Funeral for a Slain Teenage Car Detailer

Funeral for a Slain Teenage Car Detailer

There are 99 comments on the New York Times story from Aug 15, 2006, titled Funeral for a Slain Teenage Car Detailer. In it, New York Times reports that:

The summer rain pelted the well-waxed white hood of Daniel Cicciaro Jr.'s 2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and beaded into a thousand droplets.

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John White

Mahwah, NJ

#79 Dec 31, 2007
my house be costing a million gazillion dolla in da white hood yo,subprime would have got me out if da murder rap didnt come first yo,least i taught that community how it is to live and die wit a black man in da hood
as per

Rockville Centre, NY

#80 Dec 31, 2007
this kid was a punk and deserved what he got. he bought a ticket and saw the show. maybe someone will think twice before you go to another mans home and look for trouble. you got to be stupid to even think about standing 1 foot away from a man with a loaded gun to your face, and on top of that, tell him to go shoot me. he called his bluff and paid the price.
1000 smelly jigs who care

Mahwah, NJ

#81 Dec 31, 2007
we are the white mans burden,p.s. thanx fo da welfare

Franklin, NJ

#82 Mar 20, 2008
Cicciaro got what he deserved. He brought a lynch mob to the HOME AND PROPERTY OF ANOTHER PERSON, then lunged at him to begin a physical attack. Whatever happens past that isn't the problem of the property owner. I'm sure White feels bad about what happened, but Cicciaro could have prevented that by not showing up on someone else's property to start a physical confrontation. White doesn't deserve to spend one DAY in jail.

Franklin, NJ

#83 Mar 20, 2008
Tired of excuses wrote:
<quoted text>
If Mr. White really felt threatened, why didn't he just call the police to make them leave? He is going to go to jail and I couldn't be happier. That is one less child killer off the street. Maybe he can share a cell with the Jena 6
Uh, why didn't Cicciaro call the police??? Cicciaro got what he came for, and his father belongs in jail for making threats.


#84 Mar 20, 2008
slavery mentality pal,you mean racist mentality. blacks are the worst racist pigs..crying over every little injustice that happens to them .as a white man let me try to start white american college fund ,let me try and start the white entertainment network and lets see what would sharpton would be knocking my door down.there are two sides to every story
NYC cop wrote:
You are all pathetic. It all boils down to racism. Whites vs. blacks. Whites need to get off their high horse and blacks need to quit their "slavery mentality." That has been abolished. But, I do not feel bad for Danny. He had a smart mouth, was disrespectful - he deserved what he got. If you are going to threaten someone in their own property or on the street - DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES.

Bellevue, NE

#85 Mar 21, 2008
Nita M I commend you for taking the high road and not sucked in to the painful, shameful, and hateful world of "DICKY HERTZ." Sheryl I respect your position please don't get drawn into Dicky's dreadful world of hate, it's quite obvious he has issues that should be dealt with professionally. I don't know either of the individuals that was involved in this horrific act. However, there is enough blame to spread around. Mr. White and Mr. Cicciaro are guilty for a extreme lack of justice. Dan for going to a Mr. White house and threatening his family and Mr. White for not calling the police. With that said the number one issue is to heal this community if possible; only time will tell. In addition, take this for what it's worth we live in a society where race place a factor in our everyday life. There is deep racism that tear apart our communities on a daily basis. The more we claim not to have in common the more it appears we do. Racism is a taught behavior and this idealogy is implanted when we're young. Is it possible we can erase the seeds of hatred and bond together to defeat his disease that threatend to have the same scenario repeat itself. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why does color matter???

Patchogue, NY

#86 Mar 21, 2008
First of all, I'm white, and working class. So let's get that out in the open.

More pointedly, I moved out to the Miller Place/Port Jeff/Sound Beach area from further west and I can tell you this much: these snot-nosed suburban white kids out here are f***ing LOSERS. Their bulls**t retarded fake tough guy crap doesn't fool me for one second, priveleged little loudmouths. I've had my own run-ins with these morons around here. They're cowards when you confront them. Poor Dano my ass. Someone should beat his loudmouth racist father's ass for raising such a racist little goon. I've followed this story since day one and it's clear to me that Dano was more than likely just like his ignorant father: a bigoted, big-mouthed, small-minded punk with anger control problems. Not a good combo for longevity. Let me tell you little punks on this board this much: If 5 little drunken priveleged guido bastards came to my house in the middle of the night shouting and acting tough I would bludgeon the ever-loving crap out of them. Arms would snap, people would slip into unconciousness. I save my condolences for the deserving, not the selfish scumbags who are too stupid and obnoxious to take responsiblity for their own actions. Did you hear the 911 call from his Dano's friend Alex? What a punk. Hey Alex, did you buy that black BWW M3 with your own money? Oh you don't know why you were at someone's house in the middle of the night? Why did you leave your so-called friend after he got shot, you coward? You little punks got got what you aked for, trying to be vigilantes and it blew up in your faces. Keep it up, maybe you'll purge yourselves from this world entirely. So you ALL know, Human life is not inherently valuable! We ruin this planet, make selfish choices that affect things on a global scale and then when sh**t goes wrong for us, we cry, blame other people and look for support like weaklings. The world is cold and blind, the only value is what we put into it through our actions, thus only the empathetic and conscientious deserve protection and support. BTW, I couldn't care less if people don't like this post. Come and see me, I'll slap the shit out of you in my driveway! BTW- Stop with this skinhead crap, and check your history: skinheads were born of poor Jamaican kids living in east-end London fused with the poor white Mod's style from the same area in London in the late 1960's. European white supremacists hijacked the hard skinhead style because no one was afraid of right-wing extremism as much after WWII.
mama makoso

United States

#87 Mar 22, 2008
Mush Mouth wrote:
given a choice 9 out of 10 blacks wish they were born white,the other 1 out of ten lied on the survey,smelly broke ass jigaboos
i really would love to know who you are no black man wants to be white never i really bet that sean combs jay z lets take it a step higher al sharpton and jesse jackson i just bet on my life they do not want to be white at all were so broke but yet youre white sister loves suckin on the black mans ballsack he im so sure and as you sit here and say all this i bet you can tell me all the lyrics to T.I's latest album
mama makoso

United States

#88 Mar 22, 2008
Tired of excuses wrote:
<quoted text>
He was obviously trying to make them leave, but thet refused

Budd Lake, NJ

#89 Mar 22, 2008
No one seems to have gotten it right on this board.

Its plain & simple.
Mr. White is a 53 yr old man that should have exercised judgement & rationality. He didnt, & should be punished.

Daniel Cicciaro was drunk & pompous, & I dont care how old you are, if someone (especially in a group) goes to someones home threatening, cursing & using racial slurs (no one knows the impact that has unless you are black yourself)...

It is easy to see how things got out of hand.

Mr White lost his temper.

Kids have NO RESPECT these days, & huge balls. If young men had more respect & integrity things like this wouldnt happen.

In the 50's it was YES SIR and NO SIR...respect for your elders. Not cruising up to someones home with a pack of friends swearing, belligerent, & threatening , mouthing off to a grown man, i dont care if he was black white or purple


New Brunswick, NJ

#91 Mar 24, 2008
Your cousin is a p-u-s-s-y and now the world knows he went out like a punk b-i-t-c-h. HAHAHAH
Rest in peace wrote:
Dano cicciaro jr. was not only a great person and a peacemaker but a great family member. dano is my cousin and for the people that think that he was drunk n showed up with large amounts of people well your wrong. he was invited there because aaron white was making disgustin and rude comments to danos friend. he was a hero!! he had so much ahead of him and as for john white goes i think he should burn in hell.. not only is it wrong to put ur hands on a child but to kill that child is disgusting. he wasnt the one who had to see dano lying there in the coffin we were.... how would he feel if he had to go through that! i would do anythign to bring my cousin back and for those who think that he was not a hero... well then u dont knwo what a hero is.
i love u dano R.i.P

Cortland, NY

#92 Mar 26, 2008
megann wrote:
although i hadnt talked to him for about a year when i heard about what happened i started histerical crying, dano was such a sweet and kind boy and was a great person to talk to. alot of people i know knew him because he was so friendly. what happened is crazy and i dont understand how people are backing up a man who took a childs life, there were other things that mr white could have done, such as called the police. he deserves to die or rot in jail.
why is that
because, some people like me are upset to lose there family memeber. danny was my cousin and i don't think its right that he has his life taken at all.

Cortland, NY

#93 Mar 26, 2008
Your cousin is a p-u-s-s-y and now the world knows he went out like a punk b-i-t-c-h. HAHAHAH

BTW; he really wasnt. so keeprunning your mout fckkkka
mama makoso

United States

#94 Mar 26, 2008
chickybaby032492 wrote:
Your cousin is a p-u-s-s-y and now the world knows he went out like a punk b-i-t-c-h. HAHAHAH
BTW; he really wasnt. so keeprunning your mout fckkkka
what is wrong with people why would you say that about someone who passed. If this was someone in you're family you wouldnt want people saying things like that about him/her. If you are going to kick someone when there down you need to keep it to you're self and stat away from these things.

I'm sorry for the rude asss incoherent people that come here and say things about you're cousin. For you're sanity you should stay off this.

Franklin, NJ

#95 Mar 27, 2008
I certainly feel bad for his family - but let's face it he brought this on himself. There is NO reason to blame the guy who was defending his own property (which he has the right to do).
ee cummings

Niantic, CT

#96 Mar 31, 2008
i feel sympathy for John White and his family. Some dumb drunk kid should'nt threaten people and force a potentially fatal racially charged arguement. White did what he had to do and he should be hailed as a hero for protecting his family.
R Nelson - CTShore

Waterbury, CT

#97 Apr 4, 2008
To the Cicciaro Family,
I am sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you face every day and on Hollidays and special occations. I can only hope that you can try to keep him alive in your hearts and minds in a positive way.(Don't let all the "stuff" get in your way.) Just by seeing his photo in the news,it seems he would have wanted that.
Is there a Scholorship Fund in his memory?
Again, you have my Deepest Sympathy.
R. Nelson

Lomita, CA

#98 Apr 4, 2008
Stay home, mind your own business and do the right things and you wont get shot. It pisses me off that people think they can bully others, make threats and act stupid without consiquence. Well, learn from this. This young man paid the ultimate price for acting stupid. He should have been home, minding his own business and this terrible, tragic event would have never happened. Don't blame the white famliy, these young men should have never been there to begin with, PERIOD!

Rome, NY

#99 Apr 5, 2008
mama makoso wrote:
<quoted text>
what is wrong with people why would you say that about someone who passed. If this was someone in you're family you wouldnt want people saying things like that about him/her. If you are going to kick someone when there down you need to keep it to you're self and stat away from these things.
I'm sorry for the rude asss incoherent people that come here and say things about you're cousin. For you're sanity you should stay off this.
i just hate seeing people run thier mouth on here when they didnt know him. yeah i see diffrent in thistha n alot of my family but i just think that this man shouldnt have had a gun with him he could have called the police himself, but he decided not to. he could have stayed in his house

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