This is by Sadie Wilkins,
I have heard out there that everyone wants me dead. Yet no one will tell me why. They have rumors going around that I did something that was bad. But they don't even know me and haven't even spoken to me in person. Yet they pass judgement on me. They have sent information about me all over the internet,
about me. I am here to tell you who I really am.
I am a kind, harding working, a good mother. I am
creative and like crafts. Like to learn new things. I am
on disability for biopolar nerve condition. I also have
some physical problems that I try to work on everyday. I am wish to live and strive to my best under these conditions. However, people think that
handicapped people are not suppose to be able to
live a normal life. We also, own a double wide trailer.
That no one seems feel we should have. The only thing I ask is if you really want to know about me.
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