Judge orders man to admit lie to repo...

Judge orders man to admit lie to reporter

There are 96 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Sep 14, 2007, titled Judge orders man to admit lie to reporter. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

A judge ordered a man to admit to a newspaper that he lied to a reporter when he denied having sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl.

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Elkhart, IN

#88 Oct 17, 2010
Father, son charged with fraud in South Bend
They’ve faced similar allegations in civil suits.
Tribune Staff Writer
Federal prosecutors have charged a father and son with running a mortgage fraud scheme that preyed upon the naiveté of immigrants who were looking to become real estate investors in South Bend.
A grand jury returned the four-count fraud indictment this week against Michael Sheneman, 59, and Jeremie Sheneman, 32.
The indictment identifies two of their alleged victims as “G.Z.” and “P.D.,” and its allegations closely follow those made in civil lawsuits that Gladys Zoleko and Paul Davies, African immigrants living in South Bend, filed in 2006 against the Shenemans and their business partner, Andrew Beam.
The Shenemans perpetrated the scheme against those two victims and three other individuals, using two business names, both of them now defunct, Tri-State Mortgage and Superior Mortgage Lending, the indictment charges.
“The defendants were fully aware of the buyers’ lack of knowledge and financial means and nonetheless sold multiple properties to these buyers within a short period of time by concealing the buyers’ true financial status …” the indictment alleges.
Among other things, the Shenemans, in brokering the deals, falsified buyers’ income and assets, forged signatures, refused to let buyers see the interiors of rental properties they were buying, and concealed from lenders the fact that buyers’ had simultaneously applied for other mortgage loans, according to the indictment.
Prosecutors also charged Jeremie Sheneman last month in a separate mortgage fraud case, alleging he used a family member’s good credit to falsify mortgage applications. He obtained mortgage loans to buy eight properties in Chicago, California and New York state, knowingly overinflated the family member’s income, hiding the fact that it was him rather than her paying toward the purchase prices, and reporting an incomplete list of her liabilities, prosecutors say.
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A group of four South Bend police officers, looking to become real estate investors, also have a lawsuit pending against the Shenemans alleging mortgage fraud.
The Shenemans have denied the allegations in all of the civil suits.
The Tribune reported on the lawsuits in a January 2007 series,“Mortgage Maelstrom.” Michael Sheneman subsequently sued The Tribune, alleging the series contained false and libelous information, but a judge ruled the suit had no merit and ordered Sheneman to pay The Tribune’s attorney costs.
Got Screwed

Tallahassee, FL

#90 Nov 27, 2010
I'd like to know who the old fart was that Jeremie sent to the Diamond house to throw my mom and little boy out into the snow. I do remember what he looks like and if I ever see him again he had better watch his back.

I still think that the low life Sheibley's are aquintances of Jeremie and they both worked together to take advantage of us. Seems like the low life judge sided with the Sheibley's when he ordered us to pay them rent for a month when clearly we were the victims of mortgage fraud. At least now we have our own place and mortgage free and we are happier than ever. Oh, and too bad the Diamond home was a piece of junk.
Got Screwed

Tallahassee, FL

#91 Dec 7, 2010
Jeremie is a sick person. http://jeremiesheneman.com/

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#92 Dec 7, 2010
Got Screwed wrote:
Jeremie is a sick person. http://jeremiesheneman.com/
Ewww - ha ha ha ha.

Tallahassee, FL

#93 Jul 15, 2011
Jeremie Sheneman wrote this about me:
There is such a saturation of low life, ignorant people in South Bend it is unbelievable. Richard James that lives in South Bend is a typical example. He bid for a property on 743 Diamond St, South Bend, IN for about ten thousand dollars. He contacts us to let us know that he bid but did not have the funds but would like to purchase it on a lease with option to buy which we offered as long as you let us know that is how you were planning to bid by messaging in. He did not do that but we agreed to sell it to him with the lease option to purchase. He ends up making a few payments but never on time and then disappeared where he could not be reached. He would not pick up any phone calls nor did he let us know his intention with the property.
I had an old man that lived about three hours away from there call him and sure enough he answered and agreed to make a payment so the old man drove three hours to meet him. Richard did not have the money but wanted to give him a check. He gave him the check but the check was no good. At this point Richard and I were speaking and he let me know that he did not want the house since it was in a bad neighborhood and the property taxes were too high. I told him to send it to me in writing which he did. I thought that my dealings with him were over since I have had other people give back properties for whatever reason but never heard from them after I got the letter giving the property back. I see that he is all over the internet saying "mortgage fraud" etc and asking people to donate money to him. He is a lying loser and typical ignorant person from South Bend.
Well, for starters before we bid on the home we asked if we could do a mortgage and Jeremie agreed to it. We bought the home for $5100 with $2100 down. We were about 30 days late with oct payment, witch was paid in Novemeber and November payment was paid in Dec and so on. Both Dec and January payments were made in January and Feb was made on time but Jeremie sold the home from under us. I don't ask anyone to donate. I currently live in a wonderful home that I own with no payments. I had made an offer to the Sheibley's to buy it back from them but they had turned it down, now the Diamond home just sits.

Tallahassee, FL

#94 Jul 16, 2011
The old man that came to colect on the mortgage illegally threatened my mom and son. I gave him a post dated check but he cashed t early.

Some payments were late but by March 2009 we were on time with payments, we had found jobs and everything was going great then Low Life Jeremie sold the Diamond home from under us. We had all the receipts from every payment we made and those receipt are in the hands of the FBI as they investigate this as Mortgage Fraud and illegal wire of money. The reason why I disappeared was because I got a job driving trucks cross country, my wife was home all that time and she and my mom were the ones that wired the payments. I never begged for money from anyone except I asked for a refund from Jeremie. It sounds like a need an attorney in order to get back my money. Jeremie also offered to give us another home to shut us up but he backed down at the last minute. I continue to work with the FBI and HUD agent on this mortgage fraud case.

Tallahassee, FL

#95 Jul 16, 2011
Here is a link to Jeremie Sheneman BS story about me. http://www.jeremiesheneman.info/page-2.php

He states that 743 Diamond was about $10,000. It wasn't it was $5100. And I did ask him about payments before bidding becasue that was offered on the Ebay ad. I still have a copy of it. Jeremie is just a dumb ass taking advantage of people. We wired him the money in January 2009 but he said he never received one of the payments which was Bull shit. We had all the receipts. We could have stayed in the Diamond house and the home would have been payed off around Oct 2009 but now the home sits vacant. Hopefully once the investigation is over with the diamond house will be mine again. It doesn't belong to the Sheibley's it's rightfully mine. I paid for a new roof, I made payments.
the only kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#96 Jul 16, 2011
with all the teen girls in indianapolis already exloring sex, dressed up like little hookers in miniskirts and thongs and g -string boobs hanging out or pushed up, where are their parents enforcign a dress code like the schools.you wonder who so many older guys are pursuing these little tarts trying to be women when they are still little girls, but with the gangster rap mtv videos and all the raunchy movies they make about sex and deem it as a comedy or the foul mouthed comics always mentioned sex acts, this is what teens are watching, so does it shock me if an older man sleeps with a teen girl, you forget some states still allow teens to marry as young as 12 and 13 yrs old. most can marry at age 16 now.and once they get preggie govt considers them women and can put them on food stamps and welfare and put them into govt subsidized housing for life.If you looked around lately, girls don't dress like little girls anymore.and you now have more girls as in teen girls pursuing even older guys, I have seen it everyday at local parks, young little teen girls all perfumed up and tons of make up on hanging in groups around our current hispanic illegals, and the law wont touch them even if those illegals are over 21 having sex with even one of our little teen citizens.in this mans case I don't know the case per say or if it was related to a molestation or rape.
the only kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#97 Jul 16, 2011
what charge does the minor get? I mean she is 15 true, but most 15 yr olds out there know what is right and wrong, again many we're raised on reality tv shows and raunchy gangster rap mtv videos and nasty comedies .not one day I'm out eating lunch at local eatery and i will see at any given time 14 and 15 and 16 yr old girls bellies out and they are with older men, you can see it I'm talking seeing grey hairs, I don't see the law arresting them at all.I mean are those men in those cases when they met these little teens and we're pursued by them as well, should they call the police on any teen girl that wants them, what would the police do.I can tell you this most the illegals coming into our country many of the men are much older than their gf's and wifes they bring over with them, yet you wont see the law go after them unless it's flat out rape or molesting .even I can tell the age of an older mexican man and a younger mexican girl .we kind of got a double standard there apllied.If you checked the welfare role of our city and state, you will finds many teenage girls who get the welfare and food stamps living with much older men as bf's or the father of their kids.we do business deals with countries that marry off teen girls and younger to men everyday. they also have many wifes.

Bloomington, IN

#98 Sep 1, 2011
I am a close relative of the Shenemans, and in regard to the numerous accusations that have been brought against them, I will say this:
Alot of what the South Bend Tribune has posted about both Jeremie and Mike is, indeed,inaccurate, especially in regard to the sexual molestation accusasions involving the young girl(s). In the interest of ethical journalism, it would be best for the Trib to publish any corrections necessary in regard to their reporting on these events within reason. The fact that they have not done so up until this point simply reflects poorly on their values as a trusted news medium in South Bend. Perhaps our citizens should not be be honoring them with such a privledge, or keeping them in business by buying their papers.
As far as the officers of the SBPD involved with any of the cases against the Shenemans, consider this blatant and not so friendly reminder of your responsiblities to serve and protect the citizens of South Bend: Whether or not you are a corrupt member of the police force is determined and proven by your ACTIONS. If any member of the force acts unlawfully, untruthfully, unethically or with excessive,unecessary force, it is a shameful pity that you have been given the honor of protecting others, and you should be relieved of this duty immediately, so as not to continue harm to the public, nor to continue to tarnish the reputations of your fellow officers that are genuinely true.
In regard to their business dealings, whether legitimate or not, I am sure that these events will encourage the Shenemans to take extra care in all financial or business endeavors they so choose to pursue from now on.
In regard to the poor and inappropriate manner that Jeremie has presented himself in such online discussions and on other websites he has created for himself, it should not be presumed that this is representative of the values many of his family members stand for. Most importantly, it is not representative of the values our beloved late grandmother stood for, whom he has mentioned in some of these texts. Publicly slandering others for being less educated also means slandering those that are less fortunate than yourself; furthermore, posting explicit photos of yourself online is pointless and perverse. All of the above is in such poor taste, Jer... You should know better.
Again, as a close family member, we hope that our family as a whole can move beyond these events as quickly and as painlessly as possible. We love both Mike and Jeremie, and wish them the best possible outcome during this difficult time.

Tallahassee, FL

#99 Sep 1, 2011
I just want my money back from the payments I made on the house at 743 Diamond Ave

Redmond, WA

#100 May 18, 2013
On page 3, a poster states that Jeremie Sheneman is a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS. There are also rumors that his father, Michael Sheneman, is a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS.

Are these accusations true? If someone knows such for a fact, then provide actual DETAILS.

Detroit, MI

#101 Jan 1, 2015
I can't imagine that either are jeohvahs witness. Jeremie has admitted to doing gay porn and Michael was convicted as a child molester over the 15 yr old girl. If they ever were A witness I'm guessing they've been kicked out for that crap by now!

Prospect, TN

#102 Jan 4, 2015
Are the rumors true that Michael Shenaman was not merely a Jehovah's Witness, but was a JW Minister. Where is the poster that stated such on previous Sheneman threads?

Coalgate, OK

#103 Jan 14, 2015
a ha. so much for freedom of speech
We too

South Bend, IN

#104 Oct 23, 2016
The shenemans were very shady charatceters of low moral. I chuckled at the family member comment trying too justify thier actions. Thst family member is either clueless or just as shady. I was unfortunate enough to ne one of many of jeremies victims. He was a slime ball that lies and decieved about all the properties conditins, the lessors in properties and amou ts they paid and did alter our income. He is not a noce person by amy means. Thete was no mistaken naive acrions, it was all thought out and manipulative.

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