Corbin, KY

#21 Aug 17, 2008
disgusted wrote:
Shane is a very good friend of mine and my family, and its an absolute shame that someone would sit at their computer and call someone a bastard, sorry father, unrespected coach, and cheater, that has been fighting for his life the past few months. Yeah...cheating is a horrible thing to do if you are in a relationship with someone, but get the f*^! over it!!! Sounds like to me there is just a bunch of jealous hoes that want to try and destroy the relationship that he is in right now over gossip. Just to set the record straight he's not a bastard (buy yourself a dictionary), wonder father to "all" of his children, and not to mention a HUMAN BEING, and doesn't need the stress of everyone in his personal life right now. It's amazing to me that people have nothing better to do but sit at there computer and find out who the biggest cheater in somerset is. And to all of you that made the comment "sick or not" Did the thought ever go through your mind that if he would have died that there would be children that would live the rest of their lives without a father, I hope and pray you never have to deal with what his family has had to go through. Cheater or not no one deserves that kind of disrespect, just remember when you point your finger at someone else you have three pointing back at you!!!!
Hey Hey now just because your friends with him doesnt mean a thing, I was friends with him for about 2 or 3 years and pretty much every thing that is being said is, Are you ready for this,....TRUE!
I have known young girls he has hooked up with and heard and actually seen some of the deceptive stories he has used, the list is to long to name or even count. I heard he was sick a while back but what do you excpect when all you do is drink, do drugs and screw people over for so many years, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.
And as far as his kids are concerned you are right they would not have a father to grow up with, but what would be the difference between then and now, none.
So all you people who think Shane has hung the moon, you just keep on staring up at it and while you do that he will be leading you down the road of shit he is paving.

Versailles, KY

#23 Aug 17, 2008
A Friggin MEN!
I also Know Shane He is a nice person who is Ill right now and people who kick others while they are down are nothing more than COWARDS.

Versailles, KY

#24 Aug 17, 2008
Like I said when you point your finger and someone else, three pointing back at you. What were you his drug dealer or his hoe is that how you now so much.....please go buy a tabloid magazine if you need the gossip. I don't give a shi$ if every bit of it is true its not right that people are doing this to him.

Since: Mar 08

Corbin, KY

#25 Aug 17, 2008
ok forget shane who else cheated put name down so people can know dont be shy they are cheater and woman also so put them down.

Level 1

Since: Aug 08

Somerset, KY

#26 Aug 17, 2008
men just suck all they think about is sex sex sex

Since: Mar 08

Corbin, KY

#27 Aug 17, 2008
so true

Corbin, KY

#29 Aug 17, 2008
okay people, letjust go ahead and say this.....ARE YOU READY FOR THIS..Shane is no angel by no satndards, and before anyone says, oh you dont know him.
Let me just stop you before you say anything else, I was friends with Shane for 2 or 3 years, I no longer am friends with him because of his WAYS. He would try and screw anything that would look his way, too young or not( underage for those of you that dont get it) he lies and cheats people to get what he wants, he got a girl fired from belks because he wanted some shoes and clothes and he was just to sorry to pay for them, so he convienced her to give them to him. but wait you say it was her own fault for giving them to him. Well if Shane was a saint like everyone thinks, he would have got up and got a real job and paid for it and not beg for freebies and handouts.
As far as his kids go I feel sorry for them because they have to grow up and relize for themselves thier dad is a sorry sack of crap who took advantage of young girls and wanted everyone else to pay for things.
For those of you who think shane has hung the moon, just keep looking up and giving him the chance to keep on paving the way with a bunch of shit.
By the way what goes around comes around, so what does that tell you about his lifestyle and past?

Richmond, KY

#30 Aug 18, 2008
cheaters suck

Richmond, KY

#31 Aug 18, 2008
Most men cheat, some get caught.
Can all the gossipers on here actually say they haven't cheated, lied, been arrested,drank. done drugs, stolen something, bought a fake purse, ect , ect?
Who cares. I don't think any one on here is 100%
Saint. Would you like your name on here and people talking about you all the time? What if it was your daughter or son that was being called names?

Somerset, KY

#33 Aug 18, 2008
Or just keep giving it up and keep your mouth shut unless cock is in it lol!!!

Frankfort, KY

#34 Aug 18, 2008
A bunch of people in this town need to learn to keep their pants on.
Just some advice

Somerset, KY

#35 Aug 18, 2008
All I can say is beware of a cheater...You can't change them....If you fall for one you are screwed.I know from experience..It is not just this area either...They are everywhere.....
peggy bundy

Lebanon, KY

#36 Aug 18, 2008
Is that all this is for? to talk about cheating men? Where are all the cheating women?
Just some advice

Somerset, KY

#37 Aug 18, 2008
HA HA..GOOD ONE....That is what some of the women turn out to be!!! But yes there are some bad, bad girls out there too!!!

Since: Mar 08

Corbin, KY

#38 Aug 18, 2008
where is the list name all the men and woman cheating
oh no

London, KY

#39 Aug 18, 2008
Just some advice wrote:
All I can say is beware of a cheater...You can't change them....If you fall for one you are screwed.I know from experience..It is not just this area either...They are everywhere.....
You are so right, and don't believe what she tells you either. You may believe it at first, but as time passes by, you realize what a big foolish man you are.
i know him

Brownsville, TN

#40 Aug 18, 2008
i - by no stretch of the imagination - like shane ellis in the least. that man has told lies on me, he was sleeping with one of my friends while he was with danielle, he has slept with underage girls, he has told lies to get what he's wanted, he has gotten people fired for begging them for free stuff, he's sold drugs, etc.

to top that off, he's spit in my face. yes, i said he SPIT in my face. he's also threatened to hit me. and he probably would have if my so- called friend at the time wouldn't have been there.

you all are trying to beat a dead horse when you are taking up for this man. i understand that he is sick and he has been sick. he's getting now.. what he has done to other people. you people bash other's for telling the truth about him while he is 'sick'.. saying that it will come back to us. well.. did you ever think that shane is getting what he deserves? i am not a bad person and i wish harm upon nobody.. but i don't feel sorry for this man the least little bit. i've been there and i have seen the things this man has done. there is more i could say (alot more).. but i don't want to hurt my so- called friend if she stumbles upon this post. let's just say that shane is a piece. people that know my friend, they probably have a good idea what i am talking about anyway. all i have to say about that is.. if your man enough to stick it in and get someone knocked up, be man enough to take care of it instead of getting it 'taken care of'.

i wasn't going to post anything, but the whole 'shane ellis' topic just runs all over me. expecially when people think he's a damn saint. man, you all have been badly fooled. wake up.
Oh no

Richmond, KY

#41 Aug 18, 2008
Just some advice wrote:
All I can say is beware of a cheater...You can't change them....If you fall for one you are screwed.I know from experience..It is not just this area either...They are everywhere.....
Me too, I know what you're talking about, but I'm not going to let it stop me from believing there are some good men in the world. I've met some, but they are taken, so I know there's hope.

Somerset, KY

#42 Aug 18, 2008
Lets be real about this.Look at the divorce rate in our country.Marriage is for the majority of people a unrealistic expectation.You might think you wanna spend the rest of your life with one person but by nature you want more both men and woman.How many people here meet someone new and think that you would love to get to know them better but your married so that cant happen.That is your human nature wanting to have sex with as many mates as possible.Can anyone name another animal besides humans that find only one partner to stay with for their life time.Good luck on finding that.Now its time for me to go make some adultery.
I am Kenny

Pineville, KY

#43 Aug 18, 2008
I am a victim of being accused of cheating all the time. I ONLY cheated ONCE...and I never did it again. Nor will I ever. Even the exes who never knecheat, still accused me of cheating. My current ex is convinced I cheated since it was ME who left her...as opposed as the other way 'round.

How the living hell do I go about letting women know I dont cheat? Because I NEVER get with a woman if I dont plan on being with her for as long as I can.

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