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#142 Nov 13, 2012
We need new mayor

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#143 Nov 13, 2012
Yankee B wrote:
The citizens of Horn Lake have a right to know what is going on in our City Hall. We as voters should be told the truth from the City Hall, the Mayor and the Board of Alderman should at least make a statement in regard to what has actually happened. No explanation makes me think they are hiding something.
It is a shame when we cannot trust our elected officals!
The salaires these elected officals are drawing is part of the problem the city has, they are being paid to much money for what they do, I have not seen City Hall do much to improve Horn Lake City for it's citizens. They claim they have but in all honesty they have not. I am very sad to say, I have been very dis appointed in our elected officals and now they are asking us to elect them to another elected job, No Sir I don't think so!! It is time for us as citizens to take back our city and goverment offices. This November we need to put some fresh faces in office in Horn Lake and Desoto County.
I do want to say, the very best department we have is our City is the Horn Lake Police Department, Thank you Chief Waley!!!!!
we need him out

Since: Mar 11

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#144 Nov 13, 2012
I hear that Allen Latimer will run this time.
daniel arata

Southaven, MS

#145 Nov 13, 2012
hornlake needs a new mayor next year in office

Southaven, MS

#147 Dec 27, 2012
Village idiot 1 wrote:
Are you kidding me! You're right, nobody is talking.
i knew something was going on..how bad these cop harrass everyone to write BS tickets that cost an arm and a leg..ive been to hornlake court and there were so many people in the court room people couldnt find a place to sit,not to mention they charge tha absolute maximum for fines on everything.you know were that money goes to there salaries!they are footing the bill to the people of hornlake when all we are doing is struggling.they are all crooks they all do it..every politician out there.

Southaven, MS

#148 Dec 27, 2012
laughingtomyself wrote:
behind closed doors. you never know who is listening. big brother is everywhere. I hear federal prison isn't bad. the only person you can trust is yourself and at times that is iffy.
i had waley do a persnal favor for my bitch neighbor because she doesnt like anyone who is diffferent she is racist!she had him come out in his daily vehicle to tell us thta our 3 year old birthday party was violating noise ordinances,IT WAS ON A SATURDAY IN THE AFTERNOON.they were kids playing in the sprinkler.he also told my husband if he tried to do anything about his harrassng us he would 'MAKE LIFE A LVING HELL FOR US".think again about your waley!
Steve Havard

Memphis, TN

#149 Mar 12, 2013
I am running for Alderman Ward 1 in Horn Lake so I can make a difference. I know what is being said and sadly much of it is true. Elect me and let me do something to improve the City of Horn Lake for all its citizens.

Elect Steve Havard
City of Horn Lake
Alderman Ward 1

Germantown, TN

#150 Mar 14, 2013

Horn Lake, MS

#151 Apr 24, 2013
Steve Havard you are a moron. You don't have a clue what you are talking about. What exactly can you do? Are you aware of what an Alderman does and what their job is? You can't regulate traffic ticket fees that are established by state law. You can't make a police officer not write a noise ordinance violation ticket when there is a complaint. If you take the word of some idiot on topix who claims that "waley"(whoever that is) drove to a 3 year old's party in his "daily vehicle" (whatever that is) and threatened people you aren't smart enough to be an elected official.

When will Horn Lake have someone with half a brain cell run for office?
Steve Havard

Memphis, TN

#153 Apr 24, 2013
I am not a moron as you stated and I did not state anything other than the fact that I am running for Alderman Ward 1, and I will do what I can to make a positive change at City Hall. I do have a clue about what is going on. I would be happy to meet with you and to discuss any concerns that you have and you can be assured that you will find me quiet capable of discussing real solutions to the problems that Horn Lake has.
Steve Havard

Memphis, TN

#154 Apr 24, 2013
Dear Cyberzombie13, You wrote "If you take the word of some idiot on topix who claims that "waley"(whoever that is) drove to a 3 year old's party in his "daily vehicle" (whatever that is) and threatened people you aren't smart enough to be an elected official." If you think that Topix is such an unreliable site to post ideas on, then why are you on it? It seems that someone as intelligent as you would find a better place to present their ideas.

P.S. for you information "waley" is the Horn Lake Chief of Police and his name is spelled Darryl Whaley.

Jackson, MS

#155 Apr 24, 2013
Steve Hazard are you kidding me!!!!!
What do you know about running a city...

Leave it to Amy Lay to represent this ward cause she's experienced and has help this city..

Plus she's knowledgeable about issues and her neighbors like her!!!!!!

Memphis, TN

#156 Apr 25, 2013
Brian you are one sided. You don't even know Steve to judge him. Just because the "neighbors" like Amy, doesn't mean she is God sent. I don't think someone that is inexperienced would run for Alderman, that would be silly don't you think? Maybe this Amy is doing some little favors for you and you feel the need to defend her in such a manner that your stupidity is shining bright like the sun that is blinding you from any other choices for Alderman. Regardless, I'm glad you are not running.....

Memphis, TN

#159 Apr 27, 2013
I have seen Mr. Havard respond to various negative comments with the generic response of "vote for me I'll fix it".

If he can fix it please explain how. In this case he responded to a person who was complaining about the police chief supposedly threatening a three year old's birthday party with a noise violation and that ticket were to expensive. I will gladly read his plan to fix both issues and in particular how he knows that either thing is true. Let's see his analysis of tickets and fines in Horn Lake compared to other cities of comparable size indicating that the fines are excessive. Let's see his investigation into the allegations that the police chief threatened arrests at a 3 year old's birthday party. I will be waiting.
Steve Havard

Memphis, TN

#160 Apr 27, 2013
Dear Cyberzombie,I think you are confusing my statement "that sadly much of what was said is true" as an endorsement of everything that was in that particular comment. I did not say that everything I have read on this site is true, but sadly much of what is being said is based on actual events and not all of those events are flattering to the city officials in Horn Lake. We need a complete review of the policies and procedures of all the city departments including the police. I believe that city government should be transparent and that includes the police.

Arlington, TX

#161 Apr 27, 2013
Steve, You have no facts. When is the last time you went to city hall to look at policies? What facts do you have to back up your statement "that sadly what was said is true"? How do you know things are not transparent? Why should anyone vote for you when you can't even follow the laws and keep your own yard clean? This chat is old and it's obvious some horn lake hater or disgruntled employee wrote it. This is not getting you any votes, you just lost mine b/c you're trying to stir up negative mess about horn lake and if you loved horn lake so much and wanted to make things better you wouldn't bash the very employees that also love horn lake and are doing their jobs. Run a clean campaign or don't bother. This chat is not the best way to run a campaign, more like ruin a campaign.
Steve Havard

Memphis, TN

#162 Apr 27, 2013
Mark, I know more than you apparently realize about what is going on at City Hall. I also know that obviously I am stirring up the pot or else so many of you would not be upset. As far as yards go, I believe in letting people own, possess, and maintain their property according to their own dictates and do not believe in micromanaging people's yards. As far as losing your vote because of negative, well I can only say that I have talked to plenty of people that want things done differently at City Hall and I aim to help bring that about.
Steve Havard

Memphis, TN

#163 Apr 28, 2013
I will no longer post on this site as it is too much of a distraction.

Horn Lake, MS

#164 Apr 29, 2013
Again. He says he didn't endorse anything that was said then says that most of it was true.

I'd also like to point out that an alderman has no power to change city ordinances on anything without a board that agrees and a Mayor who signs off on it.

As a property owner in Horn Lake I am glad that the city has finally decided to make people keep their homes and rental property neat and tidy. I didn't pay over $200 G for home to have some idiot move in next door and "do as their own dictates". This shows a complete lack of knowledge of subdivision covenants and what most home owners desire. The city of Horn Lake has looked like a smaller version of Frazier for years now. It needs to be maintained properly to attract new homeowners and commercial development.

Instead of running away please list what issues you KNOW are needing to be dealt with when it comes to the police or any other department? You are soliciting votes and running from negative comments isn't a good trait for a hopefully politician.

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