Gay sex in high school bathroom
Them Who

Cookeville, TN

#44 Mar 24, 2011
sawthem wrote:
i heard it was alex eller throwing it to kyle mabe
go figure
I can understand on this forum dragging Adults name through the mud but for heaven sake this is underaged kids you are talking about now.
shame on you

Manchester, TN

#45 Mar 31, 2011

Manchester, TN

#46 Mar 31, 2011
Concerned wrote:
This is not the first I've heard of the gay & lesbian activity that is going on in the restrooms at the high school. I've been hearing about it from a lot of good honest students who have informed the teachers and the teachers will not do anything about it for fear of interfering with someone's rights. If it were a boy & girl having sex in the bathroom, they would probably be suspended or expelled. Don't get me wrong, sex does not need to be taking place in the high school at all but why the double standards? It's time to quit tip toeing around this issue & go back to equal & fair punishment. More importantly, it's time our schools go back to educating our children instead of being just a drop off daycare that is obviously not even supervised.
No ShOCKING GAYS and Lesbians in the school s now too and having sex OMG it is the end of the world i-s-n-t i-t!
Ummm hi

Dudley, UK

#47 May 25, 2011
Look I saw these guys snogging in the corridor and I told them it was disturbing and if they could go somewhere more privert so the went to toilets I then later needed a pee so I went in and saw them doing each other

Sparta, TN

#48 May 25, 2011
Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me.

Colorado Springs, CO

#49 Jul 20, 2011

Columbus, OH

#50 Jan 3, 2012
dislike wrote:
<quoted text> I have heard all this info also and I think it's ashame you try to teach your kid right from wrong but send your kid to school and they come home telling what happened every day. It is so sick to see girls holding hands and kissing and boys hugging and kissing! Don't know what this world is coming to!
Im sure those boys and girls think the same thing about you, you son of a b*tch!!! Its insensitive pr**ks like you that make kids kill themselves before theyre even old enough to realize whether or not theyre gay! Someone should lock you somewhere with your girlfriend (if, by the slim chance, you have one) where there are alot of gays and lesbians, and make you experience what people like you put them through every day!!!!!

Sparta, TN

#51 Jan 3, 2012
Ut Oh... Sounds like Mike didn't get his fudge properly packed this morning...
jourdan day

Detroit, MI

#52 Jan 3, 2012
It was me and bo ;)

Since: Aug 11

Cookeville, TN

#53 Jan 3, 2012
well im guessing then its time for some parents to start doing something instead of just sitting by and allowing this s**t to happen. I'm going to start looking into this and if its true then s**ts gonna hit the fan with me I dont know about anyone else

United States

#54 Jan 3, 2012
jourdan day wrote:
It was me and bo ;)
whoever put this on here can go to f*ckin hell! Why do they always have to put Jourdan's name on stupid bullsh*t!!!!! I hope you burn in hell because you deserve to! I wish you had the balls to come face to face and not hide behind a screen cause I'd beat your ass muthafucka!

Since: Sep 11

Knoxville, TN

#55 Jan 4, 2012
I do t believe for one minute that you are a teacher anywhere. For starters you misspelled "dysfunctional" and secondly if you have insider knowledge of inappropriate activity by other members of the staff then you need to be talking to someone with authority and quit running your mouth on Topic!! Furthermore you really need to be careful about what you say on a public forum! You handed down some pretty harsh judgements on several members of the school....I really don't think you're a teacher... if you are then I am thrilled that I won't have children taught by you!!
From the inside wrote:
I am one of the teachers who does my job because I love my career and want to see these kids succeed in their adult life. We are under paid, under educated in extra training. We deal with alot of kids that come from very disfunctional families. They are trained how to act at home first. Not many teachers are here for the money, not the good ones, if you knew what we were paid. Other teachers have given up and don't care. So they live on their cell phones, coaches who are only there to look and flirt with the girls in their short shorts and tops so low you can almost see their nipples. These girl walk around and get away with murder and the boys at the highschool get chewed out for every little thing. It is getting bad. Parents step up to the plate and get involved. Please. We have a principle that does not want to be there and an officer that does not need to be there walking around doing nothing. Say no to drugs, the officer there helps them get them.
<quoted text>
Former Student

Martin, TN

#56 Apr 5, 2012
Look guys the high school is full of sex. I graduated in 2009 but will remain anonymous. On multiple occasion both during and after school hours I have engaged in sexually explicit acts in several places through out the school with both males and females. There are numerous unsupervised locations such as the Theater closet which doesn't lock right, the loft in the JROTC bay which has since been caged, as well as the supply rooms and the basketball locker rooms and oddly enough I was one of the "good" kids. The faculty to student ration is not high enough at WCHS to control and supervise every corner all the time so parents talk to your children about safe sex as well as more dignified and sanitary locations. You can't make the right choices for them but you can step up and arm them with the knowledge they need to make the right/best choice for them.
Comic Relief

Manchester, TN

#57 Apr 5, 2012
Just build a big dog cage out behind the football field and give the Sparta kids an hour of free time in it every day. That would be much easier.

Rock Island, TN

#58 Apr 6, 2012
Who would watch the teachers during this hour of free time or they might be a few kids stick around in treachers rooms . But wait this don't look good kids hanging out with teachers im sure it's about making up work . LOL GET REAL . Im sure the student would be sent out of the room when their teaching pal walked in. They will find away and you will always hear I feel sorry for that kid or he or she is such a good kid. And the teacher thats always around their just good friends or teach the same subject lol . W.C.H.S. IS COMIC RELIEF AT IT'S BEST.
Worse Now

Rock Island, TN

#59 Apr 9, 2012
All these things have gone on for years . The only difference now days is there is a lot more of it and nothing is done about it . It's like any place you have workers if they are not made to do the job right the end result will be noticed. K-8 teachers have to teach and make sure the kids learn . 9-12 teachers make sure they go over the questions and answers a couple weeks everyday before the state test is given. So where do you think the real teachers work . It hasn't always been this way when the quality isn't the same why expect the same . It's like anything you never get more for less if you want a better end result. The quality of your workers must improve and be held accountable for what they do. Until this happens don't expect nothing more only less.

Rock Island, TN

#60 Apr 9, 2012
Sounds like a cool place to work if you don't mind the truth being told and being made fun of. At least you get paid doing what you like to do. And that would be what
alittle to friendly

Rock Island, TN

#61 Apr 13, 2012
To make them feel good lets just say it takes a special type person to work and enjoy what they do at w.c.h.s. And for anyone who don't know all you have to do is get out of the house to hear what type that is.

Cambridge, MA

#62 Apr 13, 2012
sawthem wrote:
i heard it was alex eller throwing it to kyle mabe
go figure
kyle didn't even go to school in '11. he quit his 3rd freshman/1st sophomore year which was in '05 or '06. people def. need to get their facts straight before they start putting peoples names up. just because someone likes it in the butt doesn`t mean every time something like this is posted you have to throw random names out. if that was the fact it could have been barry vinson and chris denney or barry vinson and whoever he wanted to do in the butt or chris denney and whoever he wanted to do in the butt or josh mason and whoever he wanted to do in the butt or anyone else that wants to do someone in the butt. and no im not throwing their names out for any certain reason just throwing their names out because dumb people like throwing peoples name out that dont even go to school or didnt go to school in '10 or '11
not all

Rock Island, TN

#63 Apr 17, 2012
Im sure it's not only gay sex at the school. Something else is going on i see a lot of high school girls that either have babies or one on the way. Needless to say white counties best must be working at other schools in the county. There is a lot of things going on besides gay sex that the teachers don't seem to have a problem with .

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