My NYS "reverse" "THRILL" Bill 8-11 V...

My NYS "reverse" "THRILL" Bill 8-11 Vickery State UI benefit.

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 18, 2013
Ok today as I wake to the scumbags who follow he taunt that "They are commiiting mor and more food stamp fraud.". Apparaently "he" new promotion in al fot his.."HE" is SSOOO full if shot and investigators are welcome to come anytime they want..esp in this week when we BOTH here did nto buy many groceries and the refrig and cupbard is starting to refelct that..He has his food and I have mine..I have been hungry in my life..gine to bed with out a meal..felt what hunger pains feel like ..Yes evn heavy people can get them ..felt the waekness from being hungry.. though all of to ME stocking up is important..
It was back then all part of he plan to "get that weight off her as "HE" plans to rebuild scumbag recruit "GOOD WOMAN" Valerie Dedich and have me come along later anc clean her up some more were in motion also..Her MOTHER Beverly Dedich was committing food stamp fraud through all of it and "HE" wanted Valerie to be the "GOOD WOMAN" image of that issue.."GOD IS GREAT"

So if "fraud" is the issue of todays taunts and "He" plans..
The my New York State UI that I collected for over 3 years is certianly an issue esp off how it all began on me off MICRPTEL.. military link there ther manager at the time..from how ti became an imtimidation tactic on the lay me off..after 3 months there..The GREEN Avheiva was beinnging to fail and well I would have been done if it boss was told that "reservatins" could be affected if he did not lay me he did..

Now from that layoff - first time in my life..I received my NYS UI-unemployment benefits. They began at a am amount of $118.00 a week. YES I lived on that for alomost a month before my food stamps came having to deduct my rent from it..So yes until tjose FS came I went hungry..lost 20 lbs that first month of UI..

The 118.00 amount was clear to me was a BILL VICKETY "reverse" amount..BILL VICKERYS birthdya is 8-11..The same day Erin Maxwell was came home from out state and was dead 19 days later..The same way links to my sons 3088 NYS LIC plate placed on his GREEN Achieva in March of 2008. Now dont forget that on 4-7-11 the GREEN Laces were also placed a HANG clue reminder..and from inside Tom Abelgores home that day the words from a male were "They want her to know it's something GREEN"

My ? about the GREEN laces,,Was I on hearing that supposed ot think that Orlo Green(Fulton NY Police Chief) was the one behind all the nbad doings now..esp off the set up on me bu Dorothy Mills and "partner" Bill McCarty and how easily they pulled it off? I blame them BOTH after the "RED COP" issue ..BOTH are on the same's an equal share fo blame nwo to me..let me "clarify" that. From that set up and it WAS a set how Judge Ludingto made a THRILL "line up" date game out of it to how OSWEGO NY DA Nickelson vilated my fair and speedy trial rights off it all to keep me homeless as Orlo Green was "sticking up" for me..To how the 213 GREEN slumlord GEORGE house in Fulton at the W-2 address was used to futher the "CARRIE" 'association" to all of this death..set up to have my son make it happen by intimidation on him again on 6-29..There is you "reverse" Angie baby to NYS Police in 1994 court issue link to Erin maxwells hwo it all works for Jones now in appeals court..and just may again lead to hsi freedom off it..(That very ?ionable trial) The DAS can scream all they want ...the clue was the 9-9-09 MILLENNIUM date..YES Jones is guilty but this is a "GENIUS" planned out come "THRILL" "scene"

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 18, 2013
Post Two

The mental taunt at me in all of this...the mind game..I sot wacth helplessly how Alan Jones pulls this off now that I have looked finally at al the clues and recall the scumbag talk wall the way back to 2005 when Tammy Rowe had the "profile" on Erin Maxwells..Alan Jones..that she worked as being my son on me..then..From there scumbags were told to work it..and work it they did..Erin is dead ...not only the tragic way she died nut the sexual abuse she suffered before she died hat no one will ever be prosecuted for..all part of why Alan Jones knew exactly how to set it all up..To Erin's "behaviour issues" that caused the locks on her doors to how she was sent on vacation and returned on 8-11 -BILL VICKERY (yes CHRIS "Reverse" VICKERY BOWERS brother..She's his "rape" victim in all of this..??) This was all clue taunt links to me of what was REALLY behind Erin's 8-30-08 "squalid conditions" "sexu" death..its an "anagram" of sorts..they set a abuse" DSS had a "policy" death..

My son in 1994 to complete the "reverse" scumbag "HE" "He's just like his mother" image...Words that were said first in 1997 after the issue of how my car was torn apart in the parking lot as it was parked..and my son took no shit from the student who did it either I would have said something to that kid myself....Who claimed my son was to blame?.."He's just like his mother" was the "HE" promotion then about my son unless it was my mothers mouth..YES I was angry at how that student Mother and Sheriff dept treaed me off it all.. It took me days to ge that accident report for my rental car..They were "busy." That was the cover trying ot provoke more stiff at me..issue..The I had vehicles to use..I assured BOB M I did and I did...BUT this was NOT a different issue..and my available cars was NOT their business. It's why that kid did it..I made it college no problem after ...I do recall MY MOTHER just NOT being to able to pick me up that night and another Fulton student just could NOT give me a ride home..that night so I sat there for hours..BUT I made it to class after that..even waiting out the rental car issue off the Sheriff dept. My car was all over the BOCES parking lot..The BOCES DEAN was having a fit..She called the "State Police" "I WANT THE STATE POLICE HERE" she yelled to staff across the lot..when she saw the did my entire class and many others..

Ok so yes lets talk about "FRAUD" NYS RUNS some deadly games ON IT..

WHY? was I having such a hard time in was NOT my signs..I was being forced to my mothers "saved" me from all of you image then..and from there the TS Casino on 12-5-09..YES they give your money away also to whom they please BUT was it a layoff like money issue at me for the ROGUE FBI and NYS State Police to have a cover image on later? they had the brother of a state police officer pay me that night. His name Paul K..BINGO HALL employee..Exact words maegan said he would say If I said off his "come with me" words to me I said "Are you a cop" "NO but my brother is state police"

So was it now to all paear to them that I had been caught? I had no emotion about any of it.."Not even happy about it" No I wasn't.... The deadly "THRILL" clue signs were already on my home..BUT FULTON is supposed tot "act like' they never saw them.

See how "THRILL" "scenes" get worked..? See how scumbags are "makin fools" out of everyone?

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 18, 2013
So Erin Maxwell is one of the most tragic foul stories of Oswego County..and right now the JONES verdict is losing it ground fast in front of all of us..Remember he's a "GENIUS" the name my sons called me now..and I know how it gets into his head. the oswego DAS office belived the "state" would side with them ..what was all the stalling? Its was another ROGUE scumbag recruit plan on the horizon is what that was..called "JUDITH DEVENEY."


The State Police look well stupid ..could not get any good evidence against Jones into place.. and the Oswego DA is claiming "depraved indifference" off it all..and now 4 years later the DAS office well ere wrong from the start you can;t BEND the law to make it work What would be the point of having laws.BUT oswego Couny is used to this having their way in that direction..No matter who gets harmed or suffers of fit..It all had to work for "HE" and "they." Now that IS Oswego COUNTY and a GO who claims he wants change things..and his birthdya is Angie baby cell phone link..So you know what that intimidation clue set up at ME means..ROGUES will work him..The "profiled" girlfriend and her "perfect' "COICIDENCE" name is already there..coming off me as the girlfirend they now want to set up s "reverse" BILL FACTOR NOVEL IS..and YES I FEAR for my boyfriends life now off it all..They might just have used the casino to tempt him with "win' ideas on 2-28..Thats how "they" tempted my mother also..

The TS Casino was paying and "they" worked him to get there ??? A continued image played on him off scumbags sent to tell everyone the TS Casino was paying ME through wins petty ones...There is your GOV CUOMO ROGUE "Angie Baby" plan.

Scumbags could set it up again..well I will take the money if they do..TECHNOLOGY..the use TECHNOLOGY..I have no cother conclusion right now..

Oh by the way "JUDITHS" DOG "scene" clue JOHHNY is STLL -->MISSING<- But now that I have posted it I expect him home anytime now..

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