Try home remedies for neuropathy

Try home remedies for neuropathy

There are 225 comments on the San Gabriel Valley Tribune story from Mar 27, 2008, titled Try home remedies for neuropathy. In it, San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that:

Dear Dr. Gott: I have received information from a friend that you have a theory that spraying nitroglycerin on the hands and feet of a neuropathy patient may be of some help.

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Ballwin, MO

#148 Jul 9, 2012
I've read some but not all responses. Try nortriptyline 25 or 50mg. It is cheap and it works but it will give you dry mouth so I take 1 or 2 25mg in the morning and get relief through the day and the dry mouth is not as bad in the evening then. Also research and try homeopathic remedies. I just started Neuroveen and seems to relieve symptoms with no side effects. Various esential oils can help but they will smell. Try peppermint, camphor, and wintergreen. My best advise also is use the internet to research items. Also one other item you can use if you have pain in your fingers as well as toes is Orajel 20% benzocaine--its cheap and a bottle will last a long time.

Ballwin, MO

#149 Jul 9, 2012
Donna Johns French wrote:
My husband suffers from neuropathy from the base of his skull down his neck, arms, sides and across his back. At night is when his pain is chronic. His arms shake uncontrollably and jump up off the bed. His back, he says it feels like his skin hurts. He was on the nuerotin, but he suffered severe side effects and had to go to the ER to have the drug flushed from his system. Hes now on a muscle relaxer that offers no relief what so ever, it doesn't even help him sleep. My husband suffers from heart disease and has a very low % of his heart and the stress of not getting any rest from the pain is worsening his heart. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. God bless you.
If he is in so much pain all over his body has he tried Fentanyl patches or oxycontin ER. With that many areas of pain his Dr. should at leat give it a try. Try Nortriptyline it works for me but it will give you dry mouth as a side effect, so take it in the morning and by night time the dry mouth won't be as severe.

Ballwin, MO

#150 Jul 9, 2012
There is something that is real simple and will help. Get a pedicure no matter how much pain. After getting the pedicure use a pumice stone daily while at the end of your shower and rub it all over feet and toes. Use any of the various products that have camphor and/or menthol and your feet will feel great for several hours. You have to use pumice stone DAILY to get a layer of skin off and the creams will work better. Get a great pari of walking shoe and walk at least once or several times a day. This will stimulate the nerve endings and reduce the amount of pain.

Florence, MT

#152 Sep 6, 2012
Brannon wrote:
my mom is suffering from neuropathy
i have been looking all around the internet and found this:
i can make no claims about this product, but it might be worth checking out...
my doctor and a few specialists were not able to cure me of prostatitis, but i was able to do it myself by researching (for months and months) online- so i'm a big believer in not giving up until SOMETHING works
good luck
Brannon, thanks for that link! I believe we will discuss this with the doctor (my husband does have a pacemaker, so we'd want to be sure this would be safe to use with the unit.) and see about filing for one with our insurance. I have used a "tens" unit long ago as an athlete with a bad injury. I'm a believer in the fact that these units do speed healing! Happy to see one is available for the public! Thanks again!
Angel skelton

Birmingham, AL

#153 Sep 17, 2012
My husband suffers as well. He has type 2 diabetes, on dialysis and is in a lot of pain due to the neuropathy. The Lyrica helped for a while but he didn't like the side effects. Has started using lidoderm patches. If he puts them on 2 nights in a row, his hands and legs begin to hurt tremendously.

New Castle, PA

#154 Sep 18, 2012
alan-Oregon wrote:
I had nerve block for sciatic and back pain and now as a result of some mistake I have neuropathy from rt knee down through foot. Happened overnight now i have even a worse battle to fight.Exercise sometimes helps an dof course pain meds, lyrica did not work am tweeking supplement cocktails including vit e and inositol and it gives some relief. Lidocain patches are good but veery pricey $240.00 for 30 anyone pick this condition up post surgery like i did
. Hi i developed neuropathy almost a year ago after i had surgery in my right foot. The pain is terrible.. im going to a pain clinic for it and the dr just put me on methadone for the pain.. This drug really scares me but i tried it and the pain us gone...honestly i dont recomnend this drug though. He also prescribed a pain compound to rub on my foot im so hoping that it wanting to try lyrica cause i heard this pill works great...ill b praying for you

Batavia, IL

#155 Sep 23, 2012
Have been diagnosed with Periphael Neuropathy. Pain is horrible. I can't take prescriptions meds such as Neurontin and pain killers due to a kidney disease. It is somewhat of a relief to read that others feel the same way I am--arguing with myself about being depressed, pain so bad at night I am up most of the night anyway. I have gone so far as to take a sleeping pill with nighttime cold meds just to knock myself out. But you can't do that on a steady basis either. I have withdrawn from most of my life, such that it was. Afraid to make plans for fear of having to cancel due to the constant pain. Any herbal treatments that you know of, I am willing to try! Help!!!!

Kennewick, WA

#156 Oct 12, 2012
I have discovered that I have nerve damage throughout my lower shoulder (above my back bra line), more and more that specific pain has increase and its to the point throughout the day where I can't ignore it, i've tried pm. tylenol and and other pain meds which only soften the pain but I am in desperate need of some remedy!

Astoria, NY

#157 Oct 12, 2012
Does anyone believe the claims this woman is making on the site?
Mary hoch

Washington, DC

#158 Oct 14, 2012
I was taking 1500 mg of nurotin over The course of The day At bedtime 75 mgs of lyrica And neurpath b tabs twice a day for my feet i was a zombie i slept all The time. Iam allergic to codine it knocks me out of pain meds. All i take now is lyricatwo hours before bedtime. I heard this some where And it helps The burning pain soak your feet In cold water for ten to fifteen Minutes then i take lotion And rub my feet And legs good i guess The cold water helps enough so i can massage my feet it hurts but not as bad before soaking. Maybe this will help someone.

United States

#159 Oct 16, 2012
When is the Ana is driving to Pomona, California?

Jacksonville, FL

#160 Oct 17, 2012
Brannon wrote:
my mom is suffering from neuropathy
i have been looking all around the internet and found this:
i can make no claims about this product, but it might be worth checking out...
my doctor and a few specialists were not able to cure me of prostatitis, but i was able to do it myself by researching (for months and months) online- so i'm a big believer in not giving up until SOMETHING works
good luck
Please Beware! I too am suffering from Severe neuropathy in my legs and feet so bad I can hardly walk and look for a cure every single day. The doctors have had me try many different pills, all that have done nothing. Your going to have to learn to live with it is not a exceptable answer to me and has me looking on the web each and everyday Hoping to find something that actually helps people. I also found this website But when I saw the unit was $1699.00, then the gloves and or socks are $800 each I quickly decided this website was all about MONEY, not helping us with our pain and not one that the normal middle class person can afford. If you go there and read all about this unit it's not much more than a tens unit that is safe to use with or without water.
I tried a tens unit for many years with no relief at all and don't believe this very costly unit will do much more than help delete your checking account.
dwight d

Brooklyn, NY

#162 Oct 17, 2012
I do not get reief from neurontin at all. The only relief comes from fentanyl patches. The
Neupapathy specialist basically said that is the only way for any comfort. The patches work !
A lot of Doctors don't want to prescribe a narcotic but relief is first and foremost!

New Orleans, LA

#164 Oct 24, 2012
my boyfriend has severe pain from peripheral neuropathy. we also don't have insurance, to the point where even a doctor visit is beyond us right now, much less the medication.
for a while though, he was taking gabapetin, as well as a slew of other various things including lyrica and a few different blood pressure medications. however, while they helped temporarily and may even have worked totally for a little while, it never lasted.
our best solution so far is hot baths-constantly- he usually takes between 6-10 a day; and me rubbing his feet just as often. but lately even rubbing his feet makes them hurt more.
his problem is compounded by the fact that he has a history of opiate addiction, which started because of his intense pain. it's gotten to the point where he cries from it. he started talking today about taking pain pills again, trying to do anything to take his pain away. i don't know what to do. i've been researching all night and i just don't know. i know there's no magic wand or trick to make it go away, but i'm hoping there's at least SOMETHING that can be done.
we've started working on his diet-trying to keep his blood sugar from getting too high and making it worse, and he's going to try to cut back smoking (he says), but is there anything else?
i'm at the point where i'll go kill a baby seal if soaking his feet in its blood would help.
so please, as an alternative, can y'all think of anything else?

Oakland, CA

#166 Oct 30, 2012
kesha wrote:
My feet sometimes seem really red and other times, reaaly white. They burn, alot! I am currently taking Neurontin, but I hear Lyrica is better. I do not have insurance, so believe me I know about expensive precriptions. Pfizer has patient assistance programs, maybe that can help anyone who is stuggling to pay for meds. I had to go to the ER one night , and the dr.I saw has neuropathy. It so helps to be able to talk with someone who understands what you are going through. Sometimes when I tell people what I am experiencing, I feel like a hypacondriac (sp?). Also, I wear Crocs. The nubbies help increase blood flow, therefore creating new nerve endings. Also, Merrells. They provide good airflow. Here lately I have been able to keep lotion on my feet and that helps. For me night time is the worst! When I lay down, my feet have me to the point of crying. God Bless! I am praying!:)
I hope you have come to realize you have a real medical condition and therefore you can't be a hypocondriac. It is truly the worst pain, next to migrines, I would put them equal. I get it through out my body, even in finget tips making this very painful to even be online. You will feel better when you accept your disablity and deal with it accordingly.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that it curable.

Bridgeville, PA

#168 Nov 11, 2012
i have had it in my hands and feet for 5 years feet burn and get jabing pains while my hands feel like they are on fire.i have tried everything there is out there and nothing helped.i bought a tenns unit but no on oxycodin for the pain but its starting to give no help.i use a numbing agentcalled blu goo and it helps a little.i also use the booties and gloves you heat up in the microwave.i was thinking of asking to get my nerves urnt.i wont have any feeling but also no pain.

Indianapolis, IN

#169 Nov 14, 2012
i have neuropathy also in my feet and have been on all the meds for 20 years. now i am off everything because i was a zombie and life was unmanageable.the only relief to sleep is a half gallon of apple cider vinagar and the hottest water i can handle in the bath for 1/2 hour. dry off and go straight to bed. it helps to get to sleep most of the time. try it 4 nights in a row. hope it helps.
Bill Flynn

Sparta, TN

#171 Dec 9, 2012
I am 66 and have always been in good health. I am diagnosed with PN about a year ago. I am not a diabetic and have had every test known to man incluiding heavy metals.

I am in the 20 percentile group who have no known cause for suffering with PN.

Gapabentin worked for awhile at 400mg but messed up my intestines and colon. I stopped taking any kind of pill.

I am now on an experimental treatment where I receive injections and then underso electrolysis for 20 minutes. I am on a 6-week program. At first it reduced the tingling and burning sensation. I am in my 5th week and it seems to have leveled off as I am not seeing any more improvement.

Uncasville, CT

#172 Dec 10, 2012
I'm diabetic as well. Only one in my family tree to have it best as I can research, not that it's hereditary. V.A. says it's presumptive that it could've been caused by Agent Orange. Along with a couple other issues they have me 40% disabled and compensate me each and every month. A little off the path but if any of you are VietNam Vets and only just set foot on that soil for as little as a second,and don't know about this: RUN...don't walk ( even if able) to your V.A. Rep. and file a claim.
Okay, now I have the PN curse too. The worstest ever. I'm on Methadone, Dilaudid, Gabpen.,Lyrica, Tramadol, Methformin, all x2 or more per day and throw in Lorazapam to keep my brain pan fastened tight through all this. I even seriously talked to my foot doc how much he would take on the side to cut them off. I will try and/or pay anything....HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!

Downey, CA

#173 Dec 10, 2012
I have horrible nerve pain!! I've been type 1 diabetic for 30+ years and it has really caught up to me in the last 10 or so years.. I have tried so many different meds from nuerontin to norco.. nothing helped. then I tried medical marijuana and it was like a blessing from god!! no more rx pills for me :) now that dont mean i dont get a occasional flare up but its so much better and has improved my quality of life... If you live in a medical marijuana state I cant recommend enough that you try it.. you dont have to smoke it.. in fact it can be eaten or even applied via lotion on the skin..

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