Whitley City, KY

#22 Dec 17, 2010
flabergasted wrote:
Ummmmmmmm wish I knew who you were so I could air your dirty laundry on here...... why are you guys gossiping here??? Is this what this website is for?? ummmmmmm you are correct.... but why? what a Godless world.
Take your God and shove it. If the truth hurts, then tuff sh@t. I don't care if anyone airs my dirty laundry. I'm not perfect and no one is!
steve 0

Cookeville, TN

#23 Dec 18, 2010
danny is a good guy ya dont know nothing!he would give u the shirt off his back the man does have a heart!he is trying to get his life togther and live,and do right.ya shouldnt diss somebody anyway if u havent seen or heard from him or anybody in a while or long time!and yes the car accident did mess him up!how would u feel to be in a vechile with your dad and it killed him and u were in a comma and wake up and they tell u your dad is dad?the man is trying people so let him be!but danny is doing great i know seen him yesterday!and is not doing anything as in drugs and he sure isn't gay u retard!but anyway if u dont know anything about the person u r talking about don't be talking about them because carma is bad!and god will judge u when u get to the gates if u even make it up there!danny is doing good and we pray he stays on the right track!good luck danny!

Sparta, TN

#24 Dec 22, 2010
I happen to know Danny as well and my heart goes out to him. He does abuse his pills, but so does most of white county, they just dont want to admit it. You would be surprised at what goes on behind ppls doors. Of all the things going on in the world, this is what you all choose to talk about and get worked up over. Its just a sad time in the world right now and most of the ppl on here are the problem not the remedy.
danny poston

Lexington, TN

#25 Dec 27, 2010
this is danny poston i heard about this and just thought i would check it out and ya i wish everyone listed there name but then that wouldnt be fair now would it . i tell you this just from reading these i can tell none of them really know me. i am not a needle junkie i do get xanax and pain pills prescribed.and i did have a hard time doing them as prescribed. but come on ya.ll say whatever you want. i am just leaving it to god.

Hendersonville, TN

#26 Dec 29, 2010
Danny, it is easy for others to talk about others because it takes the focus off of them.

Hendersonville, TN

#27 Dec 29, 2010
ummm wrote:
<quoted text>
Take your God and shove it. If the truth hurts, then tuff sh@t. I don't care if anyone airs my dirty laundry. I'm not perfect and no one is!
gettin a little defensive huh..... you must have big ugly skeletons in your closet. You are so quick to speak of others.... interesting.

Hendersonville, TN

#28 Dec 29, 2010
....... for some reason I can hear Danny singing " some people need some respect. They need to step back, and get a hold of themselves...... oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh HERE I AM! WHAT DO YA THINK? I'LL TAKE MY AGGRESSION.......... OUT ON UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUU!"

Hendersonville, TN

#29 Dec 30, 2010
o.k messed that song up.... but I have a better one...listen closely and you can hear Danny singing, " I just wanna live! I just wanna breath! I haven't got time, to listen to you wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn e or......"I think I need....... I need some respect, aaa what I think I need is to get away from you........ oooooh here I am! WHAT DO YOU THINK? I'LL TAKE MY AGGRESSIONNNNN OUT ON .......... YOU!

Hendersonville, TN

#30 Dec 30, 2010
DANNY, YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH THINGS OTHERS WOULD HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT FOR THE REST OF THERE LIFE. You have made some bad bad choices and hurt alot of people...... but you are still loved by many many people.

Lexington, TN

#31 Jan 2, 2011
well i had to come on here because i heard there was talk about danny. im here to tell you i know him better than any of you. i have known him since birth. thats right, birth im his sister, and he has had a problem long before daddy died and this is to jordan he has been blowing smoke up your a-- if you believe all that. he uses any reason he can to justify his behavior. he is very capable of working and yes our mom is to the point of when not if he will die. he does need our prayers will it do any good dont know cant hurt. he will lie, cheat, or steal to get what he wants. i wish he would change. and he has been using for years started when he was in elementary school and no daddy didnt introduce him to drugs he was useing long before daddy got hooked then they used together people know your shit before your gas it out your mouth

Hendersonville, TN

#32 Jan 2, 2011
......and this is his other sister,Crystal. Everything Bobbi just said is true, except I believe it was all Daddy's fault. Daddy was using before you were even born. Just sayin.... those of you who are sinless, go ahead and throw the first stone... despite what we have gone through..... we love each other anyway, some how,some way.

Hendersonville, TN

#33 Jan 2, 2011
no better way to say it than through a song.... to Danny, these are the words I would say... " be strong in the Lord and Never give up hope. Your gonna do great things, I already know.... and God's got his hand on you so don't live life in fear. Forgive and forget but don't forget why your here.. and take your time and pray, and thank God for each day. His love will find your way.. from one simple life to another, I will say, come find peace in the Father.
( It's one of the songs that will be played at your funeral........)

Since: Nov 08

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#34 Jan 3, 2011
Is this about the Danny Poston from Overton Co?

Hendersonville, TN

#35 Jan 3, 2011
Datremis wrote:
Is this about the Danny Poston from Overton Co?
No.....oh crap is there more than one??? just kidding
dontwanttoknowyo u

Cookeville, TN

#36 Jan 5, 2011
Millions suffer from Prescription Pills addiction. It's the highest rising addiction since "crack" in the 80's. People get a life. Read a book. I don't exactly like the guy myself either but I don't care enough to think much less badger this guy he has severe problem. I don't think I would talk if I were anyone living in this area this area is full and I personally know for a fact full of homes where drugs are being abused right this minute. So whatever. This is a poor poor town and I don't have a problem with someone killing themselves in their own home on drugs. That is their decision and their right. You don't know anyone till you have walked in their shoes. And so you have to find one of the people who got a crappy hand at life. Wow aren't we the wealthiest and smarmiest people doing this. No you are ignorant and a good portion of you too. I mean if you want to attack someone come mess with somebody important enough to really give you some troubles who can get attorneys and can afford to have nice things and a real life that they enjoy. I guarantee you all this your broke and depressed and on drugs yourself probably. 2 out of three at best anyways. I don't associate with people and this is exactly why. I have better things to think about than anyone else life like say MINE! O and on the bi I would really really watch what you say. Karma is a real mutha****** these days! It's all about timing. That is why I don't like other people with small town minded thoughts and attitudes. See when you know better you do better. If you were intelligent you would realize we all have a past and if in fact need be it can be brought back out into the present to really do serious harm and damage. Don't test the truth. Be very careful who you talk about.See people only talk about others as they see in them what they don't like about themselves. It's physiology, I know it's too much hurts doesn't it, right? Not for me not even close. They just may be capable of helping you in your darkest hour. I won't think twice about who i help and don't of those living here in Sparta. And in case you want me too leave since I don't like it that much I could one day and most your tax money that pays for your roads and police and fire fighters will not have a job too. Get the point. I don't visit this web site I am on better more interesting sites that I learn things I need to improve on and get inspiration from. This is the same old white trash small minded Sparta I knew years ago. I am back and I know things a lot more than I would want to expose about this little town. Cross me and if you can courage the nerve to walk up too me. You won't have a chance I hold my standards way too high to stop for most people especially in my age racket. I do hope you know Karma is a real B**** and I am more than welcome to give those who have it coming to them back all in dear sweet time. Sleep that is if your not chasing the dragon still. Worthless.

Stafford, VA

#37 Apr 29, 2012
ya mama wrote:
sorry jordan...but ive known danny for about 18 yrs now and i think i know what im talkin about....hematoma is a blood disese and as far as xanex goes he was shooting those things up at least 2 yrs before the he does rip his friends off just ask shawn bumbalough...
Hi there. U was doing a Google search on my name and saw ur reference to my name, Shawn bumbalough...can u please fill me in on this...I dont think that is me! Not too many bumbaloughs around!:) where is this at?

Thank u kindly!
close to danny

Fort Campbell, TN

#38 May 14, 2012
couldn't be you.............Shawn they are talking about killed himself last year.
Youdontwantmekno wingu

Cookeville, TN

#39 May 20, 2012
Jordan Michelle wrote:
There is more to Danny's story than just the whole he does pills.. First off, the pills are prescribed to him. Xanax is what it is, actually. Secondly, they are for hematoma that he has where he had been in a car accident a few years ago that his dad died in. He only does them in excess because he hurts from his dad dying and he is the one that checked himself into rehab. Danny also has the hematoma because of where he had been in a coma for a week or 2 after the accident. Now, I don't agree with doing them in excess, they need to be done as needed, but he doesn't deserve to be talked about like a dog. He makes mistakes, everyone does, he messes up, everyone does. He needs our prayers more than our criticism and the snide, self righteousness that I have seen displayed on here doesn't help anyone. Pray for him, don't judge him. And pray for others that are in the same boat he is.. Don't judge. You don't always know the full story and it's not fair to judge them based on mistakes.
I know Danny and I must say something. I am not going to allow anyone who I know lives here in this town and bash this guy Danny in and in and in because you think you can get away. Well I can get away with things to k for instance I know where your where you go to leave for work to go home to because guess what your on an internet and if your really intelligent and know where and exactly how to look just right you would to. So I say that I am perfect but I am very respected because I am not a abuse drugs and get my a## in the paper or whatever. But if I did I would say this same thing suck it real good. I went to school here. New school too I was exited and then I met other kids from here. They hated me and they bullied me and they made me want 2 commit suicide middle school everyday. You know that you hurt me or you had some effect in my pain. O trust me its very possible because the entire school system failed me as well from being tormented. Anyways so I left and got a private education where it was 1,000 X's better there. Don't think for a second it was because of anyone of the people involved either because you couldnt afford a week worth of books or teachers pay's pay. Truth hurts . O well like I said suck it real good. I just want to tell you people that love to down him it isn't a sign that your tough it shows smart people that we need to move and get out because you have drunk the kool-aide a lot of you have actually. I hate most of you and I stay at home O and btw its all mine and no one lives with me so I can do drugs all day all night its Private Property tooo so I suggest talk about me you did in school but just know I am not that same quite man anymore. I have attitude and street and book smarts. I have a lot of inheritance as well Which all the City willl be filled with new gay couples one day. I am so happy to go ahead and announce that. O lets see and yeah I have to tell about this other person who murdered another person at age 17 in Nashville over a Cocaine deal gone bad and O did you see me type that O well it would have come out sooner or later she didn't mind spreading lies about me and I am going to tell the truth about everyone one day but this girl dated him. And I know what a demented person she is but I must warn you if I am found dead look for a C.T. k she has killed me through someone that is who to look for k. I have so much more I know about so many people. Brandon Williams people are so fasinated with you still to this day. I do not know why? Looks? What ever I dated hottier. Rich? By no standards I ever dated, and I was with a lot of multi-millionaires so no to multi-mionaire, u wouldn't know them here. And your penis size that maybe it1 I dont know or care to really vut have fun if you call this fun. WHoow I am having so much F-U-N. No and Danny is simply this a person with a lot of problems. I will destroy those who saught to destry me. I have already and am now.
Youdontwantmekno wingu

Cookeville, TN

#40 May 20, 2012
She is absolutley right. Millions sudder drom prescription pill addiction. Its no suuprise when you been well educared to know that DNA also is why u are born this way. And God makes no mistakes. so just because I am don't mean being 300pds makes you a better sinner under God's eyes you any thinner either. No it's reality. And I know so much abou tit I have studied it for yeats and am amazed at how many Seniors take xanax, valium, clorazapam (klonopin). Due from 9/111. Right after 9/11 valium sales jumped to a shocking new high of 50%! Methadone is a huge pain clinic thing around here. Also Opana's. But let me through this out there these young people are being prescribed Opana or Morphine? Seniots are! and they are selling them at a $1 a mlg to tour cgildren and our grand children. O you better wake up and believe this because it's all reall. That bf Eunice she is making 2,000 a week in tax free cash off another one's young pain and going to church on Sunday. At least she is going to church in God's eye's a sin is a sin no sin is greater than another!

Cookeville, TN

#41 Apr 25, 2013
closertoDannythananyone wrote:
<quoted text>
he is not capable of working, he needs to be in a mental institution. Danny without drugs is an amazing person. Hate the sin and drugs. You know him well?? I wonder why...... you must have an "RX" problem too, because he doesn't know anyone who doesn't.
Wasn't he charged with child abuse? His sorry ass sister Melinda didn't help his problem any.

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