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Edisto Island, SC

#63 Mar 29, 2011
Standing wrote:
I have a different opinion of the "good ole days". Inside water and a bathroom was the greatest. A galvanized tub filled with hot water was better than nothing but not like today. The telephone ststem of party lines was a hoot. There was never a moments privacy. Television was black and white and racist. Someone was always running outside to adjust the antennae. Our house was cold in the winter months and I even had a pair of new black leather shoes to crack and bust. The rolling stores were great but that meant you never left the community.
I don't want no part of the "good ole days'! I like heat and air conditioning in every room, and for food, root vegatables and dried beans get old, but I still love buscuits and cornbread!
I agree. The good ole days are right now.
helen vinson bellar

Livingston, TN

#64 Mar 31, 2011
lil bo peep just ask for me and if i am not their thay will call

Viola, TN

#65 Apr 1, 2011
I remember carrying water from a well in a bucket and drinking out of a dipper .by the way we all drank from the same dipper and nobody died.wood cook stove,wood box and a 4 room house.we raised everything we ate .a rolling store came by once a week .gathered walnuts and pop bottles to trade for candy.good clean living.it was the good ole days
just saying

United States

#66 Apr 9, 2011
Turn off the TV,Computer,Cell Phone,Video Games,and all the other things that are taking up the time that you could be spending with your loved ones and you'll be living the good ole days, but we won't,because we are Americans we deserve all that we have and won't give it up and then have to work day and night to keep it. Ever wonder why they were so good? Simple is always better. Remember the song Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so? We make things so complicated don't we? We need God in America today not more stuff. Yeah I said it. Figure it out, we're only here for a little while, it's not going to matter how much you own when you are on your death bed, it's knowing that you lived your life loving and being loved. Make a memory for someone so someday they can look back and say "Remember the Good Ole Days?"
Your comment was great. I have 2 small children with dvd/vcr combos, Xbox 360, playstation2, PSP, computers, cell phones all over the house for personal and work, home phone, etc etc.......we both work all day....the memories I didn't realize we are building tho are those of taking them fishing to the river I grew up in every weekend...camping, catchin our own worms, no fancy fishing equipment, regular tent...your comment has made me think that I want to build even more memories...my children see me work on my cells and my computers constantly for work...I am going to not only start building memories on the weekends, but during the week too..I want to show them how to catch june bugs and put a string on their leg and lightening bugs..........thankyou for this and all the posts
Mountain boy

Smartt, TN

#67 Apr 9, 2011
I know in this day and time it,s usually hard to make time for the kids and grandkids, easier to put a dvd on for them, BUT spending time with them may not only give them good memories but us also. An ad says "take a child fishing today" Maybe good advise. Let,s dig some worms,(kids always love playing in the dirt, didn't you ) catch fireflys, and do the things we did when we were little. May be fun getting our hands dirty too, keep posting.

United States

#68 Apr 10, 2011
I remember in the good old days when people actually finished school, learned how to read and write and half the county didn't' have meth labs in the basement, garage or outbuildings.

Oakdale, TN

#69 Apr 10, 2011
Children were not obese. We were outside working and playing,instead of sitting in front of tv or on cell phone stuffing our faces with junk food.
just saying

United States

#70 Apr 10, 2011
nofat wrote:
Children were not obese. We were outside working and playing,instead of sitting in front of tv or on cell phone stuffing our faces with junk food.
Lol I so don't even remember junk food growing up! We had meals only
Hi There

Cookeville, TN

#71 Apr 19, 2011
When I was a kid, we had to make up our own fun. Like building a tree house, riding our bikes all over and playing games outside. Walking on stilts. We didn't have what we have today for kids. We very rarely watched TV, we all wanted to be outside fishing and hunting,Or just sitting outside on the front porch talking all nite.
Life was good

Cookeville, TN

#72 Jul 16, 2011
I remember walking into the woods and picking wild flowers for my mom.( Ok, well, that's when she was mad at me !! ha ha)

When it was on of our birthday's we made something instead of buying it.

Climbing in the willow tree at Grandma's.

My dad building us a tree house.

skating on the frozen pond in the winter and playing hockey.

Getting a big glass of snow and pouring coke in it.

But most of all, people cared about each other. We learned respect. They didn't go out of their way to hurt anyone. We could go away and leave our doors unlocked.

Sharon, SC

#73 Jul 17, 2011
I have read so many wonderful things on here tonight, And I remember them ALL
Elvis could make my heart pump peanut butter, lol, still can.. The wonderful world of Disney, only 3 channels on tv and the kids could watch them all. riding ur bike all day if you were not working in the garden, tobacco patch, or balling hay, I always got to drive the tractor, being a girl an all, loved it, every minute of it. peanuts in a bottle of coke, sit tin on the store porch watching the traffic go by, you knew everyone that passed. Going to town on Saturday, shopping at King's dept store, I thought I was the stuff when I got something at Miss Daisy's, then go across the street an eat at Gooch's Drug store. You could do all your shopping around that beautiful old court house, where all the men sat an told stories and whittled. I could almost close my eyes an see all the old shops around the square, an goin at Christmas, don't get me started. Lol, beautiful, beautiful memories. I am so glad that there are others that love the memories as much as I do. It really was such a simpler time. I am so glad to read these. May God bless you an keep you in His care. so thankful I can still say that......

Sparta, TN

#74 Jul 17, 2011
duh wrote:
I remember in the good old days when people actually finished school, learned how to read and write and half the county didn't' have meth labs in the basement, garage or outbuildings.
Tennessee's high school graduation rate is at its highest historical level.
country girl

Columbia, SC

#75 Jul 17, 2011
I was born in a small town in Alabama. We never locked our doors.Like it has been said everyone looked out for everyone else.Coke's were 5 cents for a small one and 6 cents for the tall one.There really was penny candy.A Baby Ruth was 5 cents.and gas was 29 cents for regular.
October Sky

Cookeville, TN

#76 Jul 17, 2011
This is a nice thread.

I remember playing hop scotch with my friend's and we would have contests on who could hulla hoop the longest.
When we earned enough money we would go to the 5 & 10 and buy white t-shirts and tye die them. Bell bottom jeans were big back, so was the phrase, DYNO-MITE!!. Course there was also disco and strobe lights.
There were no cell phones, computers or video games. Families actually sat down together for meal and talked to each other.
When we were grounded for a week, dad meant it, it wasn't taken away after 3 hours, like some parents do today. I hate to admit it, but I had fun as a kid.
Loved being a kid

Cookeville, TN

#77 Aug 6, 2012
I remember when we got indoor plumbing and setting the out-house on fire.
We had to work for our money, there wasn't welfare and food stamps like they have today.
If we wanted to go to the movies we had to work, money wasn't handed to us.
Fetching water from the well. my mama washing our clothes on a wash board. I really thought we were the richest people in the world when we got indoor plumbing.
Everyone cared about their neighbor, and was always there to help in a time of need. People just seemed to love each other, even stangers back then than they today. People cared for one another.

Sharon, SC

#78 Aug 6, 2012
What's wrong with the world today is we can't whoop our kids technology is spoiling everyone and makin us lazy yes some inventions have made life easier but come on

Crossville, TN

#79 Aug 7, 2012

Sparta, TN

#80 Aug 9, 2012
Inosence of children, playing outdoors until dark wih out fear of being kidnapped.Imagination in play., common sence,Packing a pb&j sandwich and going on an adventure on your bike with your best friend. Respect for elders, trips to grannys and staying for awhile in summer. Riding on back of uncles tractor while he plows.Ligting bugs, drive in movies in your pjs. I have wished many times I could take any of my 7 kids back to the fiftys for one day, such a good time to be alive.
Gratitudeattitud e

Cookeville, TN

#81 Aug 18, 2012

I remmeber when I could buy cigarettes at 14 and now they I.D. you for looking 40 years or younger.

I can remmeber when cell phones weren't around and people actually talked to one another.

Duncan, SC

#82 Aug 18, 2012
I'm only 20 years old but i spent most if my time at my grandparents in cherry creek. Papa was a farmer and Meme did housework. My papa taught me how to make a good garden with the best fruits and vegetables and thats what we ate and i will never forget their cookin, beans and cornbread, fried taters, country fried ham, a whole mess of greens, eating cornbread crumbled in a glass of milk, molasses and butter. My meme taught me how to sew. Us kids played outside with our imaginations. I loved listening to their stories. I always watched the price is right with my meme while my papa was out on the tractor. I'd give anything to still have my grandparents here so my two little girls could enjoy all that i did.

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