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Kimberly is a pig

Alden, NY

#312 Dec 30, 2013
Let me guess ... Slammer is a short fat porcupine looking type of a guy with a dead end job that drives a 10 year old beat up Dodge Neon.

That is my guess about what he looks like seeing that he will not show his face in public instead he would rather hide behind a computer.
semper fi forever

Sparta, GA

#313 Dec 30, 2013
Kimberly is a pig wrote:
Let me guess ... Slammer is a short fat porcupine looking type of a guy with a dead end job that drives a 10 year old beat up Dodge Neon.
That is my guess about what he looks like seeing that he will not show his face in public instead he would rather hide behind a computer.
He lives in his mother's basement, has a rubber blow-up doll, he calls his wife, has fetid and foul teeth, and doesn't have an ounce of courage!!!!!

Holley, NY

#314 Dec 30, 2013
Ok as far as his disguise i dare any one to show a photo of him without a hat or glasses ?/ If any one wants to see what a lizard looks like ,look at the photos of him on his millionaire vacation on a island that most people from this city can only dream of and see how he does not every allow any one to see what he looks like . Even with the disguise a few photos show how much skin and wrinkles have besieged is shallow and hollow face.

Now that I have proven why he is never seen without his disguise and by the way can one imagine if he let a photo of him with out a hat and if he looks 80 with a hat and glasses he must look 90 in real life

ok on opinionated fact ,Alan has beaten up so many people on the radio and he truly is a bully and so many of his views are not based on any facts at all ,and yet like people of religion ,he defends his views as facts and yet he can not very almost any of them .So if one asks what is opinionated fact one must just look at Alan and his defense of views that are purely fantasy ideas and not based in truth or facts.

As a clear example and one that can not be denied ,Alan fervently backed the former Mayor and the 180 million dollar fiasco know and Mayor Johnsons personal speed boat or the doomed ferry .Alan bought the lies and the false truths and ridiculed and mocked any one that would even ? such a foolish waste of tax payer money ..But for Alan it was about what he wanted what he wanted and the facts meant nothing .And as usual the fantasies of a horrible mayor collapsed and instead of admitting it was a mistake ,Alan blames hard working people for not supporting what they did not want in the first place.

And what is his response ,He works a long day to raise money for the hospital which might be noble ,but it only paid the interest on the 180 million dollar debacle for a month ,but in his ridicules feeble mine ,he thinks he is justified in his mind because he is off the hook for being a fool...What a horrible human being and once again,I dare Alan to not wear a disguise for one week and let people see him for what he really is .Facts are facts
semper fi forever

Sparta, GA

#315 Dec 30, 2013
A hat and sun glasses????????? That's a disguise???? Wow, you are really messed up!! Okay, how about explaining this one, if you can..........
"but in his ridicules feeble mine "?????????? A direct quote, from the weird mind of "slammer"!!!!!!!!!! Go back and retake tenth grade ENGLISH, you pathetic BOOB!!! Or better yet, learn how to use a dictionary!!!!!!!!!!
Look up, "RIDICULES"????????? ?IDIOT

Holley, NY

#316 Jan 1, 2014
Well I will once again restate a 100 dollar donation to a foundation of Alan,s choice besides one of his ,as we all know ,they are nothing but feel good foolish charities that do nothing to help people get out of poverty and are mainly a horrible waste of money . So If any one can see Alan the brother wease el levin in public with out a hat and can take a photo of what he really looks like It would be a something to see.

If people do not think that he has an issue with his age than you are in denial ,,He is very aware of not only being almost 70 but also that he looks in reality closer to 80 .The only reason I even bring it up is to once again prove that he is a hypocrite and he is in denial. The people around him allow the him to live in a world where he does not have to show what he truly looks like. and in person the man makes radio waves look old.And once again lets allow him to say I am wrong ( impossible ) and ask him to not wear a hat for one month ,and especially in public.Look Alan knows people will want to help him to his truck ,walk him to his table ,drive him home and he despises how he looks and how it makes him feel to look that old and the way he will be treated for actually being honest for once . But alas ever expect him to be honest ,but since he can not do that ,lets at least ask him to not wear a disguise for at least a week. And he has many accomplices on that front who will always want to make the emperor think he is normal. Alan just is not honest in my opinionated fact and as long as he continues to hide his bald head I will be vindicated.
semper fi forever

Sparta, GA

#317 Jan 1, 2014
There you go again, with your, "OPINIONATED FACT", you dumb ass, there is no such thing!!! Just like, "RIDICULES"!!! When you want to say, "RIDICULOUS"!!!!!!!! Jesus, you're an IDIOT!!!!! I used to think, you, had, half a brain!!!! Well, I guess, I was wrong!!!!!
It's freaking winter time...... PEOPLE WEAR HATS!!!!!!!!
Are you enjoying your new WAGE?????
Dorky Dave

Alden, NY

#318 Jan 1, 2014
Last time I checked there was a very popular saying that someone has a face for radio... who cares what wease looks like as long as people continue to listen to his show.
Lenny Perno

Rochester, NY

#319 Jul 8, 2014
I like the Wease. He is funny and he does have his opinions, however I think he is great at what he does.

Great Barrington, MA

#320 Jul 9, 2014
On the July 2 rundown a photo of brother wease el. Is on the site and he does not have his disguise on.but be warned that he really does look as if he is in his 80s as opposed to being less than a year and a half from 70.
Please do not allow children to be terrified by his looks .

Holley, NY

#322 Jul 19, 2014
Brother wease el does look as if a nasty plague took over his entire body and enlarged his ears while growing extra skin in his neck and throat area .

Has any one ever looked as ill and sickly as Alan Levine ? Does he really believe he can continue to work as hard as he does (by the way he is not lazy and that's the truth ) until he passes away gracefully ? I realize people say they love to work but is working until the age of 71 really what is necessary or is he doing that for another reason .

Personally I believe he wants to use work as a way to

Norristown, PA

#325 Aug 11, 2014
By the way ,I heard the ratings might not be that good at all

Rochester, NY

#327 Jan 7, 2017
semper fi forever wrote:
Howard who, is he still on the air??? Did you book your week at Wease's place in Aruba???
Dolt! Howards alive AND rich.

Hilton, NY

#328 Jan 9, 2017
It's the typical liberal media double shuffle , when a liberal show is struggling for ratings and once again a co host seems to have been let go , its best to bring attention to the most successful radio man in the history of that medium .
I do feel bad for yet another side kick who seems to have been kicked to the curb by a liberal
DJ .
The Other Guys

Fairport, NY

#329 Jan 9, 2017
Wease is over. Kaput. End of life.

Nature will take care of taking him off the air. Probably any day now. Wease is hanging on by a thread.

I have my suit ready for the funeral. We figure mid-Spring. Hope it doesn't rain.

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