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#24 Oct 6, 2010
My husband drives a truck, and I know for a fact how safe he is. He is constantly stressed out because of wreckless drivers. Stop acting like you all dont know people who drive like flippin idiots. Its the popular thing on the road, everyone needs to get there first. I see it driving to school an hour & 1/2 everyday. If not for those truckers your ass wouldnt be in Walmart shopping. Lets not forget about the food you buy.
just wondering

London, KY

#27 Nov 9, 2010
Who are the guys driving the big garbage trucks for the city that dumps the dumpsters.

Since: Nov 10

Grand Blanc, MI

#28 Jan 2, 2011
If you really want to see what MBI is all about go to www.safersys.org , and type in their DOT# 387102 . Their DOT rating is 91% just like in golf the lower the number the better you are . With a 91% they are VERY dangerest.
scared driver wrote:
Are all their drivers road hogs?

Since: Nov 10

Grand Blanc, MI

#29 Jan 2, 2011
MBI has been in New England for the past 6 months . They have all ready recieved 4 speeding tickets. All so the drivers have gotten logbook viloations too.
ken d

Kent, AL

#30 Feb 12, 2011
a bmi truck just pulled out in front of the ambulance that was carrying my father in law to hospital. if trucks are governed down as one of their drivers commented on here then why would he deliberately pull out in front of an emergency vehicle. No excuse for that. people in cars are not the only problem You truckers dont give a crap about pulling over in front of others just to keep from gearing down. I actually saw a trucker reading a book one day coming from atlanta. And yall talk about people in cars. Maybe these drivers are just rogue drivers. granted i've seen bad drivers on both sides, but pulling out in front of an ambulance. No way to excuse that. And he is having a complaint filed against him by my wife as i type this. Its her dad and she is pissed!!!!!
reality check

Whitley City, KY

#31 Feb 14, 2011
About 30 minuts ago an MBI truck came through Whitley City at 55 mph, its a 45 zone. He then ran the red light by the church. I couldn't get a number or I would have reported him.

Kent, AL

#32 Feb 16, 2011
On Saturday Feb 12, my father was taken by ambulance to the hospital. When we reached Johns Road, where the local dump is located, I was shocked when one of these trucks...while in full view of this emergency vehicle with lights flashing and sirens blaring...pulled out onto the road anyway!!!!! The ambulance had to come to almost a complete stop. My dad's condition was and still is critical. I've had trucks...and also cars...pull out in front of me before when they 'thought they had enough time'...but never ever in an emergency vehicle! I tried the phone numbers immediately, and of course no one answered in the office. Not surprising. My attention has been on my dad and not on these jokers that call themselves responsible drivers. Really....an AMBULANCE?????
I've had no time to make another attempt to call the office. His care is #1 right now, but he is asleep and this unprofessional and irresponsible act is on my mind. The stupidity of this act is unbelievable.
I will contact the main office. I doubt if I am listened to, based on what I have seen on this website, but there are other options. A report to the local law enforcement, State Troopers, as well as the DOT, the Better Business Bureau and the local television station and newspaper. I'm sure they would love a human interest story...."WW2 VETERAN'S LIFE ALMOST LOST AT THE HANDS OF LOCAL IDIOT!!!"
Regardless of how angry I am....and I AM...this has got to be one of the most ignorant moves I have ever seen..from a car or a truck. It is inexcusable and it will be addressed. I am NOT one to let things slide...especially when someone's life was or is at stake. Trust me...when I get through, everybody will know about this.
For those of you who don't like that I am angry...get over it. It wasn't your Dad in danger it was MINE...and I fight for what is MINE!!!!!!!

Kent, AL

#33 Feb 28, 2011
I wrote a comment on Feb 16 concerning MBI driver who pulled out in front of an emergency vehicle on Feb 12. That ambulance was carrying my father to the hospital.
Of course I followed through with a phone call to the company. I spoke with a man who said he would find the driver and 'discipline' him. He assured me that he would advise me of his findings. Of course, I have heard nothing from him since.
My father died on Feb 20. He was buried on Feb 23. I can't tell you how angry I am for the delay getting him to the hospital. Every second counted!!!
So...Mr Driver...whoever you are...you can live with the fact that you delayed emergency medical treatment to a man....and possibly contributed to his death. I only hope you never experience what I did....but I'm afraid you may one day. And when that day happens....remember this: What hurts you have caused others will come back upon your own self. A very wise man told me that when I was a little girl. That man??? MY DAD!!!!!!!!!!

Smyrna, TN

#34 Apr 10, 2011
orion wrote:
i drive for mbi in tennessee, these trucks are governed at 64mph on the cruise and 62 on the pedal. I can't tell you how many times i get cut off everyday. Trucks take over 300' to stop at 55mph. When you cut one off and then you hit your brakes you are almost attempting suicide. I've had cars jump out in front of me doing less than 20mph and me being in the far left lane trying to avoid people jumping on the highway. PEOPLE DRIVE WITH THE UNDERSTANDING YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE. PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONE, QUIT TEXTING, DON'T USE THE LAPTOP, DON'T PUT ON MAKE UP DON'T READ A BOOK,NEWSPAPER,BUSINESS PAPERS WHILE .
Is it a good company to work for?

Smyrna, TN

#35 Apr 10, 2011
i live in murfreesboro tn and have chance to work for them right now i make 1000 dollars a wk with a otr company i hate being away from home. i wander if i can make the same with mbi
yr fr fum

Calhoun, LA

#36 May 10, 2011
what does MBI mean?

Norfolk, VA

#37 May 29, 2011
Helper wrote:
<quoted text>
As a recently retire professional driver ( 20-plus years without an accident) most but not all truck drivers are unsafe and a serious danger to the motoring public. Their egos are too big, be excessive abused by warehouse personnel and employers, etc. Most seriously need to be on mental health medication. I have quit job after until I found one that did better than others.
Right now I am in the process of pursuing a Workman's Comp claim because of employer mental abuse.
I have already been approved for Unemployment benefits notwithstanding the fact that I quit, Ohio is ready to prosecute Civil Rights violations, and they will be hearing from my attorney in a few days.
Divers DO have a few rights. Keeping good documentation of "events" [and don't forget pictures]and filing administrative complaints is the secret to prepare for action (war) against abusive employers.
you sound like a lair and a wuss.doubt if you ever saw the inside of a big truck

Corbin, KY

#38 May 29, 2011
really wrote:
<quoted text>you sound like a lair and a wuss.doubt if you ever saw the inside of a big truck

Chicago, IL

#39 Jun 2, 2011
I Personaly know the owner of this co. and I notice that they have bad drivers, over weight is the list of there problems whenever I see a bad driver I reported to the state police, I dont tolerate crazy drivers, and I am a cdl owner operator.
Minnesota driver

Chaska, MN

#40 Jun 30, 2011
mbi(minneapolis)is the worst company i ever worked for . They can never get the pay right. You guys suck. Mbi bought out Master. Pack your trucks go back to chicago. another thing your tarps are safety issue. glad i dont work for anymore

United States

#41 Jun 30, 2011
yr fr fum wrote:
what does MBI mean?
What company are you working for making 1000. wk? Do they have electronic logs?

Elgin, OK

#42 Dec 6, 2011
Minnesota driver wrote:
mbi(minneapolis)is the worst company i ever worked for . They can never get the pay right. You guys suck. Mbi bought out Master. Pack your trucks go back to chicago. another thing your tarps are safety issue. glad i dont work for anymore
MBIis a real good company we bought out Master to get there junk off the road. You my boy just quit to soon to see the money and how GOOD this COMPANY is and how safe we are.
hard driver

Watertown, NY

#44 Feb 19, 2012
my company was just bought out by MBI. How is this company to work for. It sounds good but I dont know what to take of it. The only thing they couldnt tell use was the pay scale, just we were gonna be percentage not by the mile. need some info.
po in ky

Somerset, KY

#45 Feb 19, 2012
they may feel like doing this but they can't. this is in the CDL manual, if you have't already, you need to read it. i drive a straight truck with air brakes and i see whats going on, you cannot get with what pov's are getting by with.
Miz Behavin wrote:
Has it occured to you that maybe the drivers are sick of sharing the road with you? Have you ever drivin a truck or road with a driver for that matter? Do you know any drivers personally? If so then I am sure you must realize just how stressful their job is. I took a trip with a driver recently and I am here to tell you it is a miracle they don't run over everyone out of pure frustration! People in the cars are more dangerous than they are!!!! Show the drivers some respect, if you got it....a driver brought it! I will grant you some drivers are asses but not all.
Broken Glass

Lexington, KY

#46 Mar 20, 2012
A MBI tractor trailer truck passed me on New Circle Road this morning going about 10 mph over the speed limit. The truck didn't have a tailgate so whatever had been in the bed of the trailer was blowing out onto the road. After he got about 10 car lengths ahead of me, my windshield mysteriously cracked. When I got out of my vehicle, it appeared that the windshield had been struck by a rock at the edge in the tinted strip and cracked into the middle of the windshield.

Of course, all these companies & drivers say that they aren't responsible for objects from the road, but if you speed around without a tailgate, how likely is it that the trail of objects left behind actually come from the road.

Of course, insurance will cover it without a deductible but with a family policy and teenage drivers in the household a glass claim will still cost me one way or the other.

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