I went to Northern Indiana Hand and Wrist center hoping to find a solution to my hand pain...instead, they did a test on me that insurance didn't pay for...in fact, they did the special nerve test and didn't even inform me that insurance might not pay for it so that I could make and informed decision, and at least call my insurance prior to agreeing. When I called to talk to the practice manager, she treated me like dirt for questioning the fee. They decreased the charge, but I didn't have the choice as to whether I would pay for it, I was simply give the nerve test and then billed. The crazy thing is, after I refused to pay for the reduced charge, they sent me a registered letter informing me that they would no longer see me as a patient! In my case, the practice manager acted more like a bully than someone looking after my best interest. There is too much competition in the area to deal with a place that, at least in my situation, put themselves first and my care as a patient last.