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Sue the board

Mahopac, NY

#83 Jul 15, 2014
You should get all the shareholders of all the buildings that are managed by North and sue them. Together you cannot be ignored, hire a lawyer and begin the process and at the same time sue to get all the board members out and hold new elections. Your problem is the board and then North. Board is afraid of lawsuits and that's the only way you'll get them out.
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Yonkers, NY

#84 Jul 21, 2014
Hello every one still no shrubs just so you know the shrubs are one foot high and one foot wide costing about $15.00 each our landscaper Trillo who does more damage than good did not replace them but this time Robert madena was right across the street .
I guess he want to send a message we don't care
Message receaved
Also we are a 38 unit complex yes that's right like a big private house
Allot of units empty or people looking to move
We have a managing company for a 38 unit complex
Since 1965 no managing company until Hudson north
Are they managing or are the just trying to make unit owners look at rotting rails dead bushes dirty garbage rooms
Out managing agent is not doing her job Rose Piller is more out to stick it to you than help you I. My opinion.
I mean if it were me I would just have the bushes changed it's not expensive not hard to do so why is rose and a Anthony Rocco board Presedent not doing it ???
It's because they can these are people with axes to grind and there saying were going to use our position to stick it to the u it owners we don't like
If any one can tell me any other reason than being spiteful please tell me because I can't think of one
This is the work of Hudson north but mostly the board of managers
There not on the board for no other reason but to help them selfies
The above is my feeling and my opinion and what is accually going on
Because of you the readers we did receive our financial statements
Just general but it was sent after me including it
I sound off here because there is no one to take care of things here
So when they Hudson north and the board see that I'm letting you know what is going on they might do something and they did
But the board and Hudson north are standing strong and are just out and out refusing to make the complex look nice
Bushes and painting
We use painters that paint right over rust and disconnected railing
The out side of my unit is a safety issue
Oh well what an unpleasant place to live
Some unit owners use the common area as a play ground putting pools and trying to make it a private house
In my opinion if you want a house go get one
Thank you for reading my review and reading my opinions on what is going on with Hudson north management rose piller and our board here at green tree

Concerned Resident

Ardsley, NY

#85 Aug 14, 2014
I thought it was over, but Rose has resumed her practice of harassing behavior towards residents of at least one property that employs her. My advice would be to avoid doing business with this company. Trust me.
Concerned Shareholder

New York, NY

#86 Nov 13, 2014
I never had a positive experience with them either. I have made numerous recommendations to get rid of them in my cooperative, although the Board obviously think they are doing a goodjob. Possibly because the manager only responds to Board member requests. My neighbors and I share the same dissatisfaction for Hudson North. I would never hire a company who doesn't respond, doesn't return calls and never notifies shareholders when the elevator is down, when the water is off or when the boiler is being repaired.

Terrible service. Terrible management.
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Yonkers, NY

#87 Apr 2, 2015
I have been emailing Rise Pilla of Hudson north management for over 6 months about a neighbor right next door who has a dog that barks when there not home
There is a sheet rock wall between the units and 2x3 studs the dog sounds like it's in my house the neighbors are far from nice neighbors
The by laws states no noise after 10 but the dog barks after 10 until 2 am at times
The Yonkers law on dog barking is for dog barking no dog barking continuesly for 10 minutes and no longer than intermetenly for 30 minutes
We here at green tree pay for Hudson north to handle things like this
But after over 6 months of emailing on dog barking in unit 120 Texas ace I have not received one single response and the dog continues to bark and bark
This is what goes on here at the greentree condominiums in yonkers ny
We have bylaws being broken and the yonkers law as well the two people next door could not care less about there neighbors but to pay a management agent with everything in there corner the bylaws and the law itself but still cannot enforce one single thing as simple as a dog barking
This is what you can expect from Hudson north management and rose Pilla who is our managing agent please remember o dr 6 months of emails sending copies of the law and mentioning the bylWs and the dog just keeps barking
I will keep everyone informed on this noise nusance that Rose Pilla and Hudson north management has done NOTHING ABOUT AS FAR AS I KNOW
if lawars are needed than Hudson north and the green tree condoes Association should move forward on this unlivable condition
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Yonkers, NY

#88 Apr 2, 2015
Correction my first email to Rose Pilla about dog barking in unit 120 was on March 29,2014
One year and 2 days and not one response and the dog continues to bark and bark not rose Pilla if Hudson north or the greentree management have done one thing to stop this problem
Can you beleave that over one year of this and no one doing a thing here at green tree
It's like the lawless zone here no endorsement at all if the bylaws or the yonkers law
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Yonkers, NY

#89 Apr 3, 2015
The dog in unit 120 just continues to bark and I keep sending email to rose Pilla of hidson north management no response from rose Pilla we pay Hudson north to enforse these things but nothing is being done
You might want to think twice before hiring Hudson north as your management company
Not one response to my many emails and no sleep in a year
Rose Pilla does not do her job
The neighbors are inconsiderate to allow a dog to bark all night long and our board and rose Pilla of Hudson north do nothing
Nothing at all but take your money
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Yonkers, NY

#90 Apr 3, 2015
Just recorded the dog barking and sent it to rose Pilla
Let everyone know what is being done day by day
Greentree at Yonkers is not where you want to live with a board like ours and Hudson north management and with rose Pilla as you managing agent
You might not want to through your money away
There here for this reason reasons like inconsiderate neighbors they come from other parts of the world and do what they like here at greentree
Say hi to rose Pilla if you got stuck with her
Her hand is out for your money and that's it
If you need something the only way at green tree is to let the world know because other than that nothing will ever get done here at green tree of Yonkers
Not one time did I ask for something and just get it even though I'm in my rights
The bylaws are not enforced. But the jump on little things if they don't like you
If this was the neighbor of some unit owners this would have been stopped a year ago
Rose like it in my opinion she like to she uses her job to do for who she likes and do nothing for who she doesn't
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Yonkers, NY

#91 Apr 4, 2015
No response from Rose Pilla of Hudson north management
We have bylaws and laws that you can just ignore with rose Pilla and Hudson north management as your managing agent and company so if you want a company and agent that's just dissent care than Hudson north is for you
I have to hear a dog barking from next door for over one year and no response to my emails to rose Pilla of Hudson north
She has no interest in doing her job and could Not care less about the people she is taking money from to represent the interest of the condominium and the health risk involved I. The sleepless nights do to a dog barking constantly
Not one respone no changes as the dog barked and barks
Unit 120 Texas keeps the dog on The upstairs level where the bedrooms are as to disturb the neighbors sleep but rose Pilla is sleeping good and no one is asking rose Pilla for any favors but if the bylaws say no noise after 10 pm and a unit owner is complaining because the bylaws are being broken and the law itself than Hudson north management the board and rose Pilla should do everything it takes to see that it stops permanently because it's there responsibility and what we pay them for.
This is what kind of treatment you can expect from rise Pilla and aiwed by Hudson north management and of course the lazy board of ma avers here at green tree condos in Yonkers
This can only be allowed by a poor management company and a lazy board that don't care
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Yonkers, NY

#92 Apr 5, 2015
Still no response from rose Pilla of hidson north management
Unit 120 Texas has a dog that barks allot each day mostly at night and I
Have been sending emails for over a year and no
Unit 120 want to have a dog and does not care who about neighbors and why should he no one is going to say anything here at greentree of Yonkers
It's kinda a lawless condominum but when it comes to pease a quite that's something very serious people's homes should be the one lplace you can count on for that
I have sent emails for over one year not one single response
If rose Pilla of Hudson north is your agent God help you and the board is just as bad for allowing it
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Yonkers, NY

#93 Apr 5, 2015
It's very clear in the bylaws and it states a pet causing or creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance or noise shall be permanly removed
From the property subject to these restrictions upon a three day written notice from the board of managers
I don't know when I come home if I'm going to get peace a quite and no one should live that way
What is the board and rose Pilla waiting for
I have been complaining for over one year
The dog pays no common charges to have his rights unforced but I do
I will keep every one informed
I must say I hope people read this and help
Because the only way I ever get a complaint addressed is because if you out there
They don't like people to know what goes on
But is this was one of there favorite unit ownes
This would have been taken care of one year ago
To be honest the board and rose Pilla love it that's why they ignore me but the fact is that I am a unit owner I psy common charges and I have a right to peace and quite at all times here
I have to put a radio on to try to drown out the dog barking when I might want to sleep
Does unit 120 and the dog decide if I can sleep or not
This dog has barked for 10 hours and very late usually but it could be any time the apt is empty
If you hear a dog at unit 120 Texas that means no ones home
And the dog is on the upper level near the bedroom
What a pice of you know this guy is
I have requested the bylaws be unforced and why shouldn't they the only reason is that rose Pilla of Hudson north management just does not feel like it lol
Can you beleave that???
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Bedford Hills, NY

#94 Apr 6, 2015
Still no response from rose pills about a dog next door creating an unreasonable disturbance or noise from next door
Over one year of emails sent and no response
Is this the type of management company you would want or a board of managers that allows this to go on by a managing agent
Makes you wonder why the board would allow it
I will keep everyone posted on my situation
I'm hoping that letting others know will help you make a choice of managing agents and board of managers
My posting are what is accually going on at the moment they are true and also my feeling and my right to my opinion
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Yonkers, NY

#95 Apr 11, 2015
Emailed rose Pilla again
And she did finally get back to me but the dog still is barking
I spoke to Anthony Rocco board president aout me living with a dog barking for over one year and now let's see what happenes??
The Yonkers police are going to talk unit 120 Texas
This is a law and a noise disturbance or noise nuisance that is not being addressed by the managing agent rose Pilla of Hudson north and I'm sure the board of managers was aware of what's going on but today April 11,2015 at around 9 pm I went to Mr.Roccos house to talk to him about the constant dog barking
We have bylaws at greentree that are just ignored by Hudson north and the board
I'm the one hearing the dog that is purposely placed closest to my unit and bedroom
Yonkers police came tonight as well they heard the dog barking and said they feel for me and understand I should not have to live with that kinda noise
There was no one home at 120 Texas age but Yonkers police said they will stop by the next morning to talk to unit 120
They do say that the condo board and management should be taking every step available to see that the dog barking is stopped for good
But here at greentree nothing ever gets done
I want to tell everyone that the managing company and your managing person can make a world of difference in where you live
So so far nothing has changed except for that rose Pilla did email me back after over one year of emails but you all the readers are the only reason rose Pilla responds at all
The things that go on here at greentree as far as unit owners having a right to live in peace and quite are just hard to
Be leave out board and Hudson north and rose Pilla have there hand out for your common charges and that's all they do
The board of managers and rose Pilla are here for such serious issues as noise nuisance
If the unit owner is not able to get any sleep and nothing is done and it's a violation of the bylaws and nothing is being done
I ask you do you want to live here at greentree???
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Yonkers, NY

#96 Apr 12, 2015
Yonkers police just came here to talk to unit 120 Texas about the dog barking
Yonkers police will issue tickets if unit 120 is home at the time the dog is barking
I'm happy that someone has tryed to allow me to live my one life in peace and quit
Yonkers police told me to keep on it with management but Hudson north and the board of managers don't care about unit owners
Or more importantly in forcing the by laws
Rose Pilla of Hudson north management has done nothing but send one email reply in over one year
What's is funny is that it's against the law and a major violation
In the bylaws
Yet nothing is done
I could not have any more on my side than the law and a bylaw violation
Every thing points to this as wrong not acceptable or to be tolerated by anyone
Thank you Yonkers police for talking to unit 120 Texas ave
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Old Bridge, NJ

#98 Apr 19, 2015
Dog at 120 still barking all the time unit owners are not home
After contacting anothny Rocco board President and 13 months of emails calling the police the dog still is barking even more than before
Even thought it's against the Yonkers law and clearly a major violation to me personally nothing is being done to stop it
The dog is to be removed Acter two weeks notice in writing by the board of manager
I do not see why I should pay common charges and no one is I forcing others bylaws especially one as serious and that affects the homeowners well-being peace and. Tranquility
Hudson north and rose Pilla are doing very little to give unit owners a Noise nuisance Free living space
If I'm not receiving service I will not be paying my common charges until this is stopped permanently
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Yonkers, NY

#99 Apr 19, 2015
This what you can expect from Hudson north rose Pilla and our board of managers
These people take on jobs and responsibilities and do nothing at all
Not a thing
Why would someone take a job or a responsibility of they do not want to uphold the bylaws
After 13 months of emails to rose Pilla of Hudson north talking to the board president nothing has changed the garbage neighbor has no regard for others
And he found the one place where it's the Wild West with rose Pilla as your managing agent and Hudson north as you management company
Have no respect for anyone who would live here knowing what goes on

This is my opinion and what is actually going on here at greentree condominium at Yonkers ny
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Paterson, NJ

#100 Apr 20, 2015
33 emails sent to rose Pilla of Hudson north management
First one March 23 ,2014
Police called anothny Rocco board president of greentree in Yonkers
And the dog still barking all day long
It's clearly stated in the by laws that Nuisance barking is not allowed but the rules are written and we pay a management company and put trust in board members that don't do a thing nothing is done at green tree
Forget about asking where your money goes because they won't tell you it show you
It's certainly not going into inforsment of a major bylaw violating
Do what ever you want a greentree
If I was one of there favorite that complained than the dog would be stopped
The rules say pay common charges but who would pay for any type of service and not receive it
I mean would anyone pay for electric and have no lights for over a year
Would anyone pay for TV and have no picture for 13 months
Would you pay your cell phone company and have no service
Hudson north manage to is not providing a service with rose Pilla as your agent
Hudson north worked for me I don't work for them
They have allot of nerve asking for money and not providing complete service
But you must remember the board just smiles and alowes it
Be honest would you allow your complex unit owners to pay for subpar service or as far as I'm concerned no service at all
There has not been one request that has been filled with out a fight
My bushes are dead in front of my house ,we have not received any Financial
Statements and if you do it general we should all be receaving cash dispersing
Sheets not general everything but that's how they hide things
I want everyone to know what goes on at green tree of Yonkers condominium
Railing rusted through concrete busted up
2 or three years ago the board had people paint over detached rusted through railings and busted up concrete but that greentree at Yonkers
There are several unit available if you want to be part of a Circus Organization
I will keep everyone informed on rise Pilla s handling of a simple open and shut case
Of nuisance noise
The Bylaws state
The board is to give two weeks notice and the dog removed
After all the complex only has sheet rock between the units so every noise sounds like it right in your own unit
I guess they had that in mind when writing the bylaws
The above is my opinion and feelings and what is actually going on in the greentree condomum violation
Important revew

Bedford Hills, NY

#101 Apr 22, 2015
Still not much from rose Pilla of Hudson north about the on going barking dog next door
My emails are mostly not responded too
By rose Pilla of Hudson north management
And I'm living next to a dog barking at all different times and all weekend
Yes the weekends when you want to rest sleep all that
Even though it's clearly stated no nuisance barking in the bylaws
The board of managers and Hudson north
Have done nothing but send a letter to unit 120 showing its against the bylaws
No enforcement of the bylaws what so ever by rose Pilla of Hudson north management
And the board of managers
There are 5 lights out now in our area
That just shows you the interest the board and rose Pilla has in our complex
There should be laws against managing agent and company's that are taking money for a service and not providing one
The board of managers just don't want to be bothered
Don't be on the board if your just going to do absolutely nothing
There are several empty units for anyone interested in living at greentree
You too can come join the fun of dealing and paying out your money month after month and wondering where's the service
Why is the board doing nothing
The post is my opinion my right to freedom of speech and my feeling and most importantly what is actually going on
Important revew

Yonkers, NY

#102 May 3, 2015
Rose Pilla of Hudson north management still has not been able to indorse the bylaws here at green tree condos
We must pay common charges and in return releave no service
Don't ever expect a response from rose Pilla of Hudson north management just to lazy to do that in my option and why should she our board of managers allows it and the company it self Hudson north management allows there managing agents to whatever
This is my opinion and what is going on here at green tree condos
The managing agent rise Pilla is doing her job
nick mich

Bronx, NY

#103 Jul 28, 2015
any reviews for the riverhouse at 150 overlook ave. peekskill, ny? i am considering buying a unit there

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