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Owingsville, KY

#1 Jun 4, 2011
I'm just wondering. Does anyone know if any kind of farm animal, even small ones (chicken, goat, etc), are allowed within city limits? I'm not sure who to contact to ask about this.

Owingsville, KY

#2 Jun 4, 2011
I should specify within the city limits of South Shore.. as it's automatically listing me in Ashland.. which I'm not.

Littlefield, TX

#3 Jun 5, 2011
Whats the problem? Are the animals yours?
Call them pets. If they belong to someone else, just mind your own business.
I almost bet I know what street you live on..

Greenup, KY

#4 Jun 6, 2011
You probably do, as farm animal used to be allowed on this street. Others have had them here semi-recently and I didn't mind it a bit, but other neighbors threw a fit and the animals were removed. So I wanted to find out what the law says. I don't own the "pets" yet, just wanted to positively find out for future reference.
Yi yi yi

Marion, OH

#5 Jun 6, 2011
If you are talking about the peacock, it shouldn't be allowed! I can hear that damn thing two streets over. If you wanna run a damn circus or petting zoo then get some property in the country and own all the peacocks, orangutans, or chimpanzees you want. Hell hire Jane Goodall to take care of them. But when you have neighbors on either side, in front, or behind within 10 feet who have to work and don't want a peacock as their alarm clock, then maybe you should rethink the whole animal fair situation. I mean I'd like to have a roller coaster in my backyard to ride at leisure but I have respect for my neighbors and my community.

Marion, OH

#6 Jun 6, 2011
A peacock? In south shore?? Where? Hahahaha Wow.

Herndon, VA

#7 Jun 7, 2011
Really a peacock? Who the hell owns a peacock? Is this a joke? If not let me know so that I can bring my nieces and nephews over to feed it. Do you charge admission? Are there any other attractions? A train ride? Three headed Billy goat? Just wondering.
Yi yi yi- let me know if you put in that roller coaster so I can stop there as well. With gas prices so high that would save me some money because I won't have to drive to the zoo or Kings Island this summer.
Yi Yi Yi

Marion, OH

#8 Jun 7, 2011
Yes there is a peacock on 2nd Avenue. You can hear it caterwauling every morning and sometimes in the evenings. Not sure who owns it and if they have any more "attractions," but it's a nuisance.

Crooksville, OH

#9 Jun 7, 2011
I know who owns the peacock, they are nice people who do not bother anybody, I can assure you that there are no other attractions at their home. Furthermore if you would like to address the fact that if you would like to tlk about animals that are a bother how about all of the pitbulls in the neighborhood? I know that i am more concerned with that, and the fact that they run loose sometimes and could seriously hurt someone then the peacock

Ashland, KY

#11 Jun 8, 2011
This has nothing to do with a peacock. I wasn't even aware there was one in South Shore. Good for them. Beautiful animals. And I could go on about "pitbulls" being just another sweet dog breed raised by irresponsible owners, but I won't. Just trying to find out what the law says about farm-type animals within city limits, or who to contact to find out.

Ashland, KY

#12 Jun 8, 2011 far as that goes. i would guess you could ask whatever cop patrols down that way. i'm sure he could get the info for you. surely south shore has some sort of mayor or "council"??? i'm not really sure, i'm from the other end of the county. i do know they used to have a city type building where you could go get your license/registration renewed, somewhere around the park if i remember, perhaps go there???

Marion, OH

#13 Jun 8, 2011
Yes, the city building should have city ordinances on file. Since the city building burned down they are now in main street.

Ashland, KY

#14 Jun 8, 2011
Thank you, rowdy and Agree. =)
Just sayin

Nicholasville, KY

#15 Jun 12, 2011
I'd say law or not, it would take a nuisance complaint for them to do anything so I'd avoid anything that squaks, cackles or makes noise like chickens etc and if it's a horse, goat or cow heck keep the feces cleaned up so it don't stink. Shoot I live 6 miles outta town and I wouldn't have chickens just cause my neighbors are close enough to be bothered by them
ss resident

Broken Arrow, OK

#16 Jun 13, 2011
iknow wrote:
I know who owns the peacock, they are nice people who do not bother anybody, I can assure you that there are no other attractions at their home. Furthermore if you would like to address the fact that if you would like to tlk about animals that are a bother how about all of the pitbulls in the neighborhood? I know that i am more concerned with that, and the fact that they run loose sometimes and could seriously hurt someone then the peacock
You are kidding, right? I've heard these people are drug dealers, people have said that they have cameras all around the house. I've also heard that the cops know about this and aren't doing anything. This guy has been busted for growing marijuana before, I'm tired of all the drugs and crap going on within the city limits and cops not doing anything about it.

Ashland, KY

#17 Jul 10, 2011
We need a dog park. I think it would be great to put one up at the park in the tennis courts. That is if they are never used. I never see anyone up there but not sure. Well it's just a thought. Or maybe even putting one somewhere else.
bridge jumper

Chesapeake, OH

#18 Aug 16, 2011
I know down at the Carl Perkins bridge is becoming a horse park.

Ashland, KY

#19 Aug 18, 2011
talking about animals, does anyone know jimmy porter he lives out at hicks loop. he has over 100 cats and who know how many dogs he keeps in a mobil home, when they get out the poor things look like they haven't ate in months no hair, they r just so sad looking. dont know what to do, called health dept. that was a joke. but if anyone knows how to help these poor thing .... please do so..
South Shore citizen

Ashland, KY

#20 Aug 26, 2011
It would be nice if we had a dog park in South Shore. Nothing special just a place to take your dog in a fenced in area. A place for them to run freely without having to worry about them getting hit by a car or getting into anything destructive. Im not sure if anyone uses the tennis courts at the park but I think that could easily be turned into a dog park. I know there would be some cost with that buts it's just a thought.
just askin

Portsmouth, OH

#21 Jul 7, 2015
what i dont understand is why a person can be allowed to have 7 "outdoor dogs and cats" that are nothing more than strays running all over the neighborhood tearing up trash up and down the street, but a person on the city line living on 3 acres cant have a small flock of a couple hens that dont make ANY...noise and are quieter than a dog barking in their back yard on the edge of town with no neighbors even behind them. now i would understand if they had roosters or the hens would be free range and not enclosed and be scratching up other peoples gardens ect...

i mean dont get me wrong...i understand why they put the no livestock in town ordinance into place cant go having cattle in a 40x40 ft backyard....or loud animals.....i get that...people a few years back had peacocks in town and they could be heard a mile away...but a small backyard hen only flock is completely harmless...there's no smell, they're quiet...they keep the bugs at bay, are not destructive....

it's like anyone who wants to become self sufficient and raise healthy chemical free food are being criminalized. whatever happened to gardening....hell it used to be the govt would PAY you to grow food and a garden (victory gardens)....i understand that no one wants to live next to loud smelly distructive and disruptive livestock in town, but backyard hens are different. there's more noise smell and destruction from a dog tied in a back yard barking all night than a few hens

chickens should be allowed under certain conditions..many towns and cities have adopted this criteria for in town chicken keeping

1. Up to six chickens

2. No roosters

3. Coops and enclosures must be invisible from the street, shielded from neighbors by fencing or landscaping, and adhere to setbacks and property maintenance codes.

obviously 50 birds would be a pain....or a huge flock to sell eggs for profit, but as long as they arent destructive, arent disruptive, and dont affect the neighbors peaceful use of their own property, then whats the harm.

I was raised to provide what i can for what point did working hard being responsible and providing for yourself become a bad thing?

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