Cockfighting charges dropped against ...

Cockfighting charges dropped against Christie

There are 58 comments on the Eureka Times Standard story from Apr 30, 2009, titled Cockfighting charges dropped against Christie. In it, Eureka Times Standard reports that:

A county prosecutor on Wednesday announced the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office would drop several charges related to allegations Ray Christie, a McKinleyville rancher, was raising roosters to be used for cockfighting.

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San Mateo, CA

#43 May 2, 2009
What do you think of Boxing, human cockfighting, drag racing, rodeos, horse racing, football, snow skiing etc.... sports to which Humans Beings gets KILLED or INJURED?
I know this Not sick fighting for ur standards or dispicable..
Jeff E wrote:
**** fighting is a despicable, illegal activity. People who participate in this act have to be cruel & a little sick. They are similar to the Romans who watched blood "sports" in the colosseum two thousand years ago.
It would be nice if the reporter didn't just say "what" happened but found out "why". Why did seven of the jurors find Ray Christie not guilty?
He had 1,300 roosters & all the knives & fighting & killing equipment. Was the DA incompetant? Did some of these jurors participate in **** fighting & so ignored the law?
open mind

San Mateo, CA

#44 May 2, 2009
watcher wrote:
Watch the P.E.T.A. nuts come out of the woodwork now.
i'd like to invite ALL senior officials from hsus & their militas!

U all need to remove ALL anti-gamefowl(only) bills, make an ammendment and decrminalize , regulate and TAX it..and every gamefowls ready for derby chicken stew and ur hsus get's $ 1 donation per chicken..
And ensure every step of the way it will be done as Humanely possible, where onsite vet's are available to tend on injured fowls's more humane that ur chicken slaughter houses...

if not ,your ongoing Multi Million Revenues for over billing cities will be prosecuted to the highest extent of the laws and Gamefowl advocates will continue to dismantle such terrorist extremist hsus & ur milltias groups...

Keep in MIND! The latest NEWEST FBI # 1 Terrorist!

and if ur a hsus officials & directors , u don't want to go to jail for a long time!

Army man

Clifton, TX

#45 May 2, 2009
Well they need to retyrn all of the game roosters and hens if they had done it already. Those people on the jury need to be very careful because these people they call PETA, HSUS, ARA might come around and bomb your home for allowing this man to walk with a lighter sentence. These people are VERY CRAZY so be careful
John the kid diddler

Covina, CA

#46 May 3, 2009
Bandana Dog wrote:
Why can't you change your goofy bannadanadog if topix let's you?
As for cockfighting, yes, those dyks WERE fas as lightning...or so I was told.
like this?
Jim Demoruelle

Iota, LA

#47 May 4, 2009
Collecting cockfighting paraphernalia is not uncommon for those who raise the American Gamecocks for competing in Poultry Shows. Collecting is a big part of the fun that goes on while waiting for the judges and the awards. We trade, purchase and banter about the history of the craftsmen who made cocking a sport. This may not be for everyone but to those of us who enjoy the gamecock poultry shows are great fun.

Covina, CA

#48 May 4, 2009
Im growing my gamecock for a cocking show myself.
I hope these pages are laminated for easy cleaning.

San Mateo, CA

#49 May 5, 2009
our public servants,public officials, da's office will waste our taxpayers money in prosecuting a Human being for raising " Chickens" but CAnnot prosecute a organize groups that Steals our Millions of TAXPAYERS money and cater to organization that sponsored Terrorist groups...

Shame on you all Public servants who caters to terrorist extremist hsus & their militias!
veterans4humanri ghts

San Mateo, CA

#50 Jun 6, 2009
HSUS? Fundraising for TERROR? believe it!

go to " Center for Consumer Freedom " and search for " HSUS? Fundraising for TERROR! Believe it!

San Francisco, CA

#51 Jan 18, 2010
you are right ! public offcials are Ignoring a FELONY Crime , Public officials are Breaking and VIOLATING the AETA laws or 2006, it's Illegal for any individuals to Conspire, Interfere with animal enterprise that will cause loss of profits..
I hope our justice dept. will prosecute those public officials who are Violating these laws.
Jeff E wrote:
**** fighting is a despicable, illegal activity. People who participate in this act have to be cruel & a little sick. They are similar to the Romans who watched blood "sports" in the colosseum two thousand years ago.
It would be nice if the reporter didn't just say "what" happened but found out "why". Why did seven of the jurors find Ray Christie not guilty?
He had 1,300 roosters & all the knives & fighting & killing equipment. Was the DA incompetant? Did some of these jurors participate in **** fighting & so ignored the law?
Tyrone n Oakland

Alameda, CA

#52 Jan 18, 2010
Yo yo yo, ma bird will whoop any bird for $1000. I left Eureka a few days ago with 1 lb of bud I won!
big pants Tx

Hico, TX

#53 Jul 1, 2011
Seems to me this is strange how the full force of the law come down on him around the time he had accused by way of legal action a local dairyman of switching his good cattle for cull cattle.
Same dairyman put 3 law enforcement agencies on me (to no avail) after I retained a lawyer in a cattle transaction.
Human Rights

Redwood City, CA

#54 Sep 25, 2011

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Hitler's Nazi Germany was marked by a preoccupation with "animal rights." Hitler's Third Reich passed numerous animal protection laws, such as declaring that shoeing a horse was cruel, and declared an end to dissection. This reduced Man?s status to that of animals, and justified treating men as animals. Before the war was ended, the Nazis stepped up experiments on the best way to castrate a Jew without anesthesia, and turned countless men, women and children into lampshades and soap. These Nazi actions were justifiable by their belief that it was possible to "...increase the moral standing of animals and decrease the moral standing of people, thus integrating human characteristics to animals... elevating animal life to the level of cult worship...which would lead to the spiritual and ideological changes necessary... for a new national identity."

The real political objective of "animal rights" is to eliminate "unalienable rights," and to make way for all these other supposed rights and pervert our Bill of Rights to the point where only the perverted are protected. A favored socialist strategy is to separate the population from common sense and its own laws by bringing about chaos, clouding real issues, then bring about "change" through "legislation from within." "Ruling by planned crisis" is the favored method, as this short-circuits the brain?s ability to think and reason clearly about true issues. This planned chaos (like "animal cruelty" and "cock fighting") is designed to rob the nation of its creativity and life force, degrade human existence, make everything seem uncontrollable and bad, which then allows the introduction of a tyrannical form of government.

The Gestapo was first used by Goring to do away with political opponents. A "temporary" state of emergency was declared after the Reichstag fire, but was never rescinded. This allowed the Gestapo to enforce conformity at every level of society. Block wardens monitored their neighbors, and children were recruited to inform on their teachers and parents. The Gestapo was authorized to hold people in "protective custody" which was really arbitrary arrest and imprisonment. At first, only political prisoners were taken under the guise of "preventive protective custody" and placed in SS-controlled concentration camps; later, anyone was hunted down and taken who was deemed to not fit in with SS and Gestapo vision of a perfect Aryan society.("SS" came from Schutzstaffel which means "elite guard").

Today we see this same conduct and set of circumstances appearing in some of our civic institutions. The only way for one man to achieve dominion and control over another is through the darkness of IGNORANCE. Let?s get educated about our own laws, so that tyranny cannot gain a foothold in America, and so that we can once again have "happiness and good government flowing forth" as paraphrased by all our early education laws. We do have some beautiful laws. Let?s learn them, and insist that our civic institutions obey them for the good of our nation. God Bless America.

-Compiled by: Janet I. Fischer and S.A.M.

17954-A S. Euclid Ave.

Chino, CA 91710

Human Rights

Redwood City, CA

#57 Oct 5, 2011
To know who are the majority of US cockfighters?
The Clemson Report
View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Published on 03-21-2011 01:37 PM 0 Comments National Survey Findings About
The American Cocker
(Better Know as the Clemson Report)
Interview with Dr. Bryant
While a great deal has been surmised about cock breeding and cock fighting, most of this has been conjectural or observational and has tended to emphasize the gambling and sensational aspects of a type of behavior that has ancient roots, going back at least 1000 before Christ and followed in almost every known culture. The practice of the selective breeding of game fowl over innumerable centuries has produced a product totally different from the ordinary barnyard poultry.
The American variant of this behavior pattern was imported early in our Colonial period from England, and records clearly indicate that it was followed by most of the landed gentry. George Washington, Jefferson, Madison and others bred gamecocks as a matter of course. Still later, there is clear evidence that Stonewall Jackson bred such cocks, preferring, as a matter of fact, a strain he called his "black Tormentors." Although there is no empirical proof of the matter, Abraham Lincoln, while in Illinois, is supposed to have supplemented his meager law income by being a referee at cockfights.
Solon, the great lawgiver, some 120 A.D., has written a very expressive defense, or rather exhortation to engage in cockfighting as a moral exercise, presenting ideas held by Alexander the Great and other Greeks earlier.
Students interested in the historical background of the sport can find any number of excellent historical documents and books outlining this aspect of the sport.
The object of the National Cocker Survey, as it is known, was to see who, in what number, and of what disposition, are followers of this behavior in the United States today. Through the assistance of one of the national magazines devoted to the development of this activity, Professors William C. Capel of Clemson University and Professor Clifton Bryant, of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, were able to conduct a national mail survey of a selected random sample of 1000 cockers, of whom over 500 responded fully. This supplemented individual interviews and investigations and led to a number of conclusions. The survey was not limited to merely assessing the demographic data on these people, but in assessing their psychological profiles, and any differences in actions, feelings, or motivations that would separate this group from other Americans. In particular, the surveyors wanted to see if people engaged in this activity were more sadistic, more prone to compulsive gambling, more violet or aggressive, or in any other way socially pathological.
In summary of the above later point, although the data has not been completely analyzed as yet, it can be stated that NO PATHOLOGIES have been exhibited. Devotees of cocking show NO psychological abnormalities, at least on the measures used. Their prime variation from the norm for other Americans on all these points seems to be their interest in gamecocks, extending from breeding to matching these birds in combat.
What follows in this report, which it must be stressed, is not complete, and is presently being computer analyzed, is a brief summary of some of the salient findings of this survey, which, so far as is known, is the ONLY effort to examine this activity on a national scale, in depth. Cockfighting is a major American recreational activity, which has a very sizable number of enthusiasts and participants. Cockfighting itself is misunderstood, if not, in large measure, unknown to the general public, and the general picture of the cocker himself is incomplete and sometimes distorted.

United States

#58 Oct 5, 2011
This loser will get his.They should put the rancher in a cell to fight with bubba.
Militia are crazy

United States

#59 Oct 5, 2011
militia are a joke
Sigfreed Heiydrich

United States

#60 Nov 3, 2011
Militia are crazy wrote:
militia are a joke
I know you are but what am I?

San Mateo, CA

#61 Feb 20, 2013
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has agreed to pay the parent company of the Ringling Bros. Circus $9.3 million to settle allegations that the animal group conspired to pay a witness for false testimony in a 12-year lawsuit over the treatment of circus elephants.
Feld Entertainment, the circus’s operator, said Friday that the settlement resolves the ASPCA’s part in paying Tom Rider, the star witness procured by a larger group of animal advocacy organizations, to testify falsely about abuse he claimed to have witnessed at the hands of circus trainers. That lawsuit was first brought into federal court in 2000.
The payment releases the ASPCA from liability related to a racketeering counter-suit Feld brought against the animal organizations in 2007 after documents turned over in discovery showed that the plaintiffs made payments — often through a nonprofit managed by their lawyers — to Rider.
The defendants included the ASPCA, the Fund for Animals, the Animal Welfare Institute and the Animal Protection Institute United with Born Free USA. The Humane Society of the United States also became a defendant when it merged with the Fund for Animals in 2005.
Evidence in the trial showed that some of the funds paid to the nonprofit pass-through group were provided by the Humane Society of the United States with a check signed by its CEO, Wayne Pacelle.
Friday’s settlement, Feld said in a statement, does not release any of the other defendants from the suit, based on the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Rider is also a co-defendant, as are the attorneys involved.
Two of those lawyers, Jonathan Lovvorn and Kimberly Ockene, now work for the Humane Society of the United States but practiced law at Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal during some of the years the original lawsuit wound its way through the courts. The firm’s principals — Katherine Meyer, Eric Glitzenstein and Howard Crystal — are also RICO defendants, along with their nonprofit Wildlife Advocacy Project, the organization that paid Rider $190,000 over a period of two years.
“Our firm has been defending Feld Entertainment against this onslaught of misguided litigation brought by animal activist groups for years. As their attorneys, it is gratifying to finally have a settlement that begins to make up for the harm inflicted on this company, the family who owns it, and its employees,” said John Simpson of Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P., the lead counsel for Feld Entertainment.
ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres issued a statement Friday in which he said his group “concluded that it is in the best interests of the organization to resolve this expensive, protracted litigation.”
He noted that a federal judge never ruled on the merits of the 2000 case, which alleged the Ringling Bros. Circus violated the Endangered Species Act by importing and breeding elephants for its circuses.(RELATED VIDEO: Animal rights at the circus: TheDC puts activists’ claims to the test)
Sayres did not address the suit or his organization’s role in paying its chief witness. He did concede, however, that the litigation “stopped being about the elephants a long time ago.”
ASPCA spokeswoman Emily Schneider told The Daily Caller that the group “does not admit to any liability or wrongdoing.”
The Center for Consumer Freedom, a business-funded nonprofit that has crossed swords with animal rights groups for more than a decade, said Friday that the Humane Society of the United States in particular will have trouble explaining its participation in the alleged RICO conspiracy.
Funds paid to Rider through that group’s contributions, the Center said, were dollars contributed by pet lovers who had no idea about the political war the HSUS was waging.
“ Berman.“This whole racketeering scheme reeks of something out of a mob drama.”

San Mateo, CA

#62 Feb 20, 2013

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