US Hells angels war against wwomen an...

US Hells angels war against wwomen and children in America?

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#1 Mar 15, 2010
Hell's Angel & Nevada brothel owner Dave Burgess convicted of child pornography PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 July 2008
Former brothel owner gets 15 years in child porn case
Associated Press
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Jul. 19, 2008

CHEYENNE, Wyo.-- A former Nevada brothel owner has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for his conviction on two child pornography charges in Wyoming.
David Burgess was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court for possessing and transporting child pornography.

U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson also sentenced the 55-year-old Hells Angel motorcycle club member to 10 years of supervision upon his release, lifetime registration as a sex offender and a fine of $20,000.

Investigators found two hard drives containing thousands of images of child pornography in Burgess' motor home after a traffic stop last summer in western Wyoming. A jury convicted Burgess in April on both charges against him.

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#2 Mar 16, 2010
Robert Daniel Thompson,Hells Angels motorcycle club member was in fair condition at U.C. Davis Medical Center after he was gunned down outside
Written by quantumleap on Nov-12-08 2:58am
Robert Daniel Thompson, a 43-year-old convicted sex offender and Hells Angels motorcycle club member was in fair condition at U.C. Davis Medical Center after he was gunned down outside The Shanty in Eureka late Friday night. In 2006, Merced County Sheriff's deputies arrested Thompson on suspicion of killing 12-year-old Jodi Marie Ragsdale and 15-year-old Sheila Carter on Dec. 13, 1986. The two girls' mangled bodies were found dumped alongside a rural road, their heads badly battered.
”These young girls were savagely bludgeoned to death and left out in a dirt road,” said Larry Morse, the Merced County District Attorney.“It really shocked the community.” According to Morse, Thompson was a suspect early on in the case. Department of Corrections information indicates Thompson had been released from prison just months before after serving time for weapons and drug possession.
”This was one of the most horrific crimes I've ever seen,” Morse said.“It was the kind of crime that was fueled by an incredible rage.” There was DNA evidence linking Thompson to the suspected murder weapon -- a car jack. And there was a witness. Thompson kidnapped a woman 10 days after the two girls were murdered, and drove her into a forested area to rape her. According to Morse, Thompson never raped the woman, but she later testified at the murder trial that Thompson had confessed to her he had recently murdered two girls.”It was a very difficult case because of the time here,” Morse said.“Many of the players frankly were not around, or memories had dimmed.” The first trial ended with a jury that hung eight to four in favor of his guilt. The second trial ended with his acquittal.”We were delighted he left Merced County,” Morse said.“There were a lot of people here who believed he escaped justice.” Throughout the course of the trial, Morse said members of the Hells Angels routinely came in to observe. Although no motive has been confirmed, authorities have stated that the shooting may have stemmed from an ongoing feud between the Hells Angels and a rival biker gang,continued

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#3 Mar 16, 2010
Part of a new paper story Saturday, 10 May 2008
Russell Sinkis former Hells Angel ordered to be on supervision for three years
Russell Sinkis, 37, of 45 Oxford St., Auburn, was also ordered to be on supervision for three years after release from prison for his conviction for being a felon in possession of ammunition. The charge stems from Mr. Sinkis shooting a gun — with which he was not charged because, unlike the ammunition, it could not be proven to have crossed state lines — at the Boston Gun Range in Worcester on Oct. 26, 2006.
Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV said there were conflicting pressures on his decision to sentence Mr. Sinkis to 4 years and 9 months. The judge credited the argument of defense lawyer James J. Gribouski that illegal possession of ammunition by a felon is less serious when it is at a gun range rather than on the street or in his home, and less serious than possession of a gun. While the crime is not relatively serious, the judge said the nature of the defendant is another matter. Judge Saylor noted that restraining orders have been taken out against Mr. Sinkis by three different women. Judge Saylor said Mr. Sinkis beat a man while the man’s children were in the next room and that one of Mr. Sinkis’ victims was a 78-year-old woman.
He had been a motorcycle gang member and his most recent employment was as a disk jockey at a strip club, Judge Saylor noted. While Mr. Sinkis said that he has severed ties with his friends and his past, Judge Saylor said that was not entirely voluntary, since he has been in jail and “his fellow members of the Hells Angels kicked him out of the club.” Judge Saylor said that Mr. Sinkis’ parents, who were in court yesterday, are supportive, but that is insufficient to reduce his sentence.
Judge Saylor said he did not take into account two charges of statutory rape, which are still pending against him in Dudley District Court. A hearing is scheduled Monday in that court on charges that he had sex in 2004 and 2005 with a 14-year-old girl, a family friend that he had hired to be a babysitter when he lived in Webster.
After much bad publicity hells angels finally got rid of him. seems some one had the first nine stories in bridgewater deleted.

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#4 Mar 16, 2010
Sewage stealing medicine of a sick women

Hells Angels arrested in Forestville pot theft


Published: Friday, September 11, 2009 at 12:06 p.m.
Last Modified: Friday, September 11, 2009 at 12:06 p.m.

Two members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were arrested Friday morning after a Forestville woman reported the theft of some marijuana plants from her backyard.

The two East Bay men were stopped in a car on River Road in Fulton by Sonoma County sheriff's deputies responding to the theft about six miles away on Trenton Road, authorities said.

The victim said she had been growing the plants in her backyard for medicinal purposes, the sheriff's department said.

She called for help shortly after 6 a.m. saying two men with machetes were in her backyard taking the plants, the sheriff's department said.

As they were leaving, she got a vehicle description, which deputies converging on River Road used to pinpoint the suspects' vehicle, authorities said.

Several plants measuring an average of 6-feet-tall were seized as evidence when deputies stopped the car, officials said.

The two men were arrested for suspicion of felony theft, as well as possession and transportation of marijuana.

The suspects are Jeffrey McThorn, 30, of Newark, and Shalako Irons, 39, of Oakland. They were held in the Sonoma County Jail with bail of $10,000 each.

Both identified themselves as members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, authorities said.

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#5 Mar 16, 2010
Hells Angels Club Raided After Woman is Beaten


2007_01_hells1.jpgMore details have emerged about why the police raided the Hells Angels Headquarters on East 3rd Street yesterday. It turns out that 52 year old Roberta Shalaby was beaten into a coma when, as the Daily News puts it, she "tried to push her way into the Hells Angels clubhouse" Sunday night. Shalaby had gotten into an argument with a female Hells Angel biker at The Edge, and then followed them to their headquarters. Witnesses say she yelled, "You motherf----r! Let me in!" as well as "Come down here and say it like a man!" when someone from the club told her to shut up. Then someone came out and beat her up, according to police.

One witness said Shalaby had been crying, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Help me! Help me!" as she was bleeding on the sidewalk. Someone called 911 about the assault, and the police arrived. The Hells Angels allegedly told the police to get a warrant before entering, so they did, but not before sealing off East 3rd Street, setting up snipers, bringing the hostage negotiation truck, putting helicopters in the air and even having the "Bearcat" armored vehicle on the scene. Police officers were carrying machine guns and wearing bull-proof vests. There was no confrontation though - the police took a few men into custody, but only arrested one, without much fuss.


The Hells Angels's lawyer Ron Kuby complained that the police didn't allow gang members to move their cars, calling the street a crime scene, and said, "For most of the day and evening, they've turned a chunk of the Lower East Side into Fallujah." Finally, Kuby agrees with Giuliani on something! But in 1998, the city had to pay the Hells Angels $450,000 for "exceeding the scope of their warrant" while investigating another assault.

Our readers had some interesting thoughts about the Hells Angels. One wrote, "I lived in the building next door all last year and once, one of the hell's

angels punched my mom's 65 year old boyfriend in the face because our car was next to their bikes while i was getting out." Another said, "I've lived in the east village for almost 20 years, my father for almost 35. I will miss the Hells Angels when I wake up the next day too another twenty thousand NYU students and jerkoffs from New Jersey who come into my neighborhood just to make noise and make a mess."
angry citizen

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#6 Mar 16, 2010
Bridgeport man charged in assault
By Aaron Leo
Staff writer
Posted: 02/17/2009 11:52:43 PM EST
BRIDGEPORT -- A man wearing Hell's Angels motorcycle gang gear allegedly beat and threw a stool at a 51-year-old woman in an upper Main Street bar early Monday following a dispute.
Paul Carroll, 42, of Bishop Avenue, is charged with second-degree assault, second-degree threatening, second-degree breach of the peace, fourth-degree criminal mischief and three counts of carrying a dangerous weapon.
Colin D. Nelson, 53, of Fairfield, whom police said tried to stop Carroll, is charged with carrying dangerous weapons. He and Carroll had knives, police said.
The woman suffered bruising to her chest and a hurt finger, police said.
Police said video surveillance at the bar, the Something Different Cafe, showed Carroll knocking her to the floor, beating her and hitting her with a bar stool just after 1 a.m. Nelson also was shown trying to restrain Carroll, police said.
Carroll denied the incident to police.
Witnesses and the woman stated the incident started with an exchange of words.
Police said Carroll was already free on bond from a July 2008 assault case pending in Derby Superior Court. He is charged there with third-degree assault, second-degree breach of the peace and third-degree criminal mischief, according to Connecticut's Judicial Branch Web site.
Carroll was held in lieu of $50,000 bond, and Nelson was issued a summons to appear in Superior Cou

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#7 Mar 16, 2010

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Judge it!
Feb 7, 2010


Missoula police arrested a 45-year-old member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club on felony drug charges Friday morning, and continue to investigate the biker in an alleged sex assault case.

David M. LaBrava, a member from California, was arrested around 3:30 a.m. Friday at the Inn on Broadway, at 1609 West Broadway. Missoula County sheriff's deputies went to LaBrava's hotel room after a man approached the officers at a nearby gas station and said a female friend was being held against her will.

The deputies responded to LaBrava's room and removed the alleged victim, then took LaBrava into custody and turned the case over to city police, in whose jurisdiction the alleged assault took place.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for the room, where they found cocaine wrapped in a dollar bill, a baggie containing 1.5 grams of hashish, a misdemeanor amount of marijuana and "a death head style" narcotics pipe, according to charging documents filed by Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg.

Van Valkenburg would not comment on whether the charges will be amended to include sexual assault.

Missoula Police Sgt. Scott Hoffman said a criminal investigation into the alleged assault is active and ongoing, "but right now what we do have is the drug possession charges," he said.

LaBrava remains jailed in lieu of $2,500 bail. He is charged with two counts of felony drug possession and two misdemeanor charges for possession of the marijuana and the pipe.

Hundreds of Hells Angels have been rolling into town this week for the club's annual USA Run. This is the second time that Missoula has hosted the motorcycle club's annual run. The last time was in 2000, when police and local residents clashed in the streets downtown, while the notorious bikers violated almost no laws.

As was the case eight years ago, the majority of Hells Angels are camped out at Marshall Mountain east of town, a venue that the club reserved for its epic gathering

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#8 Mar 16, 2010
Thank God a young Hero shot one or these teenagers and unborn child could have been just another women child or teenage victim of the chicken head hells angel gang.

Witness: Hells Angels swarmed truck before Marin shooting
Gary Klien
Posted: 05/18/2009 09:37:30 PM PDT

Testifying under a grant of immunity, the teenage girlfriend of a Marin murder suspect said Monday that their vehicle was surrounded by angry Hells Angels riders before the shooting that killed an associate of the biker organization.

The 18-year-old witness - identified only as "Monica G." in court - testified in the first day of preliminary hearings for El Cerrito resident Joseph Andrew Farnsworth, 20, who is charged with murdering Hells Angels associate William Maclean during a road-rage incident last May in Mill Valley.

Authorities said Farnsworth was a passenger in a red Dodge Durango when he fired at Maclean on northbound Highway 101 near Tiburon Boulevard. Monica G., a Richmond resident who was in the Durango's back seat, and driver Jessica Gordon, a 22-year-old Mill Valley resident, have both been granted immunity for their testimony against Farnsworth.

Monica G.'s testimony could lay the groundwork for Farnsworth to argue he fired in self-defense as a group of Hells Angels swarmed their vehicle during a dangerous traffic confrontation. But lawyers on both sides had difficulty extracting consistent information from the rel continued

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#9 Mar 16, 2010
Hells Angels member arrested on assault charges
CommentsComment on this article
Apr 11, 2008 12:29 PM (280 days ago) by Staff, The Examiner SAN FRANCISCO (Map, News)- A Pacifica member of the Hells Angels was arrested Thursday on suspicion of assaulting three women with a deadly weapon recently.

Robert Gee, 34, was arrested at his residence at 121 Dardenelle Ave. in Pacifica after police obtained evidence linking him to the alleged assaults.

Capt. Fernando Realyvasquez said police began an investigation several months ago after receiving a number of reports of assaults. At 6 a.m. Thursday, the Pacifica Police Department along with SWAT teams from the Daly City Police Department and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office executed search warrants in Pacifica and East Palo Alto.

Gee is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, police said.
This story continues below

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#10 Mar 16, 2010
He was a clean-cut, well-dressed Arizona stockbroker by day. But when he lost the suit and tie, authorities say, Paul Merle Eischeid became one of America’s most dangerous criminals.

Originally from Council Bluffs, Iowa, Eischeid, 36, was a Charles Schwab stockbroker before he joined the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in Phoenix, Ariz.

He is wanted in connection with the savage beating and stabbing death of a Phoenix woman in 2001, a murder believed to have been committed by several members of the notorious gang.

Cynthia Garcia, 44, was intoxicated when she “mouthed off” to some Hells Angels at their clubhouse in Mesa, Ariz., where she would routinely hang out, according to reports. She was assaulted by some members and warned to keep quiet about it. When she refused, she was viciously attacked, beaten and stabbed. The attackers then threw Garcia into the trunk of a car and drove to a remote location of the desert, where they continued to stab the woman as she lay dying.

It was one of the most grisly murders in recent American criminal history, U.S. Marshals service director John F. Clark said of the crime.

Click here for photos.

Two years later, Eischeid was one of 50 Hells Angels members and associates nabbed in a sweep of motorcycle gang violence in Phoenix. Although he was implicated in Garcia’s kidnapping and murder, a judge allowed him to be released on bail to await trial because he was holding a steady job as a stockbroker and had a relatively clean criminal record, America’s Most Wanted reported.

But after his release, Eischeid somehow removed the tracking device he was ordered to wear, and he fled. He hasn’t been heard from since.

Eischeid is now a fugitive, believed to be roaming the country with help from his Hells Angels cronies. He was added to the Marshals’ list of top 15 most wanted last year.

“He bounces around from location to location wherever there is a [Hells Angels] member that is willing to take him in,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Matt Hershey said.

The U.S. Marshals have not ruled out the possibility that Eischeid is in another country, as his last confirmed sighting places him in Calgary, Canada, last year. Canadian immigration authorities have since issued a warrant for his arrest.

Eischeid blends in easily due to his appearance, which he cares a lot about. He is well groomed, works out often and is rarely seen without clean clothes, according to Hershey. He is extremely talented with finances, and could be working as an online trader.

One conspicuous characteristic of Eischeid’s appearance is his torso, arms and back, which are covered in colorful tattoos.

“[His body] is hard to cover up,” Hershey said.

Eischeid, who also goes by the name Jason Daniel, is a white male, 5-foot-7 and 190 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. His last name is tattooed across his stomach, and “Hell 666 Bound” is on his lower back. He may be wearing glasses.

The U.S. Marshals have offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to Eischeid’s capture. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the U.S. Marshals at 1-800-336-0102.

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#11 Mar 16, 2010
Custody feuding precedes killing of mother
Woman fled to Tustin with child, died at ex-spouse's hands in Maine.
The Orange County Register

TUSTIN – Melissa Mendoza fled Maine with her 2-year-old daughter last month, taking the child from an angry ex-boyfriend who had legal custody.

Mendoza, however, returned to Maine from Tustin to fight in court for her daughter.

She never made it before a judge.

The 29-year-old mother of three and longtime paralegal was fatally shot Monday in Sabattus, Maine, by her ex-boyfriend and Hell's Angels member Daniel Roberts, 35.

Roberts' lawyer, Leonard Sharon, said Roberts told police that Mendoza arrived at his home at 1 a.m. with a gun, intent on killing him, the child and herself. Sharon said Roberts took the .38-caliber revolver away from her and fired in self-defense.

The case is under investigation by Maine state police. There has been no arrest.

"We are continuing to investigate it as a homicide," said department spokesman Steve McCausland. The only living witnesses are the daughter and Roberts. Investigators are reviewing physical evidence from the scene and interviewing those familiar with the former couple and their custody battle.

The parents had shared custody of Savanna, each having her for six months. Roberts was supposed to have the child and Mendoza was scheduled to get her in September, said her attorney, Robert Montgomery.

Her family rejects Roberts' self-defense story.

"There is no way on God's green Earth that she would go to that guy's house armed with a handgun," said Mac Garcia of Lodi, Mendoza's uncle. "Melissa was afraid of handguns. She was not a violent person, and she wouldn't do anything to harm herself or that baby."

Montgomery said the idea of Mendoza going to her ex-boyfriend's home to attack her own daughter made no sense.

"She loved her daughter; she was trying to protect her daughter from him," he said. "She fled to Tustin to get away from him." He said she sought at least four restraining orders against Roberts, including a temporary one that was in effect at the time of her death. He said she withdrew the three earlier applications. "She was the classic battered woman; she'd file and withdraw," Montgomery said.

Sharon acknowledged that his client is a Hell's Angel, but maintains that he is a peaceful man and a loving father who works hard at his family's masonry shop. He said Roberts was investigated by state social workers, who approved him to have custody.

Montgomery was not in California for long before Roberts found her in Tustin. He went to the Orange County District Attorney's Office.

"Mr. Roberts came to our office with a court order from Maine," said Deputy District Attorney James Bacin. He said he verified its authenticity and obtained an order from Orange County Judge Frederick Aquirre for the return of the child.

Bacin said he spoke to Mendoza by phone.

"She knew she had to surrender the child," and she arranged for a relative to turn the child over to Roberts. Mendoza was in Northern California at the time for the funeral of her father.

Bacin said he could not remember Mendoza expressing any fear for herself or the child. If she had, he said. he would have advised her to seek an emergency order from the court to temporarily block surrendering the child.

Montgomery said that on Aug. 9 she applied for a court protection order in Maine.

"He has put a gun to my head numerous times, and I am afraid he or one of his friends will hurt me," Mendoza said in the application. A hearing was set for later this month.

Mendoza was buried Friday after a funeral Mass in Lodi. The Hells angel went to prison for around 30-55 years

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#12 Mar 16, 2010
The US Hells angels sure seem to have a very large percent of members in the club that harm rape molest and murder women and children in the USA. Some count less then 220 of these out of shape freaky foul few hells angel club members left in the US .
With out the help of the men that date and support hells angels HA can be wiped out of America for good.

The above articles are just some of the many many crimes articles I saw in the news in recent years of the US coward hells angels

Here is an example of the proud past of the hells angels killing women and children. I have read many other sick stories like this from past to present .

Only a sick twisted man would join a club like this and only a real sick twisted man would run around wearing a support 81 sticker on his ass.

Posted: 12:31 PM Jan 29, 2010
Hell's Angel Member Loses 3rd Appeal to Nebraska Supreme Court
Lincoln, Neb.
A Hell's Angel member who was sentenced to life in prison for the 1975 murder of a 19-year-old woman has lost his third appeal to the state Supreme Court.
Reporter: Associated Press
A Hell's Angel member who was sentenced to life in prison for the 1975 murder of a 19-year-old woman has lost his third appeal to the state Supreme Court.
Now 63, Thomas "Red" Nesbitt was convicted in 1986 of first-degree murder in the death of Mary Kay Harmer, who disappeared in 1975. Her skeletal remains were found nine years later in a manhole near Omaha's Eppley Airfield.
On Nesbitt's 2002 appeal, the state Supreme Court rejected all of Nesbitt's claims but one: The court agreed that he was entitled to present evidence that his trial attorney was ineffective.
In a ruling issued Friday, the high court said it reviewed evidence presented at a hearing after Nesbitt's conviction and concluded that the attorney's performance was not ineffective.

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#13 Mar 16, 2010 ... Part of this story below

The six-year-old twins, Sandra and Sylvia, were found hugging their teddy bears each shot point blank in the head, while in their bed. Nineteen-year-old Gary Selsar, a family friend, was killed also just because he happened to be in the house. Margo Compton was forced to watch the other murders and then was killed herself.

Years after the quadruple murder, Bug Eye Bob McClure was sent to prison on an unrelated charge. Now a full-patched H.A., McClure bragged about the shooting of the twins to other prisoners. This would be his undoing.

Eighteen years after the murder of the government witness and her twins, my team transported former Aryan Brotherhood members Mike Thompson and Clifford Smith and other prisoners to Washington County, Ore., to testify against Margo Compton’s murderer.
Bug Eye Bob McClure was sentenced to four consecutive life terms for the quadruple murders. Somehow that just doesn’t seem like enough punishment to suit this crime, but “Baby Killers” like snitches have a short life expectancy in prison. The Cons have a justice system of their own. Bug Eye Bob will get to be a real Hells Angel …in Hell.

One of the ten commandments of the drug and criminal culture is “Thou shall not snitch.” Unfortunately this code of criminal conduct has been adopted by our society in general. Even our children are taught not to become little “tattle tales.” That is why I hate the movie “Scent of a Woman.” It teaches the wrong message.

After many years of studying our U.S. Constitution and the Penal Code of California, I have discovered that snitching is not a crime. Instead, both documents encourage every civic minded citizen to report all crimes against the public welfare to the proper authorities.

In fact, one of the first symptoms that a community is going to “Hell in a hand basket” is that they stop calling the police. Oh, they call when someone steals their car, but they didn’t call the night before when they saw those suspicious looking gang kids hanging around on the street. There are always people in every neighborhood who know which house is the drug house or the bordello. There are folks who know who is abusing their kids or stealing from the work place.

Sometimes these people “don’t want to know.” They think they should mind their own business, as long as personally they are not affected by the dirty deeds. They feel no obligation to get involved, or be their brother’s keeper. Some are truly afraid, and some think that fighting crime is the exclusive job of the police.

what every gang fighter should all know and believe.“You send a message in cases like this that if you kill a witness, little girls, we will never quit. We are going to come after you forever.”

Cresskill, NJ

#14 Mar 16, 2010
Did the Vallejo Police Department supply a suspected mass murderer with the knife used to kill a 5-year old child and was there a subsequent police cover-up?
During a routine traffic stop in the early morning hours of February 27, 1984, the Vallejo Police Department confiscated a Bowey knife from a Vallejo Hells Angel named Charles “Chuck” Diaz. The incident was documented in case #84-02632.
The knife measured about 13 inches long, it was in a brown leather sheath, and it came with a sharpening stone and drawstring pouch. One side was completely sharp and the other side was partially sharp followed by a saw-tooth edge extending up to the handle.
On March 12, 1984, the Vallejo Police Department returned this knife to Chuck Diaz.
The reason Chuck got his knife back was because he came down to the police station and complained. The circumstances surrounding the knife's return were documented in case #84-010.
The cop who initially took the knife away from Chuck warned his superiors not to give it back because he’d one day use it to “cut someone's head off.” This warning was ignored. The cop took a picture of the knife before it was given back to Chuck. The cop even documented his disapproval in his Officer's Report.
Nonetheless, the Vallejo Police Department gave Chuck back his knife.
On November 26, 1984, the Vallejo Police Department arrested Chuck. Arrest report case #84-15845 noted he was in possession of a Bowey knife (resembling the one previously described.) Once again, Chuck retained possession of his knife.
On October 5, 1986, the Grondalski Family was murdered in Fort Bragg, California. The family consisted of William “Billy” Grondalski, Patricia “Patty” Grondalski, 17-year old Jerami Nolan Vandagriff, and 5-year old Dallas Grondalski. The entire family was executed inside their home. The murder weapons were a 45-caliber pistol and a knife.
In the case of 5-year old Dallas, her death certificate stated the cause of death was “multiple stab wounds of the neck and head.” The house was eventually torched in an attempt to cover up the crime. Dallas was found in the smoldering ruins of her bedroom clutching a doll. This was called “the worst mass murder in Mendocino County history.”
Billy Grondalski was a former Vallejo Hells Angel. He took his family to Fort Bragg to escape his past. When murdered, his club tattoo was sliced away from his left arm, probably with the same knife used to kill his little girl. O

Cresskill, NJ

#15 Mar 16, 2010
The last of three conspirators convicted of covering up the October 1986 slaying of a Fort Bragg family was sentenced to three years in state prison on Tuesday.

Shasta County resident Mary Anne Hodgson, 46, was one of three co-defendants convicted in May for participating in an extensive coverup that included threatening witnesses and falsely informing investigators. On top of the three-year sentence, she was ordered to pay $600 restitution.

Two others convicted in the same trial recently received shorter prison sentences for obstructing justice in the 18-year-old murder case. Robert Laurence Huffman, 62, was sentenced to 20 months for loaning a van used in the arson of the murdered family's home. Sammie Louise Lester, 42, received a 32-month sentence for destroying evidence. Both were already imprisoned on unrelated charges during the two-month trial.

During Tuesday's hearing, Hodgson's lawyer asked the judge to impose a more lenient sentence, noting she had drastically reformed after once acting as an errand runner for the Vallejo chapter of the Hells Angels.

"She's the one person involved in this case who has straightened out her life," said Ukiah attorney Al Kubanis, who asked for time in county jail with probation.

But the state prosecutor argued that the woman shouldn't be released into the community because of her deep loyalty to the outlaw motorcycle club. She was indicted in 1987 for lying to investigators examining a Hells Angels methamphetamine ring in Oregon.

"She is a danger to the community," Deputy Attorney General Michael O'Reilley said.

While the judge said he believed she had corrected her lifestyle, Hodgson "is still in my humble opinion under the umbrella of the Hells Angels, which has brought her to where she is today," said retired Plumas County Superior Court Judge Stanley Young.

Hodgson is also on probation for a 2003 hit-and-run in Solano County.

The murders of the Grondalski family Bill, 32, Patty, 34, Dallas, 5, and Jeremy Vandegriff, 17, Patty's son from a previous marriage were the subject of four trials. The most recent trial saw the conviction of the three conspirators as well as a 56-year-old Vallejo man, Charles Anthony Diaz, who was convicted of fatally cutting the throat of the 5-year-old girl. Diaz was sentenced earlier this month to 29 years to life in state prison.

An accomplice, Arkansas resident Gerald "Butch" Lester, Sammie's ex-husband, in November 1997 was convicted after three trials of all four murders and is serving four life sentences. Diaz previously was accused of killing the entire family with Gerald Lester, but was charged with only one murder due to lack of evidence.

Shortly before the murders, the Grondalski family had moved to Fort Bragg from the Vallejo area, where Bill had been a member of the motorcycle club.

Vallejo Hells Angels President Gerald Lester and Vice President Charles Diaz went after Bill because he had left the club in bad standing, owing the chapter money and sporting the club's tattoo, according to the state prosecutor.

Lester then accidentally shot Bill in a scuffle, and to get rid of potential witnesses, he and Diaz killed the rest of the family, the prosecutor told jurors. Dallas' throat was cut by Diaz, after which, Lester shot her, O'Reilley said.

The house was later set on fire to destroy evidence.

Cresskill, NJ

#16 Mar 16, 2010
Many many many more horrible crimes not listed here . What kind of scumbags men date and support hells angels. Only a scumbag man would wear that property of 81 type patch.
Have You Lost Your Mind

Fort Smith, AR

#17 Feb 26, 2012
Carmen wrote:
Many many many more horrible crimes not listed here . What kind of scumbags men date and support hells angels. Only a scumbag man would wear that property of 81 type patch.
Let me explain something to you whom ever you are in Camden NJ.
You post a story here about a man you know nothing about, as well as pass your ignorant judgement upon him. I was a young man headed for prison at the time of mr. Lesters arrest in Arkansas. I was serving a sentence in the sebastian county jail, in Fort Smith Ar. and was his cell mate for his time before extradition to CA.and this man took the time to talk to me and inform me of where I was headed if my actions kept in the direction I was going. I spent several weeks with this man that you and a flawed system painted as a monster.
Gerald "Butch" Lester is anything but! Now am I going to sit here and say if a grown man crossed him he was not capable of killing him - no - he is a man and any manin the right situation is capable of murder, but as far as this man killing or harming a child, there is no way he had any part of it!!! If he could of hurt a kid I would have been dead in that cell, and I gave him plenty of reason to do so.
So before you spread hate and decension about an individual or even the club for that matter know what you are speaking of and not just foul accusations coming from a scewed government and the JUST US system!!!!

San Francisco, CA

#18 May 10, 2013
Have You Lost Your Mind wrote:
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Let me explain something to you whom ever you are in Camden NJ.
You post a story here about a man you know nothing about, as well as pass your ignorant judgement upon him. I was a young man headed for prison at the time of mr. Lesters arrest in Arkansas. I was serving a sentence in the sebastian county jail, in Fort Smith Ar. and was his cell mate for his time before extradition to CA.and this man took the time to talk to me and inform me of where I was headed if my actions kept in the direction I was going. I spent several weeks with this man that you and a flawed system painted as a monster.
Gerald "Butch" Lester is anything but! Now am I going to sit here and say if a grown man crossed him he was not capable of killing him - no - he is a man and any manin the right situation is capable of murder, but as far as this man killing or harming a child, there is no way he had any part of it!!! If he could of hurt a kid I would have been dead in that cell, and I gave him plenty of reason to do so.
So before you spread hate and decension about an individual or even the club for that matter know what you are speaking of and not just foul accusations coming from a scewed government and the JUST US system!!!!
I just posted a lengthy post about Butch Lester that seems to have gotten lost by these "Just us" freaks. He was my cellie in San Quentin after the forth and final railroading trial in Mendocino county. He was a great man, that showed me alot and taught me alot. He was shafted after being found not guilty 3 times. The female judge from Mendo County said ,"Mr.Lester I dont care I'm allowing all the evidence even if previously ruled against and you can take it up with the appellate court. You have already cost my county 12 million dollars and I dont care anymore you're gonna fry. That from a elected officiall! Yet the Hells angels are the ones violating the laws here. So much from our Constitution. Our Constitution gives me Constipation!! Butch I hope you see this post some day or someone sends it to you and that you remember me. The Ol BobCat from forth teir Carson section San Quentin 1997 or 1998. Much Love and Respects. You had for appeals going I hope at least one is still going for ya brother.
step daughter

San Jose, CA

#19 Sep 26, 2013
I lived with Mr Lester for many years as a child. From age 4, while he was in prison for his first murder, when he was out off and on until I was 12. I was also a good friend of Jeremy. I don't know what happened but I can tell you, I lived with this man. He was no "angel". He never hit me but he did hit my mom. Many times.
I lived in fear and I still hate the sound of a Harley to this day.
With that said, I never believed he did it until I read more about what happened.
I was in high school the day I heard about Jeremy. I left my freshman Spanish class on my knees crying in confusion..
I never knew Butch was even a suspect until 10 years later. Again I didn't believe he did it until I read the reports a few years ago. He was out of my life for a few years before this happened.
I would love to tell my story someday. I think it would help me. Butch wasnt always a bad guy. I spent many days at a time alone with him in my youth. He never hurt me but he was bad man. Drugs had everything to do with it.
My sweet Jeremy, ugh. He loved the Hell's Angels and all he dreamed about was being one..I would sit in math class and beg him to not think that way. I knew what it was all about. I loved Jeremy. Bla, this will hauntwme until I die.

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