Maynard's Plumbing

Huntington, WV

#41 Apr 27, 2012
I'd like to have sex with her. Teeth or not. What kind of pills she like?
full of it

Titusville, PA

#42 Apr 27, 2012
Both girls like Adderall, Oxys, Lortabs and smoking crack. So pick any of the above named, and you can have them both in bed. But I have to fair warn you, they do go out and do tricks for drugs, so you very well could catch something. Unless you wrap it. This is no lie. I use to run with them, I know. I was on pills with them, but I straightened my life up. I've been clean over a year now. I'm not perfect, but I opened my eyes before it was to late. But I never done tricks for my fix. I had a job, and still do. I just hope they get straightened out before they end up losing their kids. It's a shame, their kids have to live the way they do, because they want to be addicts.
to hank

United States

#43 Apr 28, 2012
4 real have u seen her in the last year? she looks like a different person.I went to school with her she used to b pretty, uck not ne more u could pick up someone off the street corner same thing man

Update people

Ardsley, NY

#44 Jul 3, 2012
Michael Maynard just took $1,000 from Danny Robertson on Park ave. Promising to fix all his plumbing problem.
Mike was suppose to get supplies but has been seen since. After many phone calls Mike is suppose to be there today....I'll keep you posted
posted. The Daughter of this victim, Cindy Rickman, is probably involved

Chesapeake, OH

#45 Jul 3, 2012
Not surprised at all really. They will prob try to blame this storm...he has had power since sat night. Go knock on his door. They live 2 houses down from McSweeneys. Sign is out front. Next step is to call the cops, they know where to find him. Never trust a pill head!

Huntington, WV

#46 Jul 3, 2012
Update people wrote:
Michael Maynard just took $1,000 from Danny Robertson on Park ave. Promising to fix all his plumbing problem.
Mike was suppose to get supplies but has been seen since. After many phone calls Mike is suppose to be there today....I'll keep you posted
posted. The Daughter of this victim, Cindy Rickman, is probably involved
This is all true except the amount of money paid upfront to Michael was $2000 not $1000.

Kenova, WV

#47 Jul 3, 2012
Well, he's on probabtion for this EXACT SAME THING. His daddy paid to get him out, AGAIN!! Maybe if this guy is smart enough to press charges, the judge will finally lock his sorry ass up for a long time and those innocent kids might get a decent chance at life!!!!

Chester, VA

#48 Jul 3, 2012
Do they drive older ford? truck? White with brown down side???

Huntington, WV

#49 Jul 3, 2012
Bob wrote:
Do they drive older ford? truck? White with brown down side???
Yep. That's the one.
Cindy Rickman

South Point, OH

#51 Jul 4, 2012
you better keep my name out of your mouth!!!!!!! I MEAN IT I AM SO SICK OF ALL YOU PPL THAT JUDGES A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!!! GET A LIFE

Ardsley, NY

#52 Jul 4, 2012
Cindy Rickman wrote:
FOR srarters for the updated people i dont sit behind a computor and, hide myself i HAVE nothing to do with this and, if you have a problem with me BRENDA ADKINS come knock @ my door i did and would NOT!!!!!!!!!! teke no MONEY from my dad and,,, you dont know me now YEAH u kno of me from my PAST and, everyone has a past like u and, CHRIS dont PLEASE!!!!! so DO NOT bash my name in this when this time CINDY hasnt done
one thang and, if you want to keep talking bout
me WE CAN TAKE OF THIS???? please let me
YOU???? YOU KNO MY past!!!!!!!!!!
The truth is, Cindy hangs out with Mike and Shannon and they do drugs together and they steal. So Cindy tells her Dad that she knows someone who can fix his water lines and she introduces him to Mike and her dad gives him 2000 upfront and no work ever got done. But somehow Cindy is innocent. Cindy has been arrested for drugs and theft 3 times in the last 6 months and so has Mike, but yet Cindy and Mike are innocent. I don't know about anybody else, but I would have to say Cindy is involved. Regardless, the sad fact remains that this old man was robbed by Mike and Shannon, If it was my dad somebody would be getting their A$$ kicked.
Brenda Adkins

Kenova, WV

#54 Jul 5, 2012
Hey Cindy....Here's an FYI for you!! The only reason I even know you posted shit on here is because EVERYONE who knows you sent me messages telling me you was on here running your pill snorter!! Here's another FYI. Get your facts straight there crack whore. Chris didn't leave me, I put his ass out. As for sleeping with my son's friends...that's a new one. Yeah Cindy, I look 60...LMFAO. Keep talking shit. Maybe it makes you feel better since you lost your kids, home, several jobs, friends, etc etc etc because you would rather shove pills up your nose than be a decent parent!!! I'm sure you do NOT sit in front of a computer. That would take away precious time from your stealing, whoring, and pill snorting. Let's see...How many Walmart's are you banned from? How many times have you been arrested for drug abuse? Compare our arrest records, LOSER!!! You blame everyone for your stupid shit. Didn't you just accuse Sherry of being the one to post shit on here? Yeah, you did. The bottom line is you have a long list of people who hate your sorry ass and can't wait to spread your news. I have no idea why you felt compelled to drag me into your gutter trash drama. I guess it's because you're nothing but a skank whore drama queen with NO LIFE BEYOND THE END OF YOUR HUGE NOSE!!!!!!! I feel sorry for your relatives. What an embarrassment you are to your family. No wonder your kids won't have anything to do with you. P.S...hit spell check occasionally. It might keep you from looking as stupid as you really are!!!!!!!!

Huntington, WV

#56 Jul 17, 2012
Yeah! What she said ^^^. And, do something about those [email protected] stretch marks, biaaatch. You know, the ones on your lips!

Cranberry Twp, PA

#57 Nov 10, 2012
Bob wrote:
Has anyone out there had any dealings wtih Maynard's Plumbing? On Solida Road by McSweeney's?
Michael G. Maynard and Shannon D. Maynard scammed me for $350.00.
There are warrants out for both of them in KY & OH. I contacted Lawrence County Sheriff and he confirmed they have warrants on both. Michael is on 3 years probations for Theft by Deception in Lawrence County, OH. He was arrested in February 2012 and spent 104 days in jail when "daddy" bailed his sorry ass out of jail. He scammed a lady for $1,000.00 charge with a felony and reduced to a misdemeanor. Daddy paid the victim back her money in payments.

Lawrence County, OH prosecuting attorney is currently investigating Bill W. Maynard father of Michael G. Maynard for fraud also.

Do Not Let these junkies in your home they are scum!

Shannon D. Maynard cashed the checks I paid them for work that was never done. The sheriff has contacted City National Bank to obtain her photo when she cashed both checks.

Soon they will all be in JAIL!

Chesapeake, OH

#58 Nov 12, 2012
Yep, I knew this would happen again. This is there way of life to steal and scam...they don't know have to function in society like normal people. They are not remorseful for any crime they commit., going to church was just a cover. Shannon, Bill, and Michael just need to go away.
You can find them all at Bill's house...I just seen Michael there last week. One of these days they are going to scam the wrong person.

Huntington, WV

#59 Feb 6, 2013
These cats are at this sh!t again. Check out the Huntington forum for an update.

Altavista, VA

#60 Feb 6, 2013
Whether she is now or not but she was when I new her.the husband is a piece of shit that would even take from his own father. We use to now them really well but they definitely took the wrong path as far as the father he can't help that his son and daughter in law pieces of shit I know several people that he ripped off

South Point, OH

#61 Feb 16, 2013
is he in jail?

South Point, OH

#62 May 2, 2013
mike maynard joins the JUST FOR MEN hair club haha!! last time i seen him he looked about 50 old&rough as hell,then a few days later i saw him... i was crackin up his hair&beard are JET BLACK,ya jet black just plain hilarious
oh yeah

Kenova, WV

#63 May 3, 2013
His dad is just an enabler. If he'd stop bailing him out of jail and paying off the fines, and restitution to people he scams, maybe Mike and Shannon would get off the drugs. They're grown adults, but his dad is responsible for enabling. If he wants to help the grandkids, kick them to the curb so those kids don't have to be humiliated by the actions of their parents!!

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