I agree with Mr. Halliday and Mr. Viehl to his comment "If this case was in a different states or district, chances at trial whould be much more in my favor. Utah is a very conservative and religiously controlled state."

At such a young age I admire their courage to stand up and face whatever happens even if it's having to live their calling and purpose in prison. Animals critters domestic or not are defendless. In my eyes they are heroes and honor their courage to protect the thousands of mink from being killed. I guess for those who wanted a mink coat or mink boots for christmas will have to use a wear bib instead for drooling purposes.

Seriously, Utah needs to accept that it is time for a change. There are now dog parks, animal activist, non killing shelters and animal lovers that are ready to take a stand and unite with others to work on changing the law for "animal rights." Which should include animal abuse, veterinarian malpractice and abusive treatment and owners who abuse animals should serve time in prison.

It's time for a change Utah!