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Evarts, KY

#1 Jun 13, 2008
I just want to know how our community feels about it's one and only healthcare service provider. Let us have it, the truth and nothiing but the truth as you see it.

Norfolk, VA

#2 Jun 13, 2008
NO !
oh well

Richmond, KY

#3 Jun 13, 2008
It sucks and Jeff and Cheryl suck too.
i work in hell

Corbin, KY

#4 Jun 13, 2008
yes it does suck and it sucks more and more every

United States

#6 Jun 13, 2008
i love the hospital. the or nurses and dr brown saved my moms life. most people hate their jobs and bosses, and it sucks for you, but the hospital and staff have allowed me to spend many more years with my mom. i will always be greatful to the wonderful staff and drs at the hospital. god bless you ALL

Somerset, KY

#7 Jun 13, 2008
i am happy we have one...

United States

#8 Jun 13, 2008
cough wrote:
i am happy we have one...
i feel the same way. everyone wants to compare it to the big city hospitals in lex and lousville, but i guarantee you that the people of that community and the employees there will have the same bad things to say about those hospitals. we just happen to live in a town where its really easy to bash this hospital. i wish those people in the community who have had life saving procedures would tell more of their stories on this forum. i know of 3 people right off hand that would never see any other heart dr, b/c our heart surgeons saved their lives. i know for every good story there will be a bad one, but give it a chance. i feel for the nurses, b/c like teachers, they are overworked and under paid. i wish that would change, but it breaks my heart to see them so angry and miserable at our hospital. god bless
oh well

Richmond, KY

#9 Jun 13, 2008
maybe we are unhappy because the adminstration doesnt care how we feel. The comment was made when the ICU nurses put on their employee satisfation survey that they did not feel their nurse manager was any good ( and they gave examples) The nurse manager was told by administration they know that stuff isnt true. If lots of nurses say the same thing and they dont listen it is hard to keep a good attitude about your job. We dont like being called liars just because it is easier for them then for them to actually address the issue.


Since: Jun 08


#10 Jun 13, 2008
"oh well," you are so right. It's hard to have a positive attitude when you are treated as just another warm body. It doesn't help either when your nurse manager berates the entire unit staff for making her look bad to the administration. It's a situation I don't see changing anytime soon. Several good nurses have been lost and more are leaving. And that really sucks for the patients.
totally agree

London, KY

#11 Jun 13, 2008
I dont work at the hospital, but I do work in the health field. I agree that nurses and teachers are at the top of being underpaid. I guess if you think about all of the people you are helping... maybe that will make it a little easier!

I know when you work with people who just dont have a clue, it makes it much harder, but if you could just think about that one person who you really made a difference for and just know that if it was not for you then they may not be where they are today!
Give yourself a pat on the back! And dont give up!

Leavenworth, IN

#12 Jun 13, 2008
The thing that ticks me off the most is that there is no accountability. Our manager stands at the nurss station and unprofessionally badmouths and gossips about things that this or that nurse has done wrong. Then if you try to confront her, she starts crying saying I just try to be fair to a fault. You are never taken aside privately to discuss something. It is always generically addressed in a stupid meeting that your are REQUIRED to attend. You either have to drive in on your day off, or listen to your patients and their families fuss because they did not get adequate care while you were of the unit for 1-1 1/2 hrs. Lets say you have 24 pts on a unit. You have 4 nurses and 3 CNA's. The meeting is offered twice. 2 nurses, 1 cna, and the sec leave for the meeting. It leaves 1 staff person for every 6 patients. They have to answer phones and call lights too. Only 2 of those staff members can give meds to those 24 pts. What about the admits and discharges?? Patents don't like it when they have to wait and I don't blame them. Then staffing changes at 3 so you go down to 2 cna's and the send a nurse home. Then you can't catch up on paperworrk cause your killing yourself with the people care. If I forget something or do something wrong, the best way to fix the problem is TELL ME!!!! I can't change a behavior that I don't know is wrong. oh well... I really do love nursing, and at one time at LCRH, I had the best boss in the world. Maybe I'll get another one someday. I want to see the managers really care about the staff. Don't fake it.
totally agree

London, KY

#13 Jun 13, 2008
well I understand what you mean, I agree they should only talk to the one who is not doing the right thing. like you said how can you fix it if they dont tell you... and if they tell this one and that one, its usually added on to so you dont kow which way to turn.
I dont think its fair that you have so much to do with so little help, but I know how it is. They (administation) dont realize you cant do everything that is needed of you when they dont give enough help to you.
I hope you get the best boss ever again, because it does make a major difference if you have someone who is nice and understanding!
Well Try to keep up the good work & when/if I ever have to be up there I will try to treat you nice! With a bit of compassion!
Thanks for all you do, because YOU DO make a DIFFERENCE!!

Brentwood, TN

#14 Jun 13, 2008
That Brent guy in ICU is the hottest guy I have ever seen. I want him to be the father of my children. Smoking HOTTIE!!!!!
oh well

Richmond, KY

#15 Jun 14, 2008
Brent is the nicest guy ever too.
In the business

Somerset, KY

#16 Jun 14, 2008
It warms me to hear how patients and their familys feel about the good care they received at the hospital. It also bothers me that the staff themselves are not happy with the hospital.
I guess how I would answer this question I posed is: The staff at LCRH are for the most part hard working, caring, and devoted to their craft. However, the work is stressful, non-forgiving, and phyically demanding. Its funny that we as health care providers deal with the sick and dieing every day. Not just little billy's cold or grandma's bad galbladder, but real serious stuff. The type of illness that if you make even the smallest of mistakes people can die or be gravely injured. We carry that weight every time we walk in the door. The part that saddens me is that the people we work for are loess than kind and show no understanding towards us. If we get sick or injured on the job we are treated like we are theves and as if we are trying to steal the company's money. I bet that most of the people we come in contact with think that we have the best healthcare insurance when in fact it might compare to what a worker at McDonalds has. Sherly G. you should be more carring about those nurses that work there.. You are one of them, but you have forgotten where it was you came from. Nurses are the back bone of health care and should be treated much better than they are.
In the business

Somerset, KY

#17 Jun 14, 2008
forgive my type-o's i have fat finger...lol
In the business

Somerset, KY

#18 Jun 14, 2008
TCU wrote:
That Brent guy in ICU is the hottest guy I have ever seen. I want him to be the father of my children. Smoking HOTTIE!!!!!
You know this was a serious question not a form for kids talk.
I wear blue cuz I have to

Somerset, KY

#19 Jun 14, 2008
The hospital has alot of potential for people to have good things to say, many of the Dr.s are good at what they do-everyone has a horror story I know believe me I have heard them, many of the nurses do work here because we want to, this job provides the opportunity for my family to get to spend more time together. I have worked at hospitals in Lex and the same is said everywhere "this would be a great place to build a hospital" sounds down every facilty hall. Everyone has something they don't like about their job-but most places appreciate their employees who do a good job and do things that encourage those wanted employees to stay. Retention bonuses do not always include cash there are many other thngs that can say thanks, yeah I'd still like the cash. Many nurses are leaving because it is getting to be a hard place to work AGAIN, the worst part is that everyone knows that when push comes to shove it will be a nurse who takes the fall for whatever she did or did not do, and often this is because there is inadequate staffing. Pt and their familyies are the ones who suffer when there are no nurses, believe management does not care if there are not enough nurses if there is an empty bed there will eventually be a pt assigned to it. I have heard nurses all over the building complain about this and have tried to get the managers to do something about it and were told to do the best they can, ok so when I am being sued because I was to busy with 1 sick pt to not catch what was slowly but irreversibly going wrong with the next pt and then I am sued because it will be my fault when the 2nd pt dies, will it be ok for me to tell the jury and most iportantly the pt family that I did the best I could if there would have been more staff I am a good enough nurse to have been able to see the changes that i missed. not likely. California has staffing laws, LCRH has staffing patters, a guideline to say how many nurses each unit requires for the number of beds-notice i did not say for how sick these pt are, the ER has worked short for so long that managment has decided that they really don't need all those nurses, but than they are told that pt satisfaction is down-go figure. To much to bitch about and not enough time
oh well

Dawsonville, GA

#20 Jun 14, 2008
The big wigs don't have to worry about losing their nurses as long as Medplus has a warm body to throw over there. They're even staffing the ER now.

Richmond, KY

#21 Jun 14, 2008
What bothers me is LCRH will fire nurses for not having a good attitude about administration but will keep nurses that are unable to critically think. I would rather have a good nurse then a sweet but stupid nurse. Rosa Vittatoe is running the ICU into the ground. I hope she is fired before someone loses their life due to her poor discisions and management skills. We need Jeanna back. If not they will lose another good nurse. There is only so much we can take. She is phychotic and lies a lot.

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