The Mozlem Brother-al Qaida terrorists' "spring" was concocted by Obama and the Arabist pro-Iranian US State Department of the communist Hillary aiming at pushing Israel to surrender to the terrorists of Hamas that seek the destruction of the Jewish State and massacre of the Jews. Obama used the White House power and his role as commander in chief to support and finance Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Mozlem Brother of Egypt and al Qaida "Rebels" of Libya for the new Mozlem brother revolution of the Middle East. Obama is pushing the Mozlem Brother vandal mob that rules the streets of Cairo to trash the peace with Israel and blame Israel for the Palestinian problem. The Mozlem Brother Jihadist Erdogan of turkey became Obama's Best Man in the Middle East and became the bully that keeps humiliating the Jews and threatening sending his navy to break the naval blockage on Gaza and converting it as Iranian regime terrorist base against Israel. However, the American people except the Blacks, Mozlem Brothers of America and Israel hating liberal Democrat Elites realized that Obama is a fake phony fraud and Mozlem brother terrorist sympathizer that must be removed from power to save America from bankruptcy. In addition, the truth about Obama relations with the al Qaida and Hamas Rebels in Egypt and Libya proved that Obama is a crook that must be removed to keep the national security of America. Obama and the liberal Democratic Party will be defeated in the 2012 election, causing Obama to disappear from the American politics. Turkey that became partner of the Iranian regime and his terrorist organization will be ousted from NATO. US Congress will stop the Obama madness in the Middle east that aimed at the conversion of Israel to Mozlem Brother state with Jerusalem as their worldwide center. The days of Obama in power in the White House are clearly numbered and so are the days of the Jihadist empty bully Erdogan.