Mormons on mission to share their story

Mormons on mission to share their story

There are 209 comments on the Hawk Eye story from Oct 21, 2007, titled Mormons on mission to share their story. In it, Hawk Eye reports that:

Thomas Appiah and his wife, Katrina, have no problem with all the curious new questions about their Mormon faith.

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Harrison, NJ

#1 Nov 4, 2007
The LDS Church advertises itself as a family oriented church; but let me tell you about our experience with the family values LDS Church. Our daughter joined the LDS church and was later married in an LDS temple.

We, along with her entire immediate and extended family, were excluded from the ceremony. People who were virtual strangers to her were present; we were not allowed to be there. Why? The LDS church prohibits non-members from entering their temples, even for family weddings.

After a lifetime of expressing unconditional love and support in all the tangible and intangible ways only a mother can; I was judged "unworthy" and excluded.

The LDS church’s exclusionary policy extends to church members who are considered “unworthy” in some way. Several years ago, a friend was excluded from his daughter’s wedding because he had fallen behind in his tithing. In other words, a father (and life-long member of the LDS church) was denied permission to be present at the marriage of his daughter because he owed the church money.

A simple solution would be to encourage couples to marry outside the temple and have the temple sealing later. However, LDS couples living in the United States are actively discouraged from considering this option.(See the church publication Ensign, Feb 2005.) Those who do decide to include all those they love in their wedding ceremony and marry outside the temple are penalized by church policy which requires them to wait one year to be sealed in the temple. In addition, they are demeaned by church leadership and other members as being “less faithful”. However, this waiting period is not church policy in the UK, France, Germany, Japan and many other countries. It is not even a consistent policy within the US.

In these countries, church policy allows couples to marry in a ceremony outside the temple and to be sealed in the temple on the same day or another day. They are not required to wait the one year period. In the United States, couples who do not live within an easy day’s drive of a temple are permitted to marry in their hometown and then travel to a temple to be sealed. Again, they are not penalized by a one year waiting period.

Clearly, there is doctrine prohibiting this practice.

If the LDS church is unwilling to allow non-LDS family and friends to be present at temple marriages (and I don’t think they should be forced to), they should eliminate the one year penalty. This would allow for a more inclusive ceremony and would be consistent with its own policy in other countries and other areas of the US.

I have lived and worked with LDS people for more that twenty years and have found Mormons to generally be kind people; I am not “anti-Mormon”. To those LDS people who disagree with me’ I ask that you at least try to understand that I speak from a mother’s hurting heart. To those LDS people who do agree, I know that you have been counseled never to criticize church leaders even when you think they are wrong. However, I ask you to remember all the examples history gives us of how only when people find the courage to speak do things change.

If LDS church leaders are serious about their part in healing religious divides and honest about their public pro-family stance they must change their policy. It is time to stop coercing couples into insisting that the people they love stand outside LDS buildings with broken hearts.
Cream of Toenail

Taylorsville, UT

#2 Nov 4, 2007
Welcome to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Where the Saints are nobody has told me. I guess it is just a figure of speech.

Just toughen up and put your shoulder to the wheel and push along. And then while doing your duty, sing with a heart full of song.

Apparently that has helped many a Mormon through a tough time.

Mount Vernon, MO

#3 Nov 5, 2007
(Galatians 1:7) Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

(Galatians 1:8) But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

(Galatians 1:9) As we said before, so say I now again, If any [man] preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.
Maple Syrup

Taylorsville, UT

#4 Nov 5, 2007
Boy Gordo is a nice guy!

Spring, TX

#5 Jul 16, 2008
We married in a lovely chapel. We didn't have all those bizarre Temple rituals, no white meat butcher outfits or green aprons.

I was curious about the sealing ceremony and now have read about it in detail from people who have written books and have seen reenacted ceremonies.

It may be "normal" for Mormons, but it is anything but for those not brainwashed from the cradle to the grave.

We had friends who got married in Vegas. That's always an option, but maybe it would be fun for a renewal.
chris sovine

Columbia, MO

#6 Jul 31, 2008
i to a morman. plan on getting married in a few years. when i find the right girl. not the one the mormons wants but the one i want to be with.but the morman church has rule's. you go on a 2 year mission you come home meet a girl marry her right away and have a baby 9 months later. thats the rules when morman boys go on a 2 year mission. christopher sovine pleasant grove utah

Vail, AZ

#7 Jul 31, 2008

I'm sorry for your pain, I'm surprized they didn't arrange a ring exchange ceremony immediately after the sealing in the temple for non-member friends and family. I joined the Church several years ago, and have warned my mother and family, that I intend to be sealed in the temple and should they care to attend with me they should investigate the church and join (if they believe). The temple is sacred ground and is limited in access to those who are really attempting to live the commandments of God, but that is the only restriction.

Your friend that stopped paying tithes, started robbing God, needed to repent and begin again to make an honest effort (that is not something usually done over night). I'm sorry for him that he can't reap the blessings without paying the price in obedience, but that is the way things go.

I believe you've misunderstood the year wait requirement. That is for all new converts: they must be active striving members for a minimum of one year to go to the temple. If one is married outside the temple, because one spouse has not been a member a sufficient amount of time, the wait is impossed. Otherwise, there should be no problem anywhere with marrying in a civil ceremony and being sealed that same day in the temple by the power and authority of the holy priesthood; so long as both parties are temple recommend holding Latter-day Saints.

Those marrying outside the temple are cautioned that they risk losing the blessing of the sealing, eternal marriage, because they can never guarentee what will occur between the one ceremony and the next. The eternal blessings come only with the temple sealing, the other ceremonies are for this life (mortality) only.
choose the right

Wailuku, HI

#8 Aug 16, 2008
I'am very sorry youre heart was brocken but that was not the fault of the mormon church. I am also a mother of three girls and look forward to there wedding were ever they choose. Many religions have rules I remember growing up JW and not being allowed to go in a catholic church for my grandmothers funeral that at the time broke my heart but I do not blame Jehovas Witness for that. I am now a convert to LDS and have to wait a year for my sealing I have not been brainwashed from birth by the way and I am very excited for that day I have also warned my family so that there is no confusion that they will not be allowed. I often go to the Temple and stand outside feeling the spirit so powerfull and strong it has brought me to tears. Our temple is the house of the lord! It is pure and holy and we who are not pure and holy should not be allowed in it.
Nicholas Hornsby

Salt Lake City, UT

#9 Nov 1, 2008
hello , im Nick Hornsby and you can reach me at :[email protected]
im 13 and i want to be converted to mormon and i am trying to find someone or church to convert me to one , i need help finding one . i act like a mormon but im only Half mormon im christian and mormon i want to be full MORMON , and i need help . please reach me at my email: [email protected]

Thanxs :-Nicholas Hornsby


Columbia, MO

#10 Nov 20, 2008
chris get out why you can. you may not think your brain washed but you are. and you'll let your parents and the church keep pushing you around and you'll never have a chance for a normal life. get out now

United States

#11 Nov 20, 2008
Some of these LDS postings are getting out of hand.

Columbia, MO

#12 Nov 21, 2008
mormon marriage in a temple a fake just a bunch of words. as fo seeing your anchester in them mirrors when you marry its your own reflexsion not your family waiting for you to join them in heaven . you are getting married in a temple. and theres mirrors on the wall. thats not family in the mirrors waiting its your own reflexsion. so why marry in a temple the marry there is dumb. i had a friend married there and he was mad because on there marriage licence there hundreth anivercery came first on the licence

“I Believe in Christ”

Since: Nov 08

Salt Lake City, UT

#13 Nov 21, 2008
wade wrote:
mormon marriage in a temple a fake just a bunch of words. as fo seeing your anchester in them mirrors when you marry its your own reflexsion not your family waiting for you to join them in heaven . you are getting married in a temple. and theres mirrors on the wall. thats not family in the mirrors waiting its your own reflexsion. so why marry in a temple the marry there is dumb. i had a friend married there and he was mad because on there marriage licence there hundreth anivercery came first on the licence
Oh man, I don't know where you get your information. The mirrors you are referring to don't show our ancestors. It is symbolic of eternity, because the reflections keep reflecting each other. We believe our marriages to be eternal, surviving after death. It also symbolizes the married couple's posterity. Their children have children, and so on. Again, it is SYMBOLIC.

“I Believe in Christ”

Since: Nov 08

Salt Lake City, UT

#14 Nov 21, 2008
The friend of yours might not have been telling the whole truth, either. I'm not calling him a liar, by any means, so please don't accuse me of that. I'm just saying you may not know the entire truth of the situation. I've known many people who blamed their temple recommend being revoked on something that sounded small and trivial, like not paying their tithing, when in reality there was a lot more going on that they were too embarrassed to share. An ex boyfriend of mine was disfellowshiped from the church after the Bishop found out he tried to sexually assault me. He admitted it to the Bishop, but went on to tell everyone else he had been disfellowshiped for "not paying tithing" and "skipping Sunday School". Only he, the Bishop, and I knew the whole truth. Now, maybe this man was embarrassed to admit to something bigger that caused his temple recommend to be revoked and he didn't want his family/friends to know what he'd really done. Just something to think about.

“I Believe in Christ”

Since: Nov 08

Salt Lake City, UT

#15 Nov 21, 2008
Another reason Dave didn't mention for having to wait a year is if the couple getting married "slipped up" morally. To enter the temple, you must live up to the expectations. One of the expectations is being chaste. If the couple gave into sexual temptations before their marriage, they are no longer worthy to enter the temple at that time. Repentance for sexual sins doesn't happen overnight, and the time frame for being allowed to enter the temple depends on the act and the individuals. Sometimes it is a year, sometimes more, and sometimes less.

Columbia, MO

#16 Nov 21, 2008
an eternity of what. reflecting each other. but what does that so.two people seeing themselves in a mirror over and over. thats eternity. my friend who got married in a mormon temple said its a waste of time. after years he left the church. and he and his wife got married again in another church with there family's there. now there happy. they say you get married in temple your brainwashed and so are your kids

Columbia, MO

#17 Nov 22, 2008
since eternity is seen in mirrors i think i'll ask my church to put mirrors along the wall when i get married. and hopely it will be eternity for me and my future wife. and if not i can tell the mormon story of the mirrors and eternity and laugh about life as a mormon. and what a joke of seeing yourself in a bunch of mirrors in a roll and thinking thats eternity together,

Columbia, MO

#18 Nov 22, 2008
i don't believe the people who marry in a temple are virgins. you may think they are. but you don't know what they do in the time there on there own. are they being watched at all times. are you following them. if so your stocking them. i'd call the police sounds like your a pervert. boys and girls are adults at 18 teen years old you can't stop there feelings

Columbia, MO

#19 Nov 22, 2008
mormons are nuts. making them the only true people in gods eyes. are all there lies sending them to hell

Columbia, MO

#21 Nov 22, 2008
wade wrote:
mormons are nuts. making them the only true people in gods eyes. are all there lies sending them to hell
mormons yhinks god only see's them in his lights. but jesus loves all the children of the world. not just mormons and there kids. he loves my kids and everyones too

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