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Flatwoods, KY

#165 Oct 11, 2013
Wolf Tracker wrote:
They found lots of "odd" items at the cabin not noted in the show, or for public consumption for that matter. My friend helped demolish that old cabin, they split up the jar of silver dollars, 13 to be exact. His has a strange symbol on one side and Germanic writing/script on the other. We never thought much about it as they were told this "cabin" was an old hunters trap shack and needed to be down and gone at once.
The show came on and he instantly called me to say that this was indeed the place where he went to work back then, then he drove down and showed me some of the items he had kept thinking he could use it for one of his projects down the road not knowing what he had gathered that day.
Also, he had mentioned that the owner had "moved" away and abandoned the property, but that was all that was said. In a peculiar twist, he said as they were finishing up that some people were interested in the land and had showed up early to survey it.
They looked "out of place" he said, these people were supposed to be contractors, etc, but they had all these "devices" and notebooks. One guy stood out as he surveyed the place with dowsing rods,(looking for natural spring water) was the explanation. Hmmmmm.
Would you be willing to share emails to talk about this further?

Farmington, CT

#169 Oct 30, 2013
I'll add something I found interesting that i stumbled across in my travels. In some Native American legends, a skin-walker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires. To be able to transform, legend sometimes requires that the skin-walker wears a pelt of the animal, though this is not always considered necessary. The Navajo "yee naaldlooshii" (literally "with it, he goes on all fours" in the Navajo language.

The transformation/ability is acquired through evil witchcraft rituals. The interesting thing I came across is that legend has it if you discover the identify of the skinwalker (persons name who turns into a werewolf) then they die. Which is interesting due to the fact that George died after his identity was discovered.

Lancaster, OH

#170 Oct 31, 2013
The interesting thing I came across is that legend has it if you discover the identify of the skinwalker (persons name who turns into a werewolf) then they die. Which is interesting due to the fact that George died after his identity was discovered.
Todd, as a native myself I have learned this information first hand and can tell you that the tradition goes that anyone found to be a skinwalker is to be found and killed. That's tradition but not so in modern times hopefully. There are those who still practice dark dark magick in all societies and yes there was skinwalkers by whatever names they call them, all over the world. In the old world of Europe's many countries long ago they had a lot of trouble with witches and shape-shifters. They usually executed them too, usually burned at the stake in a public place.
ohio native

Columbus, OH

#171 Oct 31, 2013
weather the incident is true or not it sure was a good story told by a good teller.

Glasgow, UK

#172 Oct 31, 2013
Witch Insight wrote:
Hello My name is Jesse. I am a Male Witch down here In Phoeix, Arizona. I am a tarot Card Reader and I use magic to inspire Hope and Positivity. I too saw the Show and there was a point in the show where the Werewolf guy gave back the tire and there were markings on there on the back and the guys were freaked out. Well I analyzed those markings and they are Runes. Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet, used for writing, divination and magick. Used In Europe and widely used with Vikings. It's not bad Symbols, It's like everything else. It's not good or bad, its just there. it's how you use them. If you get simple with it, they are just another for of alphabets. But what this guy wrote on their tire is confusing. it's mostly wishing them well. I translated the Runes and it Spells out: FATE, PROTECTION, VICTORY, JUSTICE, GODDESS, SPIRIT JOURNEY, MANKIND, BIRTH, POWER, FAMILY UNITY, YEAR, HEALING. Unless he was wishing them a good spell, or the people making the show didn't know what they meant other than the scare factor then the werewolf guy was wishing the guys who tracked him well. Well My take. Thank you and Blessed Be.
I have to say that although I admire your efforts at deciphering the symbols on the tyre shown in the show,there is NO way that the actual symbols that were on the tyre were represented by the show...they were just guesswork symbols...made up as an approximation of what was supposedly seen at the time...surely you are aware enough to realise that ?

I`m astounded at your assertion that you have "analysed" the symbols and given us a translation...exasperated,in fact.
andrew j

Manchester, UK

#173 Nov 1, 2013
werewolfs yeah rite do these people seriously want 2 be famous 4 an hour so they can be recognised on the street&supermarket or do the producers pay familys 4 weirdest storys cos if they do ive got a few good ones
andrew j


#174 Nov 1, 2013
i agree with u ohio native that guy could tell a story true or not id believe him he should be on all the paranormal witnesses

Westerville, OH

#175 Nov 13, 2013
I read some posts saying that a "tiny town like london" which is erroneous, since London is quite big being the county seat. I would think if someone wanted to disappear and blend in they could. There is a lot of remote areas within 4-5 miles from there where a cabin could easily be hidden since there are a lot of old hunters cabins all throughout this area. My question is why the owners of the tire shop did not come forward. Maybe they knew too much???
John Henry

West Tehama County, CA

#176 Nov 13, 2013
I have never been to London Ohio, but I know a story when I hear it. Question: What city do you associate with werewolves?(London, England) Movies and songs have been made about werewolves in London.
Voice of Reason

Sonora, TX

#177 Nov 13, 2013
That room looked to me more like a chamber for abducted women.
Wolf Tracker

Knoxville, TN

#178 Nov 13, 2013
I might add that the symbols represented on the show were not the original ones, those runes were contrived for TV purposes only. Those runes were just placed for content, knowing that some viewers would actually use their brain to freeze frame and try to decipher the message. Think of the mounds in Wisconsin, the effigy mounds to be exact as they are part of the link.
A few of the silver dollars had "bind runes" on them, some of the steel plate metal (the ones with the claw marks" also had various symbols as well. I have one half of the steel chain (about 5 ft) and some of the wall as well.

So please do not think that what they portrayed as a "message to mankind" on the tires to be true, it is hardly a nice "message" at all. From what was told to me, the symbols carried a misfortune, curse if you will. If you think that's far-fetched, just remember that the couple also ended up getting divorced as well as financial problems that arose after the encounter at the tire shop. But hey,,,caca happens right?
Oh and "Mav in Ky" sure emails are fine.
Wolf Tracker

Knoxville, TN

#179 Nov 13, 2013
If by chance you ever think "hey let's go try to find George's "unmarked" grave....don't bother unless you have a Q clearance at Wright-Patterson Air Force base. If there are alien bodies being studied, you can bet George is lying right next to them.

Hypothetically speaking of course...
Wolf Tracker

Knoxville, TN

#180 Nov 18, 2013
When I take out one of the silver dollars in the full really starts to pulsate in your hand. Very strong energy, much like a mild shock current that fills your whole body with a nice warm tingling. That's as far as I have experimented with them though, I was told to "vibrate" the sounds of the bind runes as I held them.
Not quite sure I wanna go through the entire "ritual" as there are some deriving problems that could be permanent without proper recitation and....well, the other things necessary to accomplish whatever is the end result of said rite.

But there is a profound empowerment within these silver dollars. I only post this since last night was a full moon and even though the weather was crappy, these things clang around the jar I had them in. Usually I keep them in a solid lead box, but full moons tend to give these inanimate objects...movement on their own and I like to study them for the short time while they are active.

That is if you believe in "this kinda stuff".
Wolf Tracker

Knoxville, TN

#181 Nov 19, 2013
Thus is mainstream America...everyone wants to know the truth...have answers, etc. When presented with such knowledge, most people dismiss or cannot accept the facts at hand. Just because your not open-minded enough or intelligent enough to mentally facilitate things you cannot comprehend, you obviously just take baseline idiocy and follow the masses.
You will never find answers or come to any perceived idealism if you cannot handle simple truths.

To simply discount things your mind doesn't accept as "realism", does not automatically rule them out to be untrue...or fantasy.

By the way...the sky is blue!

United States

#183 Jan 22, 2014
If the warewolves r real i wanna track them down and shoot them in the face

United States

#184 Jan 22, 2014
This was sooooo fake!!!! Who wouldn't hv lied to get the cops out there if they felt their lives were in danger!!!!! Who would say creatures???? You would say a home envasion or something!!!!

Le Broc, France

#187 Feb 13, 2014
Whereis the gaddam cabin ?
wolf lover

Acme, PA

#188 Feb 22, 2014
I believe in werewolves I read everything I can get my hands there's to many things happening that can't be explained its like the sasquatch there has to be something true to these sightings and I for one would love to get to the bottom of these 2 creatures to see if they do exist


#189 Mar 9, 2014
You got a point..
wolf lover

Lyndora, PA

#190 Mar 24, 2014
I've read many books on shape shifters also heard stories about them from family members my great grandmother was a Indian sqawl have been told Indians believe in shape shifters that people can turn into bears wolfs eagles ravens really anything I believe that anything is possible but I also would like to see something to make people truly believe it may and could be true hearing about it doesn't really make it true but seeing it does it would prove it

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