Suspect in fatal shooting of Whittier...

Suspect in fatal shooting of Whittier teenager appears in court on murder charge

There are 122 comments on the Whittier Daily News story from Mar 28, 2012, titled Suspect in fatal shooting of Whittier teenager appears in court on murder charge. In it, Whittier Daily News reports that:

A 19-year-old gang member accused of fatally shooting a teenager on Monday appeared in court for the first time Wednesday afternoon.

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Whittier, CA

#66 Jun 28, 2012
you guys need to stop arguing about all of this already. let him REST in peace. and for the "low life loser" he is already paying for what he did. everthing oviously happened for a reason that im sure half of us dont know. and we are just trying to put in what we think makes sence. when we dont even kno what happened.

Whittier, CA

#67 Jul 1, 2012
First of all it happened to somebody innocent that stood up for himself first of all. That coward thought he was tough and couldn't handle the matter a better way and pulled out a gun like a coward. Yeah he is paying for it in jail and there he will rot in hell,like the other two will. That coward will regret he ever did that to Michael, and that we guarantee. Let's let god handle what he will have planned for these punks......
justice for michael

Whittier, CA

#68 Aug 14, 2012

Chino Hills, CA

#69 Sep 27, 2012
teacher wrote:
Hey for you all making these false accusations of this kid,how ignorant of you. what happened to him should have never happened. And for you loser writing he was not gang banger get your facts straight,he was not from around here,first of all he did not belong to any gang he talked to everyone he did not have any enemies, thats just your excuse of this all. And for you cowards he was defenseless,you low life criminals with no morals,how pathedic of you. You think your tough with a gun ,well now your friend will rot in hell where he and all his followeres deserve. Eddie Lopez iS A COLD MURDER, drug addict low life coward with no reason to be alive today. THis loser killed the wrong person, i dont know how all of you could write free eddie lopez he is trash. You are all a bunch of losers that carry guns like punks because you dont know how to be normal human beings. This kid had a life was a great kid with dreams, good grades,had morals and respect, that none of you carry isn't that pathedic. He never looked for any trouble with anyone. how dare anyone write these things of another human being, spread rumors and not even know the facts. how arrogant of anyone to try to do this. Where the hell is the respect, and conscious of you all.
Wow, you are also making false accusations. Where is your respect .? You don't even see what you are telling others you are at fault of.

Anyway to my comment as a mother who lives in Whittier. Gang member or not ( most family will lie and say their kid was not in a gang , that they were in private school blah blah because they know most of us wouldnt know their lies, that's also sad but they will know and live with that lie) However what ever this young man did whether in a tagging gang or not he did not deserve what happened to him. He was still a kid and so young. He wasn't bothering anyone. I hope that the guy who did this rots in jail. The family should file a civil suit against the other guy if they have enough witnesses . This is a sad story that this young mans life is over.

Chino Hills, CA

#70 Sep 27, 2012
Hey North Hollywood! Blah, blah, blah, blah...and BLAH!! Trust me NO one cares about whatever point your trying to make. No one cares about what "morals" your babies have and I sure as hell dont give a rats ass about your children. No one cares about your stupid postings. Stop reporting the play-by-play on youtube, stop posting your ASSinine comments.(assinine was directed to YOU - GLAD YOU GOT IT!)
NO ONE CARES. Cant you read? These posting are from people who care about the kid. Get off this Topix site if you dont like.
Besides, don't you have another topix page to harrass? Or "morals" to go teach your kids? I'm sure you have better things to do? What MORALS did YOUR parents raise YOU with if you continue to POKE at the victims family?! Hypocrite.
If you don't care about this persons child . You are no better than the people who don't care about this young man. Wake up people you all share the same world.

Long Beach, CA

#71 Sep 29, 2012
people are so ignorant,i guess they were brought up with no morals or values, but let me tell you something for you idiots writing arrogant comments. This can happen to anybody's child and hopefully it will never happen to anyone of you. people can write all they want but it's so quick to criticize not even knowing the true facts. Why don't you go to the court hearings so you may know the truth. Michael did not deserve this he never asked for trouble ,he was a smart kid who had very good grades,he even passed the SAT test. So obviously he had plans for himself unlike these punks that did this. He was raised by two great parents that worked full time jobs to support their family like any other family,they had him in sports since he was small, he went to private school. His parents invested in him and the sad part is that some coward took all of that away from him and his family with no absolute good reason. talking about he was this and he was that, only god can judge remember that before you open you arrogant mouth. He was only a child,how dare anybody to talk about him after him passing. I assume your parents didn't raise you with any class or respect or morals,how sad . Remember this can happen to your child, whittier is not the prettiest city like it looks....

Perris, CA

#73 Oct 30, 2012
Today was court and that coward looked like a scared punk. He had his head down at the floor. He still had the nerve to plea not guilty, he's just prolonging the situation because he is scared shitless when he hits prison. He deserves everything he has comming to him. And where are his loser friends from Whittier 13 no where to be found, they will forget about you Eddie. Claiming a gang where you never lived is so stupid and territory that is not even yours, you peice of shit you don't pay taxes your so called territory is owned by taxpayers. How ignorant of him, all of this all for nothing just to prove what, how lame of you....

Perris, CA

#74 Oct 30, 2012
noone wrote:
you guys need to stop arguing about all of this already. let him REST in peace. and for the "low life loser" he is already paying for what he did. everthing oviously happened for a reason that im sure half of us dont know. and we are just trying to put in what we think makes sence. when we dont even kno what happened.
Obviously you wouldn't know , so let me give you a word of mouth. Eddie did this to a innocent boy just because Michael told Eddie he didn't give a f.... Where he was from. Michael didn't belong to a gang so why would he care. He had every right to tell him that. He was a coward all because of that, there was no need to pull out a gun and take his life away so visciously. It's ridiculous how people say this and that but let the truth be told, there is no reason in the world to give him an excuse to do that. Michael soto never looked for trouble first of all , he didn't provoke Eddie in any way to do this. Michael had so many things he wanted to accomplish in life , wanted to go to the marines and become someone in life and it was taken from him that day of march 26 th.
Parent concern

Corona, CA

#75 Nov 6, 2012
Michael will get justice , that is guaranteed. This is all needs to stop. These comments are so judgmental. Lets stop and think before we say things. Remember this could be any of our kids. We need to unite as one, we Mexicans are killing each other for what? It's all for no good reason, while these white trash laugh at us and look down on us because we kill our own people. That's pathetic of us to be so ignorant and not educate ourselves and our children that we have values and good morals. This is a wake up call for everyone, remember you can be a victim of this sad horrible tragedy. We cannot control our children 24 /7 but we can educate them and teach them so many things that they don't know and understand. We is what we make of our children, and the sad part is that parents give up on their kids so easily because its the easy way out. That's so sad of parents now and days...

Fathers need to be more involved in these boys lives, maybe all this violence wouldn't be so bad if fathers would give their sons some one on one attention and tell them that they love them. These are things that are not impossible but you have to be willing to do so. Nobody is perfect and every family has its issues and these innocent boys don't have to be taken away so visciously like Michael was. We need to put an end to all of this.
We should stop hurting one another and help one another, stop all the ignorance and start the intellegance of being a proud Mexican and a good parent.

Corona, CA

#76 Nov 6, 2012
It's so easily to sit on a computer and write these arrogant things about a child that was only seventeen. Where is your conscious at night. You must be a miserable lonely person ,I should rather say. Michael was an innocent victim in all of this. You probably haven't lost a love one to gang violence. Nobody should ever , ever be taken away like Michael was. It was all for the wrong reason he was not gang affiliated if you go to the court hearings , he did not provoke anyone that day. That coward had no life all tweaked out looking for trouble, he knew what he was going to do that day obviously he had a gun and a glove so it was intentionally done to Michael. Someone set him up or so because it was so coincidently that out of all people he did it to Michael. And for whatever eddies reason was there was no reason to do so. Michael was loved by many and respected by many it seems as if Eddie was jealous of that. You don't have to be from a gang to get respect. Michael was his own person and always minded his own business. He was a great friend that you will never come across. He had a big heart and so understAnding. It's sad to see someone so young taken away like that, he had so much to do, follow his dreams. His life was just beginning for him. Please people if your on here please leave positive comments.

Corona, CA

#77 Nov 6, 2012
Court on November 30 @ Norwalk court....

Please join and support the soto family in this tragic time......

United States

#78 Dec 27, 2012
Freeeee eddiee! He isnt a monster nor addict just a poor kid that made a mistak. Its wasnt him,micheal discided to bang so stuff happens in life and thats just another one. Its not fair to keep eddie locked upp

United States

#79 Dec 27, 2012
And theres people out here who love him nd pray for him every nite..he has a little boy out here waiting for his father to be free all u guys are.doingis killing somebody elses life im sorry for what happen to wasnt rite but please stop all this nonsense....
Dont Trip

Anaheim, CA

#81 Feb 11, 2013
its funny how all of you talk all this shit!!! saying he is cold hearted and idk what,, you people arent any damn different... you are wishing death upon Eddie Lopez.. all of you are nothing but damn stupid fucks! fcken idiots... i wish the best for eddie lopez and i hope he gets out soon!!! too the rest of all you guys FCK YOU!! free EDDIE ,,, and if you guys got a problem let me know dont talk crap on here

Santa Ana, CA

#83 Mar 26, 2013
Lets keep this conversation respectful ok,
Today we keep Michael soto in our hearts
He wAs loved by many ,

Los Angeles, CA

#84 Jun 6, 2013
People say it was a mistake , but murder is never a mistake . He was conscious at the time and knew what he was doing on 3/26/12. What would you do if you lost your son like his parents did . What Eddie Lopez did was a cowardly act and he should be punished for it. You do the crime you do the time. And there is no way that he will ever see those Whittier streets again . That's for damn sure . An eye for an eye as they say .
Justice is being done so just let it be ,

Los Angeles, CA

#85 Jun 6, 2013
Remember people this can be your son ,
RIP Mikey

Virginia Beach, VA

#86 Jun 10, 2013
I can be proud to say i knew mikey, knew since he was a kid, it does not matter what his past was, the only thing that matters is what he did that day, he stood up for himself for EDDY SORRY ASS LOPEZ to kill him cold blooded is tragic the family has to live with the rest of there lives. There were three of them against Mikey were they that scared of Mikey kicking there ass that EDDIE had to pull a gun and then run leaving Mikey for dead. Yes most of us believe in cold hearted killing after you murder someone else in cold blood, this is not the wild wild west, this is 2013 then 2012 but the blood shred never stops, Mikey was in the wrong place at the wrong time and this POS selfishly without blinky took everything away from Mikey and his family. To Mikey Mom, Dad, sister and brother Aunts, Uncles, cousins, stay strong, everyone who truly knew Mikey loved him

Los Angeles, CA

#87 Jul 1, 2013
Yes indeed he was loved by many, young respectful kid. He never was brought up with suck bad morals , as those punks . But you know what they are going to pay the price , oh better yet they are paying the price. Damn losers too bad their patents didn't teach them any better but to be cold hearted cowards that take people's life away for no good reason , just because he stood up for himself . Now they will have to live with that everyday of their lives that they took the wrong innocent person. Karma

Los Angeles, CA

#88 Jul 1, 2013
Cowards will always be cowards , so ignorantly of these gang members. They ate losers that have to join a gang to feel tough and get respect , you gang members are all peice of shits . You all need to be exterminated like f..... Roaches . You All are a waste of life with no meaning to be here. Given life and choose to live like a ignorant Moran. It's pathetic how you gang members think. Eddie Lopez you are a worthless pos and deserve the death penalty and anybody else involved in this tragedy .

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