Roger Tant Missing in MC

Knoxville, TN

#85 Oct 1, 2012
Sounds like a money laundering front for a Call Girl operation to me. Where is Roger, Pat? You don't look too concerned on that web page.

Chattanooga, TN

#86 Oct 1, 2012
PLEASE EVERYONE .. click on that link - click on our information ... it will have fields to complete -you can put any name email address and phone - in that body of the questions & concerns... Ask Pat where Roger is.... MAYBE she will break!...
good move

Jasper, TN

#87 Oct 1, 2012
I am glad the family is not posting on here. They are very smart to not give in to y'all's curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat after all. If they did have something to do with it they will answer to God. There is obviously more to the story than we as the public know, regardless as to if the family had anything to do with it. So let the cops do their jobs and everybody stay out of it.

Stroud, OK

#88 Oct 1, 2012
You can't search a property if you aren't allowed on it...You don't let a loved one go missing without reporting it...You don't have a boyfriend if your husband is "missing"...You don't kill the chickens and dogs because they will starve with a pickup full of feed already there...You don't go about your daily life without any worries, cares or concerns unless YOU'RE GUILTY!!!! NOW, get smart and off your asses and bring this evil woman and her accomplices to justice and find Roger and give him the respect he deserves and his loved ones some type of closure at least!!!! Money talks B***H....but eventually people do too!!!!!

Cartersville, GA

#89 Oct 2, 2012
MARION COUNTY, TN.(WRCB)-- The reward being offered for a missing Marion County man continues to increase.

James Roger Tant was last seen six months ago, and still there are no new leads in the case.

Friends and family of Tant have now contributed to the original $1,000 reward in hopes of shedding light on his disappearance.

Sheriff Bo Burnett tells Channel 3, a $6,000 reward is now being offered.

The search teams have been put on hold until new information breaks.

If you have any information on the case, you're asked to call the Marion County Sheriff's Office.
Neighbor and friend

Cleveland, TN

#90 Oct 2, 2012
good move wrote:
I am glad the family is not posting on here. They are very smart to not give in to y'all's curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat after all. If they did have something to do with it they will answer to God. There is obviously more to the story than we as the public know, regardless as to if the family had anything to do with it. So let the cops do their jobs and everybody stay out of it.
First, I believe you are family. You sure sound like it. This forum may not be the most effective means of helping unravel this mess but at least its something. I feel a lot of frustration and I'm plain angry at Pat for her lack of concern. She shouldn't "allow" law enforcement on her property, she should call and beg them to come. She should be begging family and friends for help in locating Roger. While on trial she may be innocent until proven guilty but right now in communities eyes she guilty as Hades. Quicker she's arrested the better. That website is a disgrace.
the sky is falling

United States

#91 Oct 2, 2012
curiosity killed the cat ???? is that a threat ???? the authorities doing their job when they are kept away by miss pats lawyers ?? poor roger, he deserves better than this...

and how do you start a company when you have lost your other job ???
creek boy

South Pittsburg, TN

#92 Oct 4, 2012
I wonder

Trenton, GA

#93 Oct 4, 2012
@good move = Is that what happened to Roger Pat? Did he get to curious?
Billy bob

Atlanta, GA

#94 Oct 7, 2012
Let's keep Roger at the top. She....They,had too much time to hide things.

Hixson, TN

#95 Oct 7, 2012
Now... Rogers house is on S. Pittburg Mtn right? I'm not from up there ... but On the Mtn or around their property I was thinking getting a team of folks together to do a ground search...Maybe contact media to be there as well... JUST the lack of attention Roger has had the longer this is going to stay a mystery!

Hixson, TN

#96 Oct 7, 2012
I'm just saying MORE the pressure hopefully that will make someone con forward!
Billy bob

Augusta, GA

#97 Oct 7, 2012
County already did a search with dogs but pat's attorney would not alllow them on the property. 2 things wrong with this, why would she not want them on the property to find a missing man,Im sorry...missing husband. And why is it a game warden can come in and search your house for wild game but police can't do it to look for a human. You can bet that if he was my family I'd search all I wanted too.pat or no pat. Everyone knows she and her daughter are guilty of something,or the would of talked to the police. Feelings go away but he'll will wait on you 4ever.

Bay Pines, FL

#98 Oct 7, 2012
didnt know you could stop a warrant to search property... or am i confused?

Herndon, VA

#99 Oct 7, 2012
wife and daughter sound suspicious.
Billy bob

United States

#100 Oct 7, 2012
Yeah,I thought the same. So if you do something bad and can contain it to your own property I guess you'd be ok.As long as it doesn't involve an animal. I know of my wife was missing,I'd want them to come look for as much as they could.Or I'd want pat's attorney.

Knoxville, TN

#101 Oct 8, 2012
Barring finding Roger's remains, and that's just sad to think about, this situation will likely have to turn on someone talking. Assuming Roger was murdered, Wife definitely knows something, Daughter also. These two didn't kill and dispose of a body this effectively. Means more involved. Too many souls to keep a secret forever. Somebody will eventually crack, make a deal. Involved folks have to realize this, live with the thought daily. Law will move on a search warrant when sufficient evidence is obtained IMO. Move too quick and any evidence found could be thrown out by a wily lawyer. JMO. Where's Roger, Pat? First to speak gets best deal. Wait too long and it's Mansion to Dungeon. Can't wait to see you there. Want me to feel any differently you better start acting differently real quick. You folks ain't smart enough to pull this off forever. Roger WILL BE FOUND. Think about it.
the sky is falling

Orange Park, FL

#102 Oct 10, 2012
What do yall thinking about calling that Nancy Grace lady's show and letting them know how Roger is being done ??? according to her website at

her hotline is 1-877-626-2901

this is a shame and Roger needs to be found for his family's sake. even if two of them arent concerned.....
I wonder

South Pittsburg, TN

#103 Oct 10, 2012
This would be a good one for her. She has top notch investigators. From the looks of the judging on "the sky is falling" comments, someone doesn't want that to happen. Bet we can guess who that is. Why is it "nuts" and "off topic". This is the kind of story Nancy Grace does.
Billy bob

United States

#104 Oct 12, 2012
That's the best idea I've heard so far.Call her! Call Nancy. She'll stir this up like a barrel full of....well you know. And she knows the questions you can ask and how to ask the ones that you can't ask! She knows how to legally hound someone and get press really fired up I'd call her but I don't even like her because she's so loud and just won't stop hounding! But she'd be great for this. Call her and release the dog of hell on whom ever is involved.

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