What is your #1 pet peeve?

Lexington, SC

#62 Oct 24, 2012
bytchimightb wrote:
really i talk like i want to ...so get life and lay off of me......u all proably had retard classes and dont understand shit ...lmfao....i will say what i want to say ..im a grown woman last time i checked and i am over 21 .....so shut ur lips !
You should probably go to a "retard" class, you may learn something. If you are over 21 then you are very immature and I hope you do not have children that learn from your stupidity. At least in your last post you "tried" to clean up your grammar.

Lexington, SC

#63 Oct 24, 2012
Paying at the pump wrote:
It aggravates me when I use my debit or credit at the pump. When I'm done pumping my gas it asks "would you like a receipt"? YES. Then you get a message that says, "your receipt is inside. Ugggg.
I'm sorry but what's the use of having the convenience of paying at the pump when you have to go inside and get your receipt?
Yes, I know there are worse things going on the world, but that is just one thing that urks me to no end.
Yes I know! It sucks lol. Its like someone asks you, "do you want it? Well go and get it then" lol. It makes me mad when its out of ink or paper too!

Sparta, TN

#65 Oct 28, 2012
illeagles that come to amreica and get
all kinds of handouts, like foodstamps
and medical care, and we cant get it and
we are born here.

Mcminnville, TN

#66 Nov 20, 2012
People that post like 15 pics of themselves EVERY SINGLE DAY ON FACEBOOK.

Mcminnville, TN

#67 Nov 20, 2012
People that drive a PT Cruiser that think they have a super nice ride. They are pieces of junk people!
be informed

Tucker, GA

#68 Nov 20, 2012
Poor Boy wrote:
White countians who don't know what a blinker is or how to use them. People that drive the speed limit in the fast lane.
If you are driving the speed limit in the "fast" lane, that should be ok. The speed limit applies to the "fast" lane too. Fast lane does not mean faster than the speed limit despite what some people seem to think. However, you should not be driving below the speed limit in the fast lane.
be informed

Tucker, GA

#69 Nov 20, 2012
Thinking wrote:
People with no respect of others property children or pets flying down country roads.
It is a road, children and pets should not be in the road. Everyone should obey the speed limit, but keep the kids and pets out of the road. Accidents happen and occassionally a child or pet will get in the road, hopefully drives will be obeying the speed limit and an accident will not occur. But for goodness sake, keep them out of the road. Let them play in the house, yard, playground etc.
be informed

Tucker, GA

#70 Nov 20, 2012
worrywart wrote:
<quoted text>
I've never had that happen. my receipt is always outside.
Happens all the time. I think if the receipt does not print at the point of service they should have to give you something, like a cup of coffee, soft drink or small discount. That is the point of "point of service" payment. However when retailers started seeing how much revenue they were losing because customers were not coming in the store, the printers suddenly started having problems causing the customer to have to come inside for the receipt.
tickedofftimebom b

Liberty, TN

#71 Nov 22, 2012
Bitches that are on welfare and never work, that always have makeup on and their hair colored 2 different colors and nice name brand clothes that shows way to much cleavage or pants to tight and high heel shoes and go to tanning bed and stay tan year round and then they go up to pay for their groceries with a food stamp card and their kids are dressed in dirty rags and old shoes, need a bath and has a runny nose. Spend some of that money that you buy all that stuff to put on your ugly ass face to make you look half way pretty and all that other expensive crap you either sold your body or drugs to get on your children all ya'll nasty hoes.If it wasn't for them you wouldn't get welfare. And while your at it buy some birthcontrol with that Tenncare you get to go to Dr. to get your pills to stay high on and get your kids an appointment to take care of their snotty noses and coughing.What is the state waiting on to start testing these people that abuse the system.I know of some that has made a career out it.Free housing-free medical-free food, why would they want to work.People who work 40 hrs. a week barely can get by.Oh and I about forgot to mention a up to date cell phone in hand at all times with wifi to post all those self portraits of themselves half naked on facebook daily.If you can do that and take proper care of your children then "you go girl",if not you need to "get somewhere"!

Sparta, TN

#73 Nov 23, 2012
Rude a$$ed people on a 4-lane like the Mcminnville Highway that will not yield over into the other lane and let people enter the road. I travel most of the roads in the state but I have to say those going towards Mcminville and Doyle are the worst in the state for this. Get to the inside lane people when someone else wants to enter the highway!!

Manchester, TN

#74 Nov 23, 2012
Over weight ladies that do not realize the grocery buggy + their body together block a grocery isle

Columbia, SC

#75 Dec 5, 2012
sue wrote:
Over weight ladies that do not realize the grocery buggy + their body together block a grocery isle
That's a great one.
just my opinion

Cookeville, TN

#76 Jul 4, 2013
People who go into the "all you can eat" restaurants and fill their plates until they are over flowing over and they take 6 or 7 bites, set it aside and go get more.

People who walk around stores in their P.J.'s

Women who walk around with their hair in curlers, they look and smell like they haven't had a shower in 3 weeks.

Some restaurants in Cookeville are now starting to take the Food Stamp cards. Are you kidding me? We have to work for our money and pay "real" cash for our night out.

Cookeville, TN

#77 Jul 26, 2013
When you call a company's 800 number and they tell you press 1 English, then when you finally get a real person he/she barley speaks English.
Get outta my way

Cookeville, TN

#78 Sep 27, 2013
People who stop in the middle of grocery isle and stand there talking to so-in-so and won't move outta your way even when you say excuse me.

When you standing in line and the person in front of you says they forgot something and goes back to get the 2 or 3 items they forgot.

People who sit at a light when it turns green because their yakkin' on the phone or texting.
Sparta Lady

Sparta, TN

#79 Oct 13, 2013
A woman that goes out with a married man, knowing that he is married.
It Takes Two

Cookeville, TN

#80 Oct 13, 2013
Sparta Lady wrote:
A woman that goes out with a married man, knowing that he is married.
What about the married man? Don't you think he should be held accountable also? Don't blame just the woman, it takes two to tango. One is just as guilty as the other.

Cookeville, TN

#81 Oct 13, 2013
Our pos justice system tha lets the habitual drug offenders go repeatedly with probation. Wow! What a deterrent. And I don't want to hear any bs about how iit's this way everywhere. No, it isn't.
Sparta Lady

Sparta, TN

#82 Oct 14, 2013
It Takes Two wrote:
<quoted text>
What about the married man? Don't you think he should be held accountable also? Don't blame just the woman, it takes two to tango. One is just as guilty as the other.
Yes, it does take two and the man is to blame also. But the woman is stronger because the man is the weaker sex by far.

Sparta, TN

#83 Oct 29, 2013
steppin in gum

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