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Mount Vernon, KY

#68 Jan 19, 2010
A child must be diagnosed with a disability for a parent to get SSI on the child...if the child is not disabled and the parent is using the child for an ssi check, isn't the doctor to blame also? Can't get ssi without medical documentation. The ones who receive it deserve it, although it is messed up how one with a severe disability cannot get approved and one with a mild disability can easier.

Decatur, GA

#69 Feb 1, 2010
Im not in KY. I'm from TX and living in VA. My husband is active army. I have three small children. One of my children is dissabled. He has verbal Apraxia, seizures, developmental delays, and hyperactive/hypermotive behavior wich I hope he outgrows. In theory tricare pays for his medical and the school disctricts pay for additional services needed for his education however, I use the words "in theory" because we a re stationed somewhere that does not have specialty services and few civillians in the area are willing to toake tricare because they drag out payments. I have applied for ssi for my son. We have to drive two hours to see a developmental ped or neurologist and I have to drive and hour for speech therapy. Add to that other more minor conditions (asthsma, allergies, and chronic sinus infections) and most of my time is spent driving to and from appts and therapies for him. His apraxia also causes him to go through clothing faster than most children (becasue of drooling/ swallowing issues) and his delays and seizures casue him to still need diapers. His appts are a drain on my time as well. I consider having him in my life a gift but I have so little time that at this point working is not possible, and if I do find time for a job with flexible hours one PCS order will uproot us and start everything all over. I don't know if I will have gas to get him to the neurologist and aften have to choose between gas to get him to speech or feeding myself. I miss meals and wear my husbands old jeans because I have not bought myself clothes in a few years becuase it is the only way I can insure that I have enough to get him where he needs to be. Sometimes I need to pay sitters to care for the other two while he is at an appt too.
I hope he gets approved, and I don't think I am abusing the system by applying, but for those who think that you can "collect a check" it doesn't work that way. He has to have a seperate account so that we can show how the money is spent. Some may start out misusing the funds but accountability does catch up with them.

Decatur, GA

#70 Feb 1, 2010
BTW, my goal is to get my son all othe help I can now so that he does not need to depend on assistance later. With enough help as a child he may be able to hold a job as an adult.

And, off topic, but as a working class family we recieved food stamps for a little while when my husband was laid off of work before he went active duty army.(At the time he was a national guardsman with a full time job in Auto sales but the economy tanked so he went active duty to support our family). Food stamps can only be used to buy food. Not cigarettes, beer or other things. Some people "sale" them to other people at a reduced price but the government can not always help what other people might do, and yes, some people who have always been in the system know how to work it, but they have to find crooked lawyers to help them work it. The lawyers should be held accountable for enticing people to abuse the system.
Oh, and BTW, to those who blame the mexicans, I am Mexican American. Everyone of my relatives in the states was either born here or came here legally. My entire family works and the only one who recieves federal benefits recieves them as a dissabled veteran. No one has ever given any of us a check for being mexican and when we briefly had to apply for food stamps while my husband was out of work we had to prove that we are all legal or natural. My husband is white and he had to give proof too. Don't judge those who recieve help because those of you who have never needed it have no idea how the system actually works, and even some ADHD cases are severe enough to require significant medical and financial investment from parents who wish to give there children a better future than they would have without that help.

Swartz Creek, MI

#71 Feb 1, 2010
droopyTITS wrote:
<quoted text>
You are right sister!!! This topic is soooooo true...I know a family in Eatern Ky. that gets 2 checks for their kids who have ADHD...It's a scam!!! When I was a kid, they gave you chores/work for ADHD...a few hours working will cure that shit!!!!!!!!!!
You probley didnt have adhd ether they wont give a child ssi for adhd along the child has to have other disabiltys to get a check i know this to be a fact in the state where i live and have been told by a lawyer its the same in most all states my grandson has adhd and beleve you me ive worked his ass off taken his things away nonthing worked but meds i know that some people are scum and abuse the kids funds but not all do this and here you have to show recets on how the money is spent or they take it away so if you have a problem with some one because they are scum thats fine but dont judge every one else and put them in the same boat it only makes you look bad

Swartz Creek, MI

#72 Feb 1, 2010
my opinion wrote:
A child must be diagnosed with a disability for a parent to get SSI on the child...if the child is not disabled and the parent is using the child for an ssi check, isn't the doctor to blame also? Can't get ssi without medical documentation. The ones who receive it deserve it, although it is messed up how one with a severe disability cannot get approved and one with a mild disability can easier.
Your right all the way and also they must go in to court most of the time and i dont think common people can fool 3 to 4 doctors they must see the lawyers on both sides and the judge i just dont buy it are common folks smart enough to fool all these well educated people i think not
well wellI

Mount Vernon, KY

#73 Feb 1, 2010
I believe if a child has medical problems such as birth defects,liver,spina bifida, crippled,paralazed,kidney,hear t or other serious medical problems the parent should recieve help.Children with addd or ahd,no because they can funtion good with the right medication .A lot of parents don't use the money to help the child.They use it for theirself.I've seen parents especially mothers who dress the best but the child getting the check wears faded old everyday clothes.

Brentwood, TN

#74 Feb 1, 2010
I'd like to chime in here. I'm a single, working mother of 2. The deadbeat father of my kids hasn't helped financially with either of them in well over 4 years, even when he did it was whatever he had left from his drug/alcohol money that year. Even being a single mom of 2 I make too much money to get help for childcare or healthcare. I pay for our medical insurance out of my paycheck every 2 weeks and childcare is full price when I do need it. I haven't applied for any state assistance but I won't say I haven't needed to at times. However, I do have a 9 year old son who has struggled with behavior issues since he was 3. I shrugged it off like most of you on this thread and vowed never to put my child on medication or have that "label" of ADHD or ODD or any other diagnosis. When he entered third grade I overheard his new teacher saying "OH gawd I got _________ in my class this year, great!" It was then that I made an appointment with his pediatrician and the principal to get to the bottom of this. Regardless of the amount of homework he did, the behavior plans he was on or the discipline I practiced.....nothing worked, his grades were failing and obviously he was a disturbance/distraction in class. I finally had to come to grips that his behavior was out of control at school and it was affecting his grades and his relationships with his schoolmates/teachers. After having 4 hours of tests done by 2 different Psychologists he was diagnosed with ADHD.....I nearly cried. After an EEG and other testing, I agreed to a trial of medication. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! My son can now pay attention in class, focus on his work and is even a "pleasure to have in class" per his teacher. His friendships have improved and even his attitude is more positive. Now, that being said..our medical insurance does not cover his medication. That's nearly $200 per month out of my pocket. I wouldn't ever gripe about the money because my child's wellbeing is much more important. However, it would be nice to get some help paying for his medication. He's not disabled by any means and like I said, I make too much money for healthcare assistance. I guess those of us that do work to support our families are screwed. Those on here who judge parents who medicate their children....don't point fingers until yours are squeaky clean. Those who have a child that may benefit from medication but refuse, you're doing your child a disservice. And those who believe ADHD medications make your child a "zombie".......work with your pediatrician to adjust the dosage. My son has never been a zombie but it took more than one day to see what was right for him. Hopefully you all will educate yourselves before you get on here bashing parents/ADHD/medication.

Have a great day
is this you

Mount Vernon, KY

#75 Feb 1, 2010
well so many children are being diagnosed with ahd a addd.if our country would take and give these children medical cards instead of sending all those billions over to help people in foreign countries.i think charity should start in your own country.i wonder why are children born with this condition and what causes them to have it.i 've seen children with it that are so out of control.i do feel sorry for the parents and children.

Harrogate, TN

#76 Feb 1, 2010
droopyTITS wrote:
<quoted text>
You are right sister!!! This topic is soooooo true...I know a family in Eatern Ky. that gets 2 checks for their kids who have ADHD...It's a scam!!! When I was a kid, they gave you chores/work for ADHD...a few hours working will cure that shit!!!!!!!!!!
as I have stated many times folks... Get your facts straight first before you categorize parents of ADHD children. Because if someone has their kid on ssi due to ADHD then those folks were low income to start with and probably drawing everything else from the goby along with the ssi. You don't automatically get on ssi for having ADHD. Some of us with children that are true ADHD and that includes tremendous effort to stay focussed and keep up with the fast pace of learning put on them don't draw ssi. I just wanted the insurance it offers because our son was turned down for health INS. But guess what we made too much to even be considered. You have to be low income to start with for them to even take you into consideration for ssi. So stop putting ALL of us parents in the same category. I do agree though that something has to be done with these parents medicating a child that just needs a good spanking with a switch. And discipline taugt to them. And there aren't
many good doctors out there like ours. He is
extremely careful with dx and med. Won't dx ADHD unless fully convinced.

Brownsville, TN

#77 Feb 1, 2010
Because their parents are pieces of state raised crap, who want their children to be the same.

Versailles, KY

#78 Feb 5, 2010
Yes, it is true...there are idots out there that will do anything to beat the system and lay around waiting for everyone else to take care of them. It makes me sick because I see it on a regular basis. These parents that I have come in contact with take the money and buy big screen tv's, video's, Nintendo DS and all other electronic equipment for the household. To beat it all, they don't even have heat for their home or couch to sit on and have the nerve to go out and spend frivously on the weekend. This again I say is MESSED up. We need to stand together against this mess and report (as I have) it when it is put in our face. I am tired of working hard everyday to help provide for my family and put up with sick, lazy people that have no desire to become independent. I could go on...but I better stop.

Shawnee, OK

#79 Apr 21, 2011
I recieve both Food Stamps and My daughter was recently approved for SSI. I am a single mother and trying to go back to school. My daughter has a sever hearing loss and is doing well! But, because of her hearing loss it makes things difficult and stressfull! I can not work because of school and working with her as well as raising my son. I recieve CS from their father but only enough to cover my bills, rent, and necessities. I had nothing extra, to spend on either of my children. My mom talked me into reapplying for SSI, and she was approved! I am so excited for the things she will be able to get,like help with her speach, hearing, sign language, and money to help keep her socialized with peers, like playing softball,or dance you might not think this has anything to do with her hearing loss. But, children with disabilies are often left out by peers, and they can have emotional problem, and low self-esteem about being left out or unliked! But, I do not plan to milk the system. I just need some help through these rough times. Although I dont like depending on the FS and SSI, I am grateful for all the help I receive!
Nip It In The Bud

Corbin, KY

#80 Apr 21, 2011
Cut out all government aid to everyone except senior citizens who are too old to work. Then we will see how long it takes the underachievers and the lazy to either starve or find a job. These low life below average types have been coddled and pampered since President Johnson's failed Great Society programs in the 60s.

The lazy, the slow, the stupid, and the underachievers are the ones on these programs and they are dragging this country down with their poorly bred offspring and complete lack of parenting skills and personal responsibility.
just sayin

Brownsville, TN

#81 Apr 26, 2011
WOW!!!! So much trueness on here, and so much BS its unreal. JUST SAYIN,,I know families that get ADHD checks because mom and dad would rather sit on there asses than get a job. All the kid needs is a good old upraisin instead of (we got our check) lets run the streets. The dad works under the table when he wants somethin, but the hell with her and the kids. I know people that sell there food stamps that work at ttai and oakwood so they can pay there rent, house payment and car payment... thats bull.. I am disabled, my wife works and trust me its hard. JUST SAYIN, there are so many people abusing the system that its unbielevable. Example--A mom and dad i know,,$600 in fs 400+ every 2 weeks in unemployment i can only say there is other $$$$ in the house 3 kids and dont pay there bills, someone else that lives there does so that person has a place to lay his head down when he works all day. NOW the best part of all that is ,, KNOWONE WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE DRUG $$$$$$$$$$ the selling of FS or the care of the children... PISSES ME OFF

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