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SF Player Num 2

Owensboro, KY

#42 Jan 29, 2010
I may have done this annonymously before, but i want everyone out there to know that im not afraid to stand up for my coach. This is Marina Barclay. Im number 14 for his high school softball team. Ill defend him through whatever is said about him, and i want people to know i like him, and thank its an honor to play for him. I agree with the people before me in that this battle will be won by us, and if you havent noticed! when the first person on our team found out that there was people on here dawging our coach, not only did one person get on here to defend him. but we all did! and even former players! so say what you want, he is amazing! and we wouldnt want anybody else to be coaching us! and i love my school as a multi-racial school. we are a family, with those black girls! with out them, we wouldnt be the family we are today. he is part of this family too because he cares about us and our success so much! i wouldnt play for anybody else, and i wouldnt change my teammates/family for anythang! expecially not for it to be all whites!
Coach Mc

White Plains, KY

#43 Jan 29, 2010
i would have to agree with you girls. I have been side by side with your coach the last 9 yrs and sure he is tough but so are you girls. that's why you've had the success you've had. people only see coaches on the sideline yelling and griping and pointing out your mistakes, but what they don't see is what takes place behind the scenes at practice, in the locker room, on the buses, and so on. you girls know your coach better than anyone so good for you for standing up. the bottom line is when you are not winning it always goes back on the coach. there is definately a family atmosphere within you girls bc you care for each other on and off the court or field. i have enjoyed being around the last 9 years and will continue to watch you girls improve.

Sun Prairie, WI

#45 Jan 29, 2010
to everyone out here reading this i want you to count how many comments are made by us players taking up for our coach!we are sisters multi-racial sisters and without my best friends who are colored we wouldnt be the family we are!i want to thank coach lee for makin me not only a better althete but also a better person.if our parents and us players are happy with him thats all that matters not what everyone else thinks!ive posted once and will post again till this battle is won and i promise you we will win!devil pride never dies!
sara reams present day #20
SF Parent

Earlington, KY

#46 Jan 29, 2010
You girls are right. He is an awesome coach and person. The school would be in better shape today if we had someone of his character as our principle. He cares, he is loyal and treats everyone the same. If you do wrong you pay the price but if you do right he will stand up and praise you. If you need help with studies he will get you the help and I know for a fact that he cares about all of his girls and If he didn't yell at you and get onto you that's when I would worry because then it would mean he didn't care. You girls both basketball and softball players are great and you are strong in your beliefs. Never stop standing up for what you believe in and you will go far.

White Plains, KY

#47 Jan 30, 2010
well i think coach lee is doing a great job. i talk to him after every ball game. as a matter of fact i sit by him at every ball game. he is always talking about what the girls need to do to be better in a good way. I keep water for the boys basketball team. I'm a big football fan. and a coach is like a qurter back. they are only as good as their worst player. dont get me wrong when i say that. you can't just have one person score every point you have to throw young ppl out there to be better. both teams are young boys and girls. and even with the boys team the coach is not totally to blame. i have practiced with them the past week. the coach can only do so much the team has to want to get better before they will. it's hard to sit and read some of the stuff on here because some ppl dont know what they are talking about. Like ppl said before if you dont like the way SFHS is playing or being coached dont come we dont want your money. And about the all white thing, YOU ARE STUPID!!! i like my black friends. it helps prepare you for the real world because there are all different colors out there. most know by now who this is. Jared Fowler #16 for SFHS football team. Every coach has their weak points. lift them up instead of knocking them down. A verse from the bible that comes to mind is matthew 7:3 dont worry about the speck in someone elses eye worry about the log in your own eye. worry about your own problems before you try to fix someone elses problems.

Murray, KY

#48 Feb 1, 2010
SF Parent, I would have to agree with you. If South Fulton had a principal like Coach Lee all things would be fair...and the rules WOULD be enforced
white boy

Benton, KY

#49 Feb 1, 2010
hey yall stupid for sayin i wish it were an all white school.... if that were the case we would never win cuz we would not have any "athletes" besides myself ya know

Since: Feb 10

White Plains, KY

#50 Feb 21, 2010
youshouldknow wrote:
it's amazing the people who get on these blogs and gossip about things they have no idea about other than what they have heard someone say. the athlete with grade issues is elgible according to tssaa, he did sit out 1 gm, he has been running for it during his PE time, he also is going through an acedemic intervention program per our athletics manual twice a week along with 2 other players, so before we get on these athletes, coaches, and our school GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT
Thank you so much! I totally agree with you! If you don't know what you're talking about, check your facts first!
fake coaches

Florence, KY

#51 Mar 14, 2010
well i tell you the only way you are an athlete at sf is being a ngr or parents with money jr high boys coach loves his ngrs more than anything no he does not punish them because he thinks winning jr high games is actually something important rather than coaching and teaching young athletes what being an athlete really is i mean come on ngrs have it made in this country now days can the white boys get a little help we are not the ones responsible for slaves so get over it and quit feeling sorry for them they have negro college fund and what do poor white people have , nothing with shitty teachers and coaches that we have at south fulton i mean they should at least consider the kids futures somewhat but all they think about is themselves at sf and i do know what i am talking about
no clue

Florence, KY

#52 Mar 14, 2010
white boy wrote:
hey yall stupid for sayin i wish it were an all white school.... if that were the case we would never win cuz we would not have any "athletes" besides myself ya know
you must be a wigger
oh boy

Owensboro, KY

#53 Mar 15, 2010
when does the baseballl season start??? Has SF got a new baseball coach yet??? is it gonna be s.o.s.?
It is what

Chicago, IL

#54 Apr 3, 2010
The bad thing about being a small school is not enough athletes to go around this day and age to compete you have to do those summer things to stay competive

White Plains, KY

#55 Apr 5, 2010
If SF baseball coach was as great as Coach Lee we would be alot better team. We have really good kids on all of our teams but some of our coaching staff is lacking . But no school is perfect and never will be. We just have to stand tall, work hard and do the best we can with what we have.GO RED DEVILS!!!!!
think about it

White Plains, KY

#56 Apr 5, 2010
It really hurts me to read these blogs. I get on here hoping to read some upbeat comments about our teams, but all I read are bashing of players and coaches. Why is everyone so judgemental. Has anyone ever heard of, "Why do you look at the speck in your brothers eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?"

Owensboro, KY

#57 Apr 6, 2010
I think this is all whack. i read every comment and this is the worst argument between fellow members of the community i've ever seen. Not every coach is the best or gets all the wins but its really about what each athlete learns. Each coach no matter what he or she is coaching should instill morals into there athletes. I think that south fulton softball is amazing and they have their records to prove it. They also have many young upcoming athletes. I see no problem there. i think the real problem isnt just the coaches. the girls basketball team is small in numbers because of a couple reasons, the students come into high school and either choose to not play sports at all or just pick one so they can improve more. Also, there are students who may excel in jr. high but think they are not good enough for high school athletics. Buttttt, i think the boys high school basketball team is a joke, a waste of time. They actually have ggood athletes, but they dont play. all you see on sf basketball court is Jonathan Avent, he doesnt play hard and doesnt play to win. he slacks on the court until he touchs the ball and of course tries to pull his 3 instead of taking it into the paint and putting 2 on the scoreboard, wait no he does try to do that by dunking but he didnt make many of those either. i think if they actually played as a team in boys basketball they could win more games than you can count on one hand. I dont think that they need new coaches but a new game plan. South Fulton sports is always changing. We all know coach wood, one of the greatest men to even talk to. he set standards, instilled morals, and had more respect for your children then they have for each other. He told his team 1. God comes first. 2. Family comes second. 3. School comes third. 4. Football is fourth and 5. Friends come last. I think that is a pretty good way to put it. I dont know though, i think SF needs to put more care into their athletes. They have their star players that they all pass even though they dont get the grade, they play all season and they are the coaches best friend and then after the season ends, the coach doesnt know them. What do they have to fall back on? Their knowledge to go to college? No, their GPA is too low, they barely graduate, and go from being #1 High School athlete togoing no where near college. Why? beacause their coach wasnt there talking to college recruiters, they werent trying to have their athlete improve their grades, they aren't being support they need to be. I do not want this being misconstrued and taken out of context and made that this is EVERY coach and EVERY athlete. I think that if the coaches can't step up then the students should. This isnt the coaches team, its SF students. So. Fulton has a great chance at gettin amazing athletes. They are practically bred. pretty much all the athletes that do stay in high school have played on every tball, upward bound, every kid league available and during off season still practice and have traveling teams. If SF says they dont have the talent, they are wrong. This is prbably the longest comment on here but it is the best way I could explain it.
tennessee 84

Miami, FL

#58 Oct 8, 2010
I hate to say this but south fulton sports have been down for a while. It has a lot to do with the players and there work ethic and the coaches that dont give a damn. I'm sure glad my kids will not be attending this school.
SF Mom

Benton, KY

#59 Oct 9, 2010
Well I have a son there and let me tell you in Middle School Football yes our numbers were low. We only had like 7 returning players this year but ya know what? those boys worked their butts off and had a coach that never gave up on them and practiced them hard everyday and it paid off. They ended their season 7-1 and went on to be the 4Peat Rebel Bowl Champs!!! So before you knock the kids or coaches maybe you should read the paper or even attend some games.
thinkimg out loud

Sacramento, CA

#60 Oct 11, 2010
A Middle / High school athlete or student, should never be negatively discussed in any public forum. The team, players & even Coaches should be off limits. The only time the Coach should be discussed is in some type of booster / school board mtg. Anonymous post on some website tearing them apart doesn't help. Unless you are just trying to stir up trouble.

New Orleans, LA

#61 Oct 13, 2010
Good luck Wes with coaching these guys but I think you will do terrific get alot of advice from kurt. Kurt has been in the system along while he knows how everything and everybody works good luck.

Owensboro, KY

#62 Oct 13, 2010
The South Fulton football team rocks! They are amazing, especially for such a small school.

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