Woman struck, killed while crossing R...

Woman struck, killed while crossing River Road in Piscataway

There are 128 comments on the Courier News story from Dec 9, 2009, titled Woman struck, killed while crossing River Road in Piscataway. In it, Courier News reports that:

A Monmouth County mother was struck and killed by a motor vehicle as she crossed River Road with members of her family on Sunday night, police said.

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Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#21 Dec 13, 2009
if she was off the cell phone to begin with Dr. Andrea
would be alive and well with her family tonight
having Sunday dinner, so you be quiet and listen
to me, that teen girl did the wrong thing, she did
not stop and she did not get out of that car when
she killed that woman Andrea, and you have some
nerve defending a 17 year old who should have stopped
and gotten out and did the right thing. Call her
sister - did she call 911 or the police? The party by the
way did and that was the right thing to do
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#22 Dec 13, 2009
First of all you have some nerve saying that Dr. Andrea
was drunk, the woman never drank a day in her life,
so who the *$#%%^ are you to spread lies like that.
Was the teen queen that killed Andrea drunk? That is
what you should be asking? You have as much facts
together as a dead fish. Those people that crossed the
street were heading into a party, not coming out of one.
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#23 Dec 13, 2009
The girl that killed Dr. Andrea, an accomplished
woman should be thrown in jail the rest of her
life for careless and neglient driving. Taking that
woman away from her family by brutally killing her
in front of her family and friends, by either talking
on a cell phone, playing with the radio, or simply
not paying attention, then having the gall not to
stop. When your mom is a corpse in the street then
you can defend the person who hit her also too i guess.
Stop creeping me out.
Pway Prof

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

#24 Dec 14, 2009
The young lady in question happens to have been a student of mine. She is truly caring, funny, intelligent, thoughtful and an astute young mind.

Did she make a serious error in judgement by texting while driving, certainly, there's no question that she needs to pay her debt in some way to society.

However to term her a "nitwit bimbo dumb as a cucumber" is perverse, cruel and an illegitimate claim. Who are you to defame her personal character for an isolated infraction.

Furthermore this bright young lady just ruined her life possibly forever. I have no doubt she is suffering immesurably from regret and fear. She's a child facing a lifetime label as a murderer.

My heart goes out completely to the family of the woman who was killed its tragic and horrible and should not have happened. I pray God brings them comfort in their need.

I ask that folks not be so quick to demonize the young lady at fault. She's made a mistake. She's not a mass murderer, a pervert or a drain on society and to paint it in any more twisted drama-mama terms is merely the railing of those seeking to drum up hype.

Pray for both families. Both have lost so much.

Since: Dec 09

Edison, NJ

#25 Dec 14, 2009
I'd like to know if the people who are commenting saying that "I HEARD/I THINK she was talking on her phone or texting on her phone" were actually in the car during the time of the accident?? My guess, actually, no, my knowledge tells me that you weren't. In fact, as far as I'm concerned the only people who should be discussing this disastrous matter should be the police and the families, and I would certainly hope that a police officer would have more class and loyalty to their profession than to participate in commenting back and fourth about something that is currently under investigation.

I have no doubt in my mind that this is something that the family of the driver will have to live with for the rest of THEIR lives--so for the individuals who are saying that they wish negative things upon the girl who was driving, I'm sure that's already been taken into consideration by the family. Your lack of sympathy has been noted.

Again, in regards to the accusations that she was texting while driving, haven't you every heard that when you assume it only makes an........well, I'll let you finish the saying......

Since: Dec 09

Edison, NJ

#26 Dec 14, 2009
To the driver's professor,

It is nice to see some compassion from an individual, but I can't help but to correct you--there was no cell phone usage involved at all, and that information can be confirmed by your school's principal, as well as the local police department.
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#27 Dec 14, 2009
Another bleedng heart liberal and God rest the soul
of Dr. Andrea Paterno who was struck head on by a girl
who had plenty of time to stop when she saw a human
being crossing, but failed to because she was NOT
paying attention and driving too fast and she did not
even attempt to stop, nor did she stop when the car
took the poor woman 100 feet into the air and smashed
her body on the ground in front of her family and
horrified residents. Instead she called her sissy and
talked about what happened- where was 911???
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#28 Dec 14, 2009
Professor you can talk all you want, but you have to
realize that the son of the mother also lost his
grandfather the same way 5 years earlier i am told.
I do not care what character the girl that hit
Dr. Andrea was, she had no character to STOp and take
note she just killed a woman. If an animal hit your
car in the pa wilderness, would you stop or keep going?
i would stop. Also you have to stop when you just flung
a woman 100 feet into oblivion and broke her neck. I think
professor we can see that you are in your ivy tower and
not living in thr real world. The girl that killed
Andrea Paterno did an aweful thing and she should have
he car keys removed and shoved down her throat for
reckless driving and then face a sentence, as well
as a major civil suit against her family. This is a
crime scene and a woman was KILLED, and that is reckless
endagerment and negligence, and there should be punishment,
so get off your soap box.
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#29 Dec 14, 2009
First of all, you have to consider all the facts. Was
the girl on a cell phone? Maybe, maybe not? Was she
playing a radio- loud? changing the stations? was
she texting on the cell phone? was she looking at a GPS?
(hey 2008 not bad car for a 17 year old!!) or was she
looking for a street by visual? Something
distracted her - that is for sure, or she would have
seen THREE people crossing a roadway on a clear night.
Was she drunk? The police will find out the truth, not
you or me.
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#30 Dec 14, 2009
I cannot stand these bleeding liberal hearts that go out
all the way for the girl who hit Andrea paterno and yet
have no compassion or sympathy for the victim's family.
Let me say this - yes the teenage girl may have her merits,
but she is a lousy driver and had no compassion or sense
to stop after she CREAMED a woman to death. If this was your
aunt, your mother, your dad, your sister or brother
(listening professor) and you suddenly saw them laying there
dead during a sunday night out, would you feel that the
victim deserves more sympathy and her family who will now
go through christmas without that person and the next 30
years, or the twit driver who DID NOT LOOK PROPERLY,
sense going here in this world.
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#31 Dec 14, 2009
I'll tell you about the woman that the girl
hit professor: she was charming, lovely, compassionate,
scholarly, friendly, nice, intelligent, gentle,
motherly, attractive, polite, innovative,
accomplished, and 100 things more.

She had 30 years more ahead of her, and was at the
peak of her career and was embarking on new ventures.

How is that for a reference??

Newark, NJ

#32 Dec 15, 2009
"Horrified in Raritan": I assume you're a mom - and a great one at that! As far as "Vic": Ignore everything that this "Andrew Dice Clay" character has to say. Liberal? Give me a break! Oh: By the way: I see more adults using their hand held cell phones than teens - because teens are new, inexperienced drivers, where they're trying hard to pay attention. Again, we don't even know the facts yet as to whose fault this was. But, in most cases, it is still the driver's responsibility.
Pway Prof

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

#33 Dec 15, 2009
Key please...thank you for correcting me I just heard this through another of my students so admittedly I did little fact finding other than to read the new pieces on the web.

I'm also someone who lost their mom at a young age and it is horrifying and damaging in many ways. But I've found that despite tragic loss...its how I've conducted myself in view of who I was brought up to be that has brought me peace.

Don Anthony: Rage is empty, blame only goes so far. Its plain you are emotionally attached to Dr Paterno and if no one has yet said it, I am sorry for your loss as well. Surely I mean no disrespect nor do I wish to diminish the loss of a brilliant educator. You must know that resonates with me.

However like I said, as one who personally has suffered similarly, I wouldn't want someone out there fighting my verbal battles for me. Save your strength of conviction for the support of the family you know and love. The Paternos. And pray for the hearts of the family of the young lady who has just ruined her own life for a momentary lapse in judgement. She's a kid. She got scared she did the wrong thing...and yes, now she'll have to assume the full mantle of responsibility attatched to her actions. Its just sad all around.
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#34 Dec 15, 2009
The lady was not drunk crossing the road, she does
not drink and she was not even at a party yet,
so why the heck do you say things like that? She
was with her son and husband and they would
not allow her to drink for sure. that is
ridiculous talk - shame on you, maybe the girl
driving was drunk. did you ever think of that?
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#35 Dec 15, 2009
Listen kid, adults do make mistakes as well as kids,
but this kid needs to be taught not to run away
from responsibility and stop after leaving
someone a corpse. I never said she was on a cell
phone, playing with a radio or drunk -- i just
think investigation is needed now and fast to
uncover the truth about this girl.
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#36 Dec 15, 2009
I am familiar with the woman who was killed and the family
and they are some of the finest people on the planet,
all hard working, decent american citizens who do a lot
for their community and have the respect of law enforcement
throughout the state. They are first rate people of the
highest caliber, and did not deserve this kind of problem.

To be fair with the 17 year old girl, she made a horrible
mistake in driving and the punishment she will receive will
be justice. It was an accident, that surely could have
been avoided and her penalty will be to carry this death
throughout her life on her soul and in her mind
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#37 Dec 15, 2009
I wish the paterno family well today
at the wake and funeral of Mr. paterno's
wife who was killed in a horrible
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#38 Dec 15, 2009
one heck of a bimbo brain
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#39 Dec 15, 2009
I just heard that Dr. Andrea was buried
this morning and the investigation
continues. There needs to be answers
to help this family that suffered
such a tremedous loss.

Hicksville, NY

#40 Dec 15, 2009
Um Don anthony Johnson.....we understand that u are very upset....but ur taking out ALLLLL your anger on this girl.....when she panicked....she might have called her sister first....maybe she trusts her the most.....and i'm SURE this experiece has unfortanetly TAUGHT HER ALOT! it wasn't the best wya too...but she's already learned alot.....and her whole life is a mess...she's back at school and has to undergo being shunned....as a senior she can't even transfer....the rest of her life is alreayd a living hell and she has to face it day by day....she will always have that guilt on her shoulder....while the victims family is suffereing so is she....and yes we no it was the girls fault....but taking out your anger isn't going to help...AT ALL....you have to understand that that girl is MISERABLE....and i just pray that she doesn't take her own life or anything.....who knows how she's feeling? your only understanding one side....but have a heart and try to understand what the 17 year old girls is feeling

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