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Message For Hell's Angel's California Chapters & H.Q.

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Miami, FL

#1 Jan 6, 2012
Danny Fabricant U.S. Fed Reg No. 84828-012 of the
L A California Chpter whom is @ U.S. Federal Prison
Tucson , Arizona need's some assistance from your
west coast chapters. Issue: The U.S. Government has declaired all out war on all of your organization no matter where or whom you are, The
U.S. Federal Court System is all un-fair in sentencing when it comes to Hell's Angel's. Case
in point: Cartel Boss Arellano Felix being held @
MCC San Diego , CA was given a plea deal of 25 years in federal prison for alledged drug trafficing tons of cocaine and crystal meth to the
U.S. while head of the alledged Tijuana Drug Cartel
out of Tijuana Mexico. Moreover the case had two dozen homicide's as part of the indictment.

It is un-equal justice when a defendant with dozens of murders and ton's of cocaine trafficing
in his indictment only has to serve 25 years, while
Hell's Angel's members or ex members are serving life in a U.S. Federal Prison for a fraction of that and way smaller amounts of meth and cocaine.

Un-Equal justice is no justice at all and when such un-equal balaces are allowed to remain in any society the very fabric of that democracy is at stake, the government is at war with The Hell's
Angel's and if you are to survive your organization
must be willing to meet the government in U.S. Courts with equal well educated attorney's as
The Cartel Boss did. I'm asking if you will
contact Attorney @ Law Mr. Anthony Columbo Jr.
in San Diego , California and make arrangements to meet and see if this very good attorney will be
legal cousel for the imbattled and incarcerated
Hell's Angel's ? While at this point you whom are
reading this may feel well it's not my ass on the line so why should I help? Consider this it was not my ass on the line either until the U.S. Government arrested me and incarcerated me in
Victorville California U.S. Federal Prison for
4 1/2 months yes months along side Mr. Danny Fabricant . I then had to allie my self with
Gang Shot Callers and make sure they had what they
needed clothes , stamps , commissary ect... it's
prison politic's plain and simple ( Survival )
Consider this allso of the 2.2 million incarcerated
prisoners in America some 600,000 of them are U.S.
Military Veterans . If our government will come after it's on military and imprison them like this
what makes any of you think that you are not on the
U.S. Gov Target & Get List ? If you do find your self inside the walls of a U.S. Federal Prison for
telling some coward FBI agent to go F- Off as I did
just remeber I was once told just like I'm telling
you . The U.S. Government will do the same thing to you as it is doing to others I seen and some I knew that was trumped up on bogus charges and incarcerated. So if you have it in your hearts
to do this favor for me and for Danny Fabricant
please see if you can help Danny and please contact
this attorney.

Thank You.
God Speed Warriors
God of USA Hells angels

Demarest, NJ

#2 Jan 19, 2012
USA Hells angels seem to have declared war on the Anerican women and children

read about it

Phoenix, AZ

#3 May 5, 2012
Go to . Do a google search of the real names of all these idiots..
Child molesters & murderers. It would be something if "drugs & a party" were there only crimes, but that is hardly the case.
Their crimes are not publicized. They usually blackmail many cops, judges..

There is absolutely no reason for these pricks to exist. I think any community that allows these idiots to have a "clubhouse" in their neighborhood are allowing themselves a huge probability for a family member to be affected in some way.. from addiction to rape and murder.

Phoenix, AZ

#4 May 5, 2012
I don't buy it, Danny. I was your BIGGEST fan. It took me a long time to believe the sh!t you did to me. Your brother I believe.

So, it is ok for Don Davis to rape a 12 year old cause "she was a slut"? It was ok for Terry to rub his hands together after typing and sending out an email and say "BOY, DO I HAVE PLANS FOR YOU!", but not ok for me to go through the emails to find out what the F!CK he is talking about?
It was ok for you, Don and Terry to lie to me and get Joe Letizia as my attorney to cover up a rape?
It was ok for that big bad informant to kill someone BECAUSE HE TOLD YOU SHE WAS AN INFORMANT, but now it is not ok, because he was an informant against you.. and on the subject of informants and cops.. It is totally WRONG for any one of your "friends" or anyone for that matter to trust cops or to snitch, but it is ALWAYS ok for the Hells Angels to snitch, blackmail.. and have cop buddies? To set people up, like Terry has done to his own wife and God knows who else?
You guys pulled the wool over my eyes but good, and never could there be cooler liars.'Call me Crazy'.
Same old bs. Every sociopath can kill, blackmail and totally use their friends but it is Vesuvious at how 'innocent' they are.
Go on with your bad ass self.

Phoenix, AZ

#5 May 6, 2012
Who does a google search for danny fabricant anymore anyways? But me and your loser friends

Phoenix, AZ

#6 May 6, 2012
And how much time does it take you guyys to make fake web sites like these.. jeezus. Mr. "I hate the internet"

Phoenix, AZ

#7 May 7, 2012
You dropped your baggie.

Phoenix, AZ

#8 May 7, 2012
Did you teach Terry all about potassium chloride, so he can kill people with it after filing fraudulent paperwork on them? Being that you were the chemist in the family..
Blood always thicker, ey y'all?

Phoenix, AZ

#9 May 8, 2012
Who keeps stealing my smokes and why?

Phoenix, AZ

#10 May 8, 2012
Your brother is probably the one who put you in prison.. Who stood to gain the most?
You fawking idiot.

Phoenix, AZ

#11 May 8, 2012
Figures he would throw 'honor your military' bs in there, being he sets girls up to get raped at military bases in Port Hueneme.

Phoenix, AZ

#12 May 8, 2012
What was the bromance code again? My secret decoder ring couldn't decrypt your drivel..

Phoenix, AZ

#13 May 8, 2012
You dropped your paddle

Phoenix, AZ

#14 May 8, 2012
What's your handle on humaniplex? All the female handles?

Albany, OR

#15 Jul 2, 2012
Wake up people. Government, politicians, church, schools..... They all contain petifiles, rapists, thieves, crooks, and all around deceitful people. We as a society hold ourselves to what we consider high moral standards. Anytime someone doesn't fit the way we feel they should we criticize and judge. Yes bikers can be bad people. But they are also good people. From local fundraising for families to keeping streets safe and children's charity events. U can't judge an world wide organization by the actions of a few. And that's if u believe even half of what u have read on the Internet or seen from local fox news lol

Albany, OR

#16 Jul 2, 2012
Besides, we all have the capability to be good or evil. To kill if we had or needed to. It's a primal instinct. To say otherwise is to lie to yourself.

Phoenix, AZ

#17 Sep 9, 2012
" Wake up people. Government, politicians, church, schools..... They all contain petifiles, rapists, thieves, crooks, and all around deceitful people."
As long as they kill Hells Angels, I am ok with that!
Judy grey

Fairfield, CA

#19 Jan 11, 2013
child molesters and rapists usually get whats coming to them...and the clubs should punish their own...forcable sex is disgusting and humiliating.

Moorhead, MN

#20 Jan 18, 2013
try and tell the folks in sandy hook ct theres no reason for them to be around,idiot. the Hells Angels do alot of good as well that nobody seems to want to talk about. what about all the less fortunate kids,cancer,muscular dystrophy,ms,just poor,etc. that they selflessly help? i believe it was the Hells Angels who kept the fags from westboro baptist church from protesting sandy hook funerals,and i can go on and on. They are personable at sturgis every year,if you aint messing with them or thiers,they aint messin with you. just the things they do for the kids gives them my vote of approval. pull yer heads out and realize that bikers are people just like everyone else,good and bad,tall and short,skinny and fat,bald or hairy. judge not lest ye be judged. thank you to all the Hells Angels for the good things that you do that nobody wants to talk about.
Diona Munden

Portland, OR

#21 Feb 16, 2013
I NEED HELP!!! And I need to find blood family that my mother told me about but, i'm ashamed to say i don't remember there names, or what part of California there from for the life of me!

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