Mabscott WV

Oak Hill, WV

#21 Jul 9, 2010
I bet the Town OF Sophia is glad he is gone. Just like we are that they dont have the eagles club anymore..all Timmy and his dad Stan did was run drugs out of the club and they both used drugs when they ran the Eagles Club..

United States

#22 Jul 10, 2010
You mean the same Stan that went off the deep end and was going to kill Billy Cole when he was the chief of police and keep several officers tied up when he threaten to do that in a house off the by-pass in beckley in the area near Ramey Ford. And surly not the same Stan who got his car stold and burn on the four lane down near sophia. Not the Stan the loss prevention guy from walmart in MacArthur. Probaly going to tell me that wal-marts loss prevention team had saved wal mart 1000's of dollars. Not the same Stan that sells blind seeing eye dogs.
What the fuck
Cant Stop Laughing

Beckley, WV

#23 Jul 11, 2010
Mabscott WV wrote:
I bet the Town OF Sophia is glad he is gone. Just like we are that they dont have the eagles club anymore..all Timmy and his dad Stan did was run drugs out of the club and they both used drugs when they ran the Eagles Club..
That is some funny sh*t. You can't be serious.
i know for a fact

Sophia, WV

#24 Jul 13, 2010
all it is mark larkin spreading lies about him tryn to make him look bad,
mark is try to be put in as the chief of sophia pd...

hope that sophia town council thinks twice about putting him in and why he was dismissed from beckley pd...

i heard he was doing favors for the
good man

Beckley, WV

#25 Jul 14, 2010
Timmy is a good man and could have done an even better job if not for the piece of shi- mayor we have. Thank God they finally got rid of the Roses, now if they can keep barr out everything will run like it should.
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seeing is believing

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#27 Jul 16, 2010
FIRST THINGS FIRST..I do not claim to be innocent or righteous I have done my fair share of wrong,...

...but if anyone on here thinks that Stan & Timmy are not crooked as hell, you need to get a clue...I know for a fact that they are not, as far as doing drugs neither are innocent! Nor am I but... I was once at a drug dealers trailer to get some pot and in this trailer there was so much pot you couldn't even walk through the place, I'm talking trash bags full stacked everywhere, and when I went in the trailer I saw (WITH MY OWN EYES) Stan Sweeney sitting on a couch snorting a line of cocaine off a coffee table, and directly as he lifted his head from the coffee table he offered some to me (at the time I was 15)....As for Timmy...I was at a friends house and heard a message on an answering machine, from Timmy to a female "friend" telling this girl to call him back so they could get together, because he just got a "shitload" of coke and he wanted to party!! You can make your own judgements, but as for me I seen and heard these things myself...As they say seeing is believing.

United States

#28 Jul 16, 2010
They both used to work the drug unit with the PD.
Back in the day

United States

#29 Jul 16, 2010
I think that is how Stan became a msmber of Beckley PD. He bought dope from all his freinds fhen busted them on drug charges. He is the most slick sleazey SOB that has ever been on Beckley PD and. Like they say the apple don't fall far from the tree. And Tim was given a chance to resign from beckley PD or he was going to get the ax same as the gay Larkin and I don't mean he is happy either.

Beckley, WV

#30 Jul 17, 2010
i work out every day at the atlas center in sophia i drive the silver toyota you want to talk shit about me and my dad stop by face to face i dont wear a badge and gun any more so come on by and talk your shit

Los Angeles, CA

#31 Jul 17, 2010
Timmy, see what i have to put up with ?
The poor drug dealer that got caught by your dad was so mis-treated ; 0::: drug dealers are such great people and really get the shaft from society !!! What a crock of shit !!!!!!!!!
Anybody on here sticking up for a piece of shit drug dealer,needs to slap his momma for bringing him into this world.
Stan Sweeney did the jobs that none of the others would do. he rose through the ranks the hard way and was responcible for millions of dollars of illegal drugs off the street and away from the kids that abused it. stan saved 9 peoples life that I know of over the years and put hundred's behind bars where they deserved to be!!!!!
The state of West Virginia should give Stan Sweeney a medal for his service to the people of this state.
mark trotter

United States

#32 Jul 18, 2010
popo you talk more shit then anyone
timmy the rest of the people here dont have the guts to do that and popo is the biggest bull shitter here good luck on the new job
all bs

Beckley, WV

#33 Jul 21, 2010
just someone else the town and there worthless mayor ran off, get rid of the crooks at the top first.
Friend of the Sweeneys

Beckley, WV

#34 Jul 31, 2010
Tim and Stan are both good men. They are good friends of mine and this is bullshit.
resident of Sophia

Fayetteville, WV

#35 Jul 31, 2010
The town of Sophia will miss Tim very badly. I am a friend of his and any time that me or my family needed anything he was always helpful. If your reading this Timmy come see your high school buddy any time your in Sophia.
need to know

United States

#36 Jul 31, 2010
please come back timmy

Los Angeles, CA

#37 Aug 1, 2010
When we get the worthless politician's out of this town, like...mark trotter and danny barr, we will get better people to stay here. Until then, same old same o....
mark, there was two occasions where you could have had Timmys back and didn't....don't kiss his ass now! You and danny both have screwed him over.
mark trotter

United States

#38 Aug 1, 2010
popo as always you have no ideal what your talking about you need to talk with timmy who had is back in this town sure wasnt people like you you get on here and try to get people to think you know every thing going on here but you know nothing so just piss off and give it up i dont know what this kick you got with me and danny but you need to find out the truth about thing but thats fine there are people looking into who you are it be out soon who the great popo is lol you stoped talking thought we lost you keep up the good work the real popo is comming for you so keep going

Los Angeles, CA

#39 Aug 1, 2010
I hope your not spending town money on my investigation?? Unless you have fire department money left over??

The Kick I get from you 2 thieves??, it's real easy, what will you do next?

I'm not the only one on here who knows how corrupt the town and some of its politician's are!!!

Danny uses the church as a crutch to get him elected again after quitting when he thought he would get arrestred.. and you rode his coat tails so he could use you as a patsy. Danny knows your a dumb shit and he is using that to get his way with the town. You and him laugh at Basham because he's Gay and get the towns approval because "being gay is not christian"! everybody laughs at Gary with you 2 guys starting it up. Ya he's gay, but he's also does a alot of good for the town.

You talk about me kissing Jeff Pittmans ass?? all I'm doing is mentioning the good job he's doing. He is running 2 departments better than you or anyone of the last 3 fire chiefs could do. why is Bingo all of a sudden making a profit since Jeff pittman has bee chief? It never did when you or Chucky Simon were running it.
Tires bought for personal vehicles! Simons!
Vacations paid by the fire department and logged as training! Mark..
Reimbursments for $1000.00 (twice)!!!!! for you at christmas time.

Much much more !!!!!!

You want proof? here you go. Check the books. it's public information, anyone can look at them.

here you go, prove me wrong and have the town do an audit on the fire department back about 7 years.

Nahhhh, you won't do it. why incriminate yourself???
mark trotter

United States

#40 Aug 1, 2010
see your so dumb you dont have a clue lolthe dept has been audited as far back as 10 years and i dont have to spend money to the guys thats looking in to you thay are doing it for free lol see im not the only one that want to know who you are and show you whats what and as for me and danny if you know so much you shoild know that i dont spend time there i do my meetings and go on
and as for gay it sounds to me that you are the one with the problum with gary i think he done a hell of a job im not the one that keeps bringing jeff up you are so show your proff i dont care but one thing dumb ass you better be very sure and as for bingo it payed for the new add on for the dept while i was there and it payed for the new gear that every one had there what happen after i took off i cant tell you but you need to know what up before running your mouth so please get your thing together and get someone to look in to it for you so you can show every one how bad i am
and buy the way dont worry about sophia pd looking for you trust me its now them that looking to find you lol
mark trotter

United States

#41 Aug 1, 2010
and if you want to see papers on thing while i was chief just ask things like school loans that wasnt payed back people that wrote checkes to the dept that never made it to the bank toys and computers that was payed for with the fire dept money and a lot more so just call me i know you have my # ill be happy to show you some things
so tell dose your wife keep going out to bars while your at work and make it home right be for you mmmmmmm

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