How is Eric (William) Brown not in jail?

How is Eric (William) Brown not in jail?

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Corbin, KY

#1 Jul 17, 2008
How is this kid not in jail. He has been arrested countless times, and for many felonies. He has had a PFO slapped on him and is still free. I know that he goes around breaking into houses and cars, and has even been arrested for it, and is still out to terrorize and steal from us. Everything he does is for OC, and it sickens me to know that our police wont do anything to stop him. Everytime he gets arrested he gets out pretty quickly, way to quickly for all the charges he has had. He even ran from the police with a 9 year old on the back. Somerset police, you are letting the people down and are putting them at risk. Why don't you stop letting him rat his way out of everything and actually do us a favor by putting him away for the amount of time his charges require. This is bullshit that he can get away with so much, and at the same time still costing the poeple of somerset money that he is stealing. Put this peice of shit away and be done with it.

Somerset, KY

#2 Jul 17, 2008
amen on that one....along with messin up his own life he is bringing many people down with him.....if he would of been put away along time ago many kids lives would of been least from eric corrupting them!!!
another parent

Corbin, KY

#3 Jul 17, 2008
He gets out of everything he gets into. Then he turns around and gets into more. He must be telling on a lot of people to get out so quick.
Dirty Harry

Brownsville, TN

#4 Jul 17, 2008
There is a way of dealing with trash like him. Take the trash "out". Know what I mean? Time takes care of everything. You'll see.
another parent

Corbin, KY

#5 Jul 17, 2008
I'm surprised someone hasn't already popped a cap in his ass. He used to deal to teenagers and the younger crowd. A lot of kids got into a lot of trouble running with him.

Corbin, KY

#6 Jul 17, 2008
Is his Dad still out there pushing too

Corbin, KY

#7 Jul 17, 2008
I never heard his dad was anything but a drunk. As far as popping a cap, he is one of those few people who frankly are just too stupid to die. The boy just plain has problems, whether it be his compulsive lying or just being a retarded, druged out theif. Each time our brilliant, crack shot legal department, this dumb ass just gets to rat his way right back out and into YOUR house to get high. I guess there is always the hope that carma will catch up to him, but it just seems that people like him always just slip through the cracks, but either way stay a perpetual drain on our society.

Somerset, KY

#8 Jul 17, 2008
that was his nephew that he had on the back of the motorcycle with him also. how CRAZY!!!!!

Corbin, KY

#9 Jul 18, 2008
It honestly makes me mad at our prosecuting attorneys the way he always gets out of whatever he does. It gives me no confidence in our judicial system, and makes me not want to vote for Eddie Montgomery, as it is his office and he or his subordinates do nothing to rid the rest of us decent, hard working people of Somerset. The boy is legally retarded and will never amount to even a decent member of society, and I for one would rather use my tax dollars to keep him in jail than lose the money when he breaks into my house or that of someone I know. PLEASE, the next time that he is arrested for even the slightest of offenses, put him away and out of our misery.

Frankfort, KY

#10 Jul 25, 2008
Yes, Eric has done a lot of stupid things but to degrade his family on here is just plain WRONG they can't control him just like no other parent can control their children after they become of age. Thenthey are responsible for their actions and it's sad when their family gets put in the middle when they have no control over the situation. Sounds to me like someone got the bad end of the deal and drug this through the mudd.

Frankfort, KY

#11 Jul 25, 2008
Oh for the record TRUE BLUE, Their dad works very hard and u need to get your facts straight and quit spreading rumors to get pleasure from making up filth. It's sad that they're are so many people in Somerset with nothing else better to do than spread rumors, GET A JOB and a LIFE.

London, KY

#12 Aug 2, 2008
Damn this is some of the dumbest shit i have ever seen.People have nothing better to do then sit and talk shit about people.Why dont you all grow some balls and try to say this shit to his face and see what the hell you get.The world has come a long way everyone has something to say behind someone back but when it come to sayin it to there face they dont have anything to say.
What a joke

Brownsville, TN

#13 Aug 2, 2008
This peice of shit is a risk to everyone because of our police department and that joke they call UNITE... All this program does is promote the low moral rats that will tell lies or anything to get themselves out of trouble. When they are the ones need to be put away and not on the streets with our kids. Eddie Montgomery obviously does not have an efficient plan of getting drugs out of the community. He rewards the people who are out there getting caught and breaking the law without worry of being "really" punished. How is this a logical method of protecting us?? He then takes the tips that the criminal has gave them and mess with people that were not doing anything orignally. This is a joke how stupid our processes are in this county.

Somerset, KY

#14 Aug 4, 2008
hes in jail now....lets see for how long...

Versailles, KY

#15 Aug 4, 2008
he wont be in there long hes a rat just like his friends james and stump
Brown Eye

Murray, KY

#16 Aug 4, 2008
Look... I'm tired of people saying "You people having nothing to do but spread rumors, mind your business, bla bla bla bla" SHUT THE F*CK UP ALL OF YOU! If anything we are informing the public about this kid so parents know if their kid is at risk of getting into trouble. I have known Eric for years and he is the bottom of the barrel and WILL NEVER CHANGE! His brother Ryan used to sling all day and I'm sure he has ratted his way out of some trouble as well. As for the older brother, is he dead? Talk about a junkie.

Has anyone ever seen the movie BoonDock Saints??? That is what we need here. Kind of like the Molly Malone's back in the day(google it).A few guys to take out the bad people in this town because its just wasting our tax money dealing with corrupt bureacrats and lawyers. I say end the problem once and for all.

Winchester, KY

#17 Aug 4, 2008
Yea brown eye, im sure you have never had any junkies in your family wasting tax money. no alcoholics (since thats sooo different). im sure you dont have anyone in your friend or family circle living off the governemnt eh?

just about everyone does. im sure it would be different if this forum was about someone you cared about right?
Brown Eye

New Windsor, MD

#18 Aug 4, 2008
ok cruel, actually I dont have anyone in my family that I know of that lives off the government(welfare). I'm sure a few of them collect their pensions and Social Security but thats their money. As for comparing an alcoholic to a heroin user(yes oxy's are synthetic heroin) you are out of line. I have had family that have been alcoholics but they held jobs and didn't steal off anyone to get it. So it is very different. If it wasn't I would be able to go out to Reno's tonight and have a shot of whiskey, a budweiser, and a 40mg oxy. I wonder if they would let me just crush it up at the bar? You obviously do oxy's otherwise you would not make that post. The post isnt about taxes, it's about eliminating the trash that is corrupting and polluting what used to be a great place to raise children. With all the drugs around here(and most are prescription) I would feel more comfortable raising my kid in Los Angeles than Somerset. Sounds extreme but its no joke my friend. I will sign off by saying f*ck Eric Brown and if one day he gets shot in the face then we can all say he died of natural causes. Natural Causes I say? YUP... It was natural to the line of work he is in.

Winchester, KY

#19 Aug 4, 2008
"As for comparing an alcoholic to a heroin user(yes oxy's are synthetic heroin) you are out of line. I have had family that have been alcoholics but they held jobs and didn't steal off anyone to get it. "

Your family members are lucky if it did not get to that point then brown eye. Very very lucky and hopefully they are thankful. unfortunately, it usually all goes in the same direction. go on over to the AA and NA meetings and listen to some stories. They all sound about the same. Some more fortunate with their addiction than others.

Im not trying to be rude at all. and I am grateful that you have not had to feel the grip of a horrible horrible addiction.

As for me, no i do not do oxys. clean over a year now, from drugs and alcohol.

berries and cream

Chagrin Falls, OH

#20 Aug 5, 2008
he will steal from you in a heartbeat he did from me!!!! loser

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