Clean alternative energy has it's dirty side. Politics. Andrew Cuomo has been investigating First Wind , a politically backed wind farm corporation for anti trust violations, fraud and bribery of public officials.

The Conn. Attorney General is investigating Iso New England for 86 million paid out to stand by alternative energy not delivered.

The U.S. sued FERC for the building of Stetson Mt. wind farm in Maine.(built by First Wind)Not enough room on the New England Grid.Docket no. ER08-190-000. It was built anyway. The grid hasn't changed. It is a big secret that the Stetson Mt. wind farm is still not online. First Wind and Maine state govt. says it is.

Enron caused the prices to jump in California for electricity by shutting down power plants and exporting energy. Two power plants have to be shut down in Maine for Stetson to go online. The energy produced by wind farms is unreliable and miniscule.

If you want to connect the Enron , First Wind , D E Shaw Group and Larry Summers. The federally funded transmission lines will make Mr. Summers a billionaire. Enron was into wind energy ...D E Shaw Group bought up a lot of Enron assets and got their ex employees with the mix .

This does not look good for the Clinton and Obama administration. Pay to play is going on in Maine in the siting of wind farms. Makes Gov. Blago look like a small time player.