Brother Wease Els stations ratings ar...

Rochester, NY

#258 Dec 8, 2013
Slammer: is your attack on Brother Wease a LIFE SENTENCE? Or can he be paroled?

Since: Nov 13

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#259 Dec 8, 2013
Oh, my goodness, that nice man on the radio, you hate so much, won the Rochester Choice Award, for
"MOST FAVORITE RADIO PERSONALITY" for the TENTH time in a row. Isn't that amazing??? He even offered to get you a FREE DENTAL checkup! What a nice man!!
He also said, that he would pay for a PROCTOLOGY exam for your good friend HAHA, so he could remove his head from his BUTT!

Holley, NY

#260 Dec 8, 2013
That is at least a thought out question as opposed to DL and the hate mongers who constantly attack me for no other reason than to change the subject.

Look ,all I have ever asked for was a debate . He is well aware of the hypocrisy he shows and his ignorance and denial of facts .

Any by the way this is sincere and from my heart ,and that is to let him deny any of the facts I have written about and substantiated .He is no longer # one in the small market of Rochester NY.

He continues to take advantage of his small town status by eating free dinners and treating the staff as if they were slaves.

he has never said how much money he has donated to any of his charities ,but yet acts as if he is a good person.

Just look at how he verbally abused an officer for doing his job .But he will not allow for a debate.Go figure

PS ,to the innocent children of ALan ,run dont walk to a attorney because I believe you being left out of the will.Do not look to Alan to be responsible on such a important subject and you can better believe that people are probably taking advantage of that/.Just cover your bases ..

Rochester, NY

#261 Dec 8, 2013
Must be eating crow because he's lost a lot of weight. lol
slammer wrote:
He continues to take advantage of his small town status by eating free dinners and treating the staff as if they were slaves.

Rochester, NY

#264 Dec 8, 2013
C'mon his spell - check died.
slammers mom wrote:
<quoted text>Oh my goodness, I certainly thought you had more than a THIRD GRADE EDUCATION!!!! I've never seen so many misspellings other than Gary's preambles! You must be some great PILOT, the only one, who can't read or write!!! You and Gray's blow up doll, must make a great three-some!!!!

Since: Nov 13

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#267 Dec 9, 2013
Oh, ha ha you are such a funny guy, or girl? What is it? It's so hard to tell, with you people!!!!! I have heard, your sister, was an only child, is that true? Have a wonderful holiday, and I sure hope, everything works out for you!!!!!
slammers mom

United States

#271 Dec 10, 2013
You certainly have some anger issues!!! Have you talked to anyone about them???? Anger like that isn't healthy, and may be a sign of PTSD, so you need to take it seriously. I hear they have pills you can take for it!!
slammers mom

United States

#273 Dec 10, 2013
I'm not pushing anything, just suggesting, you get checked out,so you can deal with your anger. You must get very tired, having to deal with your problems. Professional therapy, can help!!!
slammers mom

United States

#275 Dec 10, 2013
Wow, all this anti gay talk leads me to believe, you're a closet homosexual, your self. THAT EXPLAINS all the anger!!!!! NOW it all makes sense!!! No need to be ashamed of your orientation, Wease, will even MARRY you and your "PARTNER"!!!! You can be free from your DEMONS!!!! Slammer will embrace you!!!
slammers mom

United States

#278 Dec 11, 2013
You, seem to know an awful lot about homosexual behavior!!! Why is that???? It would seem, that it is
FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE!!!!! That would explain a lot!!!

Holley, NY

#281 Dec 11, 2013
For my part if a person wants to choose to be a homosexual I say that is his or her business.But certainly to ask for preferential treatment is ridicules and absurd.

I guess I do not understand why sexual behavior should warrant special rights.But i digress.

As always I have only asked for a debate with one of the most hypocritical human beings that ever was born on this earth ,in Alan;s case he is so old he might have been an egg and turned into a dinasour .

One simple ?/, Alan ,what is your plan to try to regain the number 1 spot in the small market of Rochester NY and after being at the top for so long ,do you find it hard to give that mantle to K and B ?/

Regarding your Last Will and testament ,you will be 70 in 34 months ,( less than a 3 year car payment) who has power of attorney and how to you wish for the monies you have earned to be divided equally between the 5 children you have and the 2 ex wives and possible third when you are no longer here?/

Simple ?? that I can safely assume will keep you hiding in your closet while you spout more of your hypocrisy.

Holley, NY

#282 Dec 11, 2013
and by the way ,regarding Alan and any topic he chooses ,you can always count on him being a bully and it is awesome that he is married to a bigger bully than himself .They do deserve each other and I say that with the utmost respect.

Take the money away for a 4 months and watch the true intentions emerge.Money can hide lots of flaws and just one look at Lizard Alan in person and you will understand what I mean.But ugly looks hide even uglier nasty personality and I just see him wanting to much selfish time to himself in his remaining years to keep a relationship together.

Just an opinion but look how often i have been correct and know that Alan will stay miles away from an honest debate.
slammers mom

United States

#283 Dec 12, 2013
Why are you so concerned about his MONEY?????? Do you feel, you're ENTITLED to any of it????? Why, should he, even attempt to regain, the number one slot? He has been to the top of the mountain, and is happy. The station is happy.Do you want POWER of ATTORNEY, over his estate???Oh, and what does," ridicules" mean????

Holley, NY

#285 Dec 12, 2013
Wow and I mean Wow./

I have no interest in any of the money that Alan has earned in his life time.Of course Alan is the biggest hypocrite and yes he is a selfish human being ( think gambling and ,well think gambling ) and any one who interferes with what he wants is in trouble .Alan believe he gets a free pass for doling out the cash that keeps the family quiet and maybe he is right ,He works hard and that is his guilt card that he uses better than any one.

Look ,Alan really is not a progressive ,he plays one on the radio but when it comes to the rubber meeting the road ,Alan believes that because he brings home the bacon ,and it is a lot of bacon ,that he gets all the free time he wants ,and god bless him for pulling that off for so long .One must give him credit for being able to pretend to be a caring husband and father ,but yet gets more personal free time than any married father on the planet.

But I digress , Alan does have a problem when it comes to being honest and sincere..First off he will go on the offensive in trying to regain the number one spot and believe me he does not like playing second fiddle ,so look for him to really attack any one he can for the sole purpose of creating a reaction from the listeners he has left.He is desperate and angry at the people who have left the show he is on.

On the purpose of why he should be involved with how his estate should be in the interest of all his children ,well that answer is simple.Alan is one who always believes in equality and fairness and it is only right that he makes sure that all of his children are taken care .

And what i sense now is the person who has power of attorney is not happy that she is being exposed and certainly does not want any ?? of what happens when Alan is gone ,and look , does any one really believe he will be here for 10 more years.has any one ever seen him in person lately? He literally looks sickly beyond recognition and that is a fact.So who will dare challenge DL for the future of

Rochester, NY

#286 Dec 13, 2013
Slammer. You have brought pettiness into a fine art.
slammers mom

United States

#287 Dec 13, 2013
Gary, will you please tell us what ," ridicules", is supposed to mean?????
Again. you keep talking about his MONEY, and power of Attorney, WHY?
One other thing, who is DL, and what in God's name are you trying to say
"And what i sense now is the person who has power of attorney is not happy that she is being exposed and certainly does not want any ?? of what happens when Alan is gone ,and look , does any one really believe he will be here for 10 more years.has any one ever seen him in person lately? He literally looks sickly beyond recognition and that is a fact.So who will dare challenge DL for the future "??????????

Holley, NY

#288 Dec 13, 2013
People cheat on those surveys all the time.Alan while no longer number one and in danger of losing the 2 spot ,still has some fervent listeners who are living past their prime and have nothing but time on their side as they vote over and over for him.Lets be honest people ,Alan is old as is his most of his audience ..

But then again Alan will not allow a debate on any of this as he is keenly aware of the situation he is in .

Look for Alan to really get outrageous on the radio as he needs to shore up the audience he has left .It is not looking good for that station at all and that is fact..

On him making sure he is being a responsible parent by making the proper arrangements for the future of the children he has sired?

Well if you know Alan he readily admits he is a bad parent and I sincerely believe ,and this is from the bottom of my heart that he has relegated that to some one else and that is just like Alan.But is that the right decision.One must only look at the many families destroyed for the lack of planning after the money earner is gone. Alan is near 70 ,he looks 80 and acts as if he is only 45. Alan hates the idea that he is going to die soon and pretends it does not exist.But that is no excuse to be irresponsible .

The tax problems are just one of a myriad of issues that could do so much harm when he is gone...And all should be treated = and fairly as if one fact of Alan that comes through ,equality is the dominant belief and if he does not want that for his 5 children ,then what does he really want.?? Besides more time for himself .


Holley, NY

#289 Dec 14, 2013
By the way ,Who does have power of attorney for Alan Levine and his last will and testament ?/ If it sounds eerie has any one seen what Alan looks like ? Chances are you can run in to him at one of the restaraunts he goes to for free high end meals. but I refuse to be a part of his blatant attempt for free food but he has no problem at all being a high class beggar.. Remember ,it is always about Alan and only about him ,He really believes if he tips 30 percent on a free meal that he is a good person.It is absurd ,but that is what Alan is .It is always about him .

So any way ,is he willing to talk about power of attorney ?? I think we all know who controls him and that particular ?/ and she is not willing to allow a debate to happen..

So Alan will relegate all of his earnings to a person who will make sure that certain people .

And what more does one need to know . Alan readily admits he is a bad father and besides what he wants out of his remaining years ,all else is more or less a problem that should not involve his time or effort .Never forget that because he does charity he is exempt from the rules and laws the rest of us have to abide by .How sad is it to think he is better than other people while never providing evidence of money he donated out of pocket. I am not talking about what he refers to as free advertising ( why do you think he is always shouting out so many names that do not advertise on the radio but he takes full advantage of their services and it is so unethical but yet Alan always finds a way to make himself justify what he does ).he is truly a hypocrite of the highest magnitude and he is well aware of how deplorable of a person he is .


Rochester, NY

#290 Dec 14, 2013
Your attacks are soooooo petty. You need to get a life, bro.
slammers mom

United States

#291 Dec 14, 2013
Oh, son, you keep HARPING, on this POWER of ATTORNEY, thing!!!!!
Why, is it because when your father ran out on us, he LEFT YOU NOTHING??????? Did it ever occur to you, that, a man in Mr. Levine's position, has all his affairs in order, trust accounts, gifts to minors, so that no one has to worry.
The D&C takes those Rochester Choice Awards, VERY SERIOUSLY.
Have you ever gotten anything right, in your miserable little life? I'm throwing you out of my basement!!!!! Take your rubber blow-up doll, and move as soon as you can.

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