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Concerned Citizen

United States

#1 Nov 27, 2012
All members of the South Point community needs to be warned,our local FoodFair is now being used as a drug house. Drugs are being sold out of the front and back doors...and even the parking lot. There is a man by the name of (Jack Cremeans) working in the meat department & he is a very well known drug dealer. Most people will see this post and think nothing of it, but I'm from the inside...I see our loyal customers everyday, they respect our store, and they have no idea what kind of a store they are spending their money in. Yes, the owners and managers are well aware of the situation, but refuse to do anything about it because the store drug dealer knows more than what he is supposed to. The drug dealer was a "No-call, No-show" for two days...he had left for lunch and just didn't come back. The reason for this is that he was pulled over and caught with drugs in is car. This man cashed several bad checks at FoodFair, they held his checks till it was paid back. Does this sound like what FoodFair has always been known for? This is our towns only grocery store, locally owned by descent people...but ran by those whom are dragging the Fourths name through the dirt. I truly feel sorry for Tim and Charley Fourth, they're great people and have no idea what's going on inside of a store that they worked so hardly to build! Lets hoep and pray that our foodFair comes out of this...the drug dealer has to go! This is what's wrong with our world, DRUGS!!!

United States

#2 Nov 27, 2012
I have heard the exact same thing about foodfair. My family has been loyal customers of that store for years, but the stopped shopping there when they seen someting of this nature going on while sitting on the parking lot. Does this man ae dity blonde hair, medium build, and drive a dark blue or black car? If so, it is the same guy that was seen by my parents. The people that run the store ae good people, as are the owners. It is such a shame that they have to be humiliated by this crap. I hope that they wise up and do away with this mess. The store manager there, Mike is his name, has anyone tried to talk to him about this situation? I heard quite a bit while I was in Speedway the other day. They are in my prayers:)
Half Informed

Saint Albans, WV

#3 Nov 27, 2012
You are half right in your post, you may want to get the full story before you make comments. Always get the facts straight so you don't spread rumors. As for drugs, yes, it is really bad in South Point, but that doesn't mean the business where it is seen at is a bad place.

Springfield, NJ

#4 Nov 27, 2012
Foodfair has been a bad place for years. At least it was clean when Rick Forth was running the show. Now it is a dump, it's dirty and the people that work there are rude as shit. Its a shame that south point has changed so much it was a nice respectable community when I grew up there, times have changed. I can't believe that Tim and Charley Forth have not been made aware of this problem.

South Point, OH

#5 Nov 28, 2012
Maybe you all should call the police instead of just talking about it?

South Point, OH

#6 Nov 28, 2012
I'm not from Oxford, PA>>>!? wtf

United States

#7 Nov 28, 2012
there is not anything wrong with Foodfair, Iv been going there for years, all the people that runs the store is real nice people, also the people that checks you out is real nice also,its not dirty, its clean. I love shoping there. If you want to talk about people GO TO ANOTHER SITE

South Point, OH

#8 Nov 29, 2012
In respose to the last post, in case you have not noticed this site is nothing but talking about people. Everyone knows what this site is about, obviously you enjoy it or ou would not take part in it! As for the south point foodfair, I love that store but I have noticed that it has gone down hill rather quickly. No, I do not think that it's the owners/managers, but I do think that they need to open their eyes to what's happening there. I can say this, I know for a fact that a drug dealer by that name works there. He is my friends cousin and this idiot brags about having the manager wrapped around his finger. I also know that there are some very well respected members of this community whom wil no longer sho there after recent problems. I was in that store around a week ago and I was floored! What happened to that place? Cashiers were great, boys stocking shelves were great, but it looked horrible. I bought bread that was green to days after I purchased it and all of my fruit was rotten in the center. The place is falling apart. Again, I do not think that it's the owners or managers, I blame the same man that is talked about above. He has eveyone fooled & he finds it funny. He told his cousin that he flips what he does on everyone else, someone was supposed to have even lost their job over his lies. Who knows whats true or whats not? We will never know, but I also hope that they save that place before its too late. That's are hometown store!

United States

#9 Nov 29, 2012
Like i said, there is not anything wrong with Foodfair, Iv been going there for years, all the people that runs the store is real nice people, also the people that checks you out is real nice also,its not dirty, its clean. I love shoping there. If you want to talk about people GO TO ANOTHER SITE (if you know so mutch who is the guy that deals )

South Point, OH

#10 Nov 30, 2012's a shame people cannot talk about a shopping experience in their OWN opinion without getting slammed.
I have shopped at Foodfair for may years myself & in the past couple of years I have noticed also some changes. Bread molds quicker,I have bought fresh ground chuck that was brown in the middle when I brought it home & unwrapped it, you have to watch expiration dates,I have bought yogurt & cottage cheese etc that expired the very next day. Fresh fruit & veggies are not always good quality.
As for the workers..there are a couple of deli staff that are always impatient & rude or don't listen when you order...but then there are a couple of others that are fantastic!
As for cashiers some are nice,some are rude or busy gossiping and they make you feel like you are imposing to get checked out ,but then you get the same thing happen at Wal Mart.

South Point, OH

#11 Nov 30, 2012
i dont shop there anymore its too expensive. last time some cashier amanda was too busy texting on her phone and fliring with the bag boy and there was a huge line. its rude and too expensive.

South Point, OH

#12 Dec 5, 2012
U S A wrote:
Like i said, there is not anything wrong with Foodfair, Iv been going there for years, all the people that runs the store is real nice people, also the people that checks you out is real nice also,its not dirty, its clean. I love shoping there. If you want to talk about people GO TO ANOTHER SITE (if you know so mutch who is the guy that deals )
Jack Cremeans

South Point, OH

#13 Dec 5, 2012
I have posted the dealers name more than one time, but I posted it once more! I hope that you are able to open your eyes and see it this time. Also, if you dont like this thread, go to another site, because this site is full of gossip, some truth, and much more. In case yo have not noticed, I'm not the only one that has issues with what goes on there! If you dont like it, why do you continue to respond?
Local Citizen

South Point, OH

#14 Dec 11, 2012
I think the managers there are very lazy and rude as hell! When Rick Forth was there things were alot better. We never had to stand in lines to be waited on because a manager would get on register or help bag. But now I never see a manager doing anything. I think they hide out in the back room and watch cameras and play on their phones.Also, what happen to bag boys? The cashiers go above and behind their work load. I feel bad for the cashiers! I got some out of date cheese from their and when I returned it the manager was very rude and said its still good. Im sorry but I just brought it a few hours before and it went out of date yesturday I will not be using it. So just check dates before you buy!

Huntington, IN

#15 Dec 11, 2012
Does Lisa still work there? Anyone know if she is looking for a good honest man? She`s always been polite to me and other customers, and I think she`s very beautiful. Just curious.

Chesapeake, OH

#16 Dec 12, 2012
Even the grocery store employes are not exempt. I know the woman that is talkin about the man in the meat dept. She bashes eeverybody on here. Get a life lady! U can't fix everything. Worry bout yurself bieotch!
dumpster driver

Botkins, OH

#17 Dec 22, 2012
What about will and Lee in meat deptment?

Proctorville, OH

#18 Dec 23, 2012
Gotta Love those butchers at food fair!!! LOL...and going barefoot at Leos ;)

South Point, OH

#19 Dec 25, 2012
most def

Saint Albans, WV

#20 Jan 7, 2013
Well they need to do drug checks on the meat department guys...will sells drugs out of there all the time and f@@ked up

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