it is his deceit and hypocrisy that is wrong to the core.Look ,Alan in my humble but always correct opinion even has been able to fool his own family.Does any thinking person actually believe that he wants to wake up at 5 in the morning ,work 8 hours a day for 48 weeks a year because they through a contract in front of him.The entire event was a charade .He made that deal with management months ahead of time knowing what was in it and convinced the people close to him that is was an offer he could not refuse( of course after pretending to talk it over )..LOL the guy is good ,No doubt about it.But in the end will he even live long enough to reach the end of the contract?

Ask your self this ,if he has that much money ,and he has already been close to death,Why in the world would he not jump at the chance to spend as much time as he could with the people he says he is close too?????

Oh Alan might not be able to be honest and this is his way of dealing with the hand he has.Is he a bad person ,No is he an honest one ,the facts speak louder than words.

Holley, NY

#201 Oct 15, 2013
By the way ,the numbers are not that good and he knows it.Are they respectable ,maybe .Can he demand more money .Not even close.No raise is going backwards and he sold out for a song and dance .But then again, if one thinks about his life and how what he wants always comes first ,it is easy to see he did what was in his best interest to allow him to continue to escape responsibility as he always has.

But to be able to ruse his own family is off the charts ,off the charts .

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