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“learn hw 2 spell”

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#311 Jun 17, 2011
Alwyn wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry, I missed that...I wasn't listening (and I don't care).
you obviously learned something you fool

Olsztyn, Poland

#312 Jul 3, 2011
Alwyn wrote:
<quoted text>
Thereís retarded lie #1. The recommendation is for 5-7 servings of fruit and VEGETABLES (only 2-3 servings of fruit), and Monavie doesnít contain vegetables.
<quoted text>
If you think that a bottle of Monavie is equivalent to 35-49 servings of fruit, then you are an idiot. The company doesnít claim this nor will they back you up when you do. You may as well say that it contains 25 ounces of pure gold per bottle.
<quoted text>
So when Monavie, which is in fact a blatant pyramid scheme, gets shut down, where will you be? Here to eat crow or back on the road peddling the next great pyramid scam? I predict the latter.
<quoted text>
Casting doubt on the intelligence of people who are more knowledgeable than you are and who know the product better is a demonstration of your own ignorance and intellectual dishonesty.
<quoted text>
The fact that the company website doesnít even show an ingredient label shows how little they want people to know about the juiceís composition. Letís not pretend that the juice is anything more than a fishing lure to snare suckers into the pyramid scheme.
<quoted text>
I agree. In fact, I go a step further and assume that EVERYONE at Monavie is stupid; you included.
<quoted text>
The fact that they arenít even selling the product adds to the evidence indicating that this is a product-based pyramid scheme.
<quoted text>
Those strict guidelines are window dressing to make it look as though the company cares about how the juice is being marketed, when in fact, illegal and misleading claims about disease cures are the very core of the marketing plan for this godawful swill and have been since its incpetion
<quoted text>
In my experience, everyone who works for this company is an idiot (so much so that it must be a job requirement), and I will judge the company on that basis. You, who claimed that bottle of Monavie is equivalent to 49 servings of fruit, are as much of an idiot as those who you pretend to condemn. And, I wonít merely blame the individuals making these illegal and misleading claims; I will hold the company responsible, for it is they who armed the distributors, stoked their greed, and unleashed them to illegally market this pathetic juice. The FDA and FTC will do the same. You canít avoid responsibility any longer.
You are a sick slut!
Tyson Maltby

Huntsville, AL

#313 Jul 26, 2011
I started taking it 2 weeks ago and I am totally extatic with what I have experienced so far. You want more info contact my website!!!! mona

Marion, OH

#314 Sep 16, 2012
Jay wrote:
You're right there are a number of MLMs that are on the border of what is legal, most are over the line. These companies know this and that's why the DSA invests a tremendous amount of money ensuring that established laws are not enforced on the industry.
Supplement MLMs are what I object to. It is morally repulsive to unleash an untrained (or at the very least not properly trained) sales force that does not understand the laws governing how they can and cannot sell a product. Monavie has policies against making claims but they clearly do not enforce them aggressively. And one would have to be extremely naÔve to believe that the company doesnít know whatís going to happen behind closed doors during "tasting parties." I could easily find 100s of false and illegal claims in about 30 minutes of searching online and if you're honest you'll admit that's the truth. It's tough to sell a bottle of juice for $20-40 when all you can say is that it's just a juice. The truth of the matter is that Monavie sells because people are sold a mountain of hype about the product and the business.
You want to sell knives or some other product through MLM, go for it and good luck (those models don't work out well for most people either). But when you have 100s if not 1000s of distributors making false and illegal health claims don't be surprised when you have critics.
Jay, Apparently you have J.O.B.(I like to call 'journey of the broke'). In the traditional business model you're in you don't think people are profiting from all your hard work? In every business model there is a chain of command or hierarchy. I like how you mention the FTC and the Attorney General. Where was the FTC when AIG ripped everyone off? Where was the attorney general when Bernie Madoff (the chairman for the NASDAQ) was caught stealing 65 BILLION dollars from investors on YOUR WALL STREET.

You probably praise the suits on Wall Street right? Because they wear expensive suits, drive nce cars, and walk in and out of large office buildings. After all, that's all the assurance people like you need. A stately businessman siting in a leather button chair lighting up a stogie.

I'm afraid you are in the pyramid my friend....ITS CALLED YOUR JOB.

Happy retirement! I hope you enjoy living on 40% of what you made during your working years, your fake gold watch, and your plaque for 25 years of faithful service to making your boss rich you dumb ass...

You have no idea what you're talking about and it's a shame people like you try to feed your ill-knowledge to others. Misery enjoys company I guess.

Marion, OH

#315 Sep 16, 2012
Also, everyone in this forum that is down on network marketing either has no knowledge of the business model and write illegitimate crap, or they FAILED in the biz and have a negative aversion to it. Network Marketing is based on PRODUCTIVITY. Why do so many fail? Because people want to get paid for DOING NOTHING (like 98% of the whiners in this forum). They want to clock in and sit on their FAT asses.

I make more money in ONE DAY than most of you hilljacks make PER YEAR.

And yes, I make my money in NETWORK MARKETING.

And no it's not an easy ride like all your JOBS are. It take focus, consistency, and ACTION.

Most of you that are here bitching need someone else to put food on your plate for you.

I put food on my own plate thanks.

Salt Lake City, UT

#316 Sep 17, 2012
Thank you doctor! I am a graduate student in genetics and when people ask me about "super" fruit I usually laugh and tell them the same thing: eat some fruits & vegetables and exercise regularly. That's all we can do, the rest is up to how we fared in the genetic lottery...
LosAngeles CA wrote:
Every day I have patients ask me about these "super-fruit" juices. All I have to say is this... There have been very few truly unbiased clinical studies and all of them have shown that the "benefits" obtained from these fruit juices are no better than a healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. There is nothing in any of the medical literature to support any other outlandish claims.
Additionally, many companies mislead and exaggerate their claims about antioxidants. Yes, the Acia fruit may have nearly 10 times the antioxidant levels of the blueberry but most of those antioxidants are in the inedible thick rind of the fruit! You get more antioxidants eating a fresh apple and a small handful of blueberries than an ounce of any super-juice.
Dr. J. A. Sorenson

Orlando, FL

#317 Oct 15, 2012
Alwyn wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh you dare me huh? Were you referring to this "Dr." Lou Niles creep who dresses up in OR scrubs, pretends to be a oncology specialist, and claims that Monavie can cure cancer? In reality he has no MD degree and he's a child rapist? You sure know how to impress people. Scum!
Lol you are most probably an uneducated hood rat
j boi

Indianapolis, IN

#318 Nov 1, 2012
all i can say is i've drank mona vie for 3 years and have NEVER had ANY BAD EFFECTS FROM MONA VIE I know at least 30 PEOPLE that have drank it LONGER than me. None of these people have ever complained or heard of any bad effects that I have heard of. For me PERSONALLY it makes me sleep better, my joints dont ache as much and my back is stronger, for me its better than any of the 7 previous DOCTORS could provide.

Aliso Viejo, CA

#319 Nov 1, 2012
Do you have some sort of impediment that causes you to shout random words like "PEOPLE", "LONGER", PERSONALLY", AND "DOCTOR" in all-caps?

It's fruit juice. Fruit juice isn't a sleep aid; it doesn't make joint aches magically disappear; it doesn't make backs or anything else stronger.

But the profit motive and sheer stupidity are enough to make people say otherwise.

San Jose, CA

#320 Jan 25, 2013
So is there any unbiased third party research out there that has anything positive or negative to say about Monavie? Have any double blinded studies been on a MV vs placebo? I do know this for a fact. 9 out of 10 people that sign up for MonaVie never make a dime. Not because the product sucks or it's too expensive. It's because they don't know anything about how to run a business. I am unbiased here because I am not a distributor or involved in MLM. I am a business coach and get to see first hand why people call these things scams. Take some responsibility and call it what it really is. To fucking hard for your lazy ass to do.

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