I took my almost 14 year old cat to Dr. Jun. I had been with Dr. Jun for several years for routine visits. He was nice. But on December 29, 2012, my cat had a loose tooth that was rubbing up against the outside of his lip. I took him to Dr. Jun. He told me that he would sedate my cat, pull the tooth, and take x-rays to check for mouth cancer. I watched in horror as he and his assistant were giving my cat CPR when he wouldn't come out of the sedation! When it was unsuccessful, he said, "I'm so sorry!" I was devastated and asked how this could happen! He told me that sometimes cats that age could not make it through the sedation and have heart attacks and die! I asked why this happened! The assistant said, well, we didn't do blood tests, because they are over $300! I was crying and screamed that I should have been the one to make that decision! I said that I wanted a detailed written description of what he did. He said he would, but I never went back..my cat is gone because of Dr. Jun's negligence! I went for a routine visit, and brought my best friend home in a box! His only saving grace was that he did not have the audacity to send me a bill. Don't ever take your pets to Dr. Jun at Orangetown Animal Hospital.