Good evening Santa Barbara, I hope you are well. My name is Ray and I am temporarily living in Perkasie Pennsylvania. I was just given a DVD by a friend, This DVD was the made for television show in the early 1970's called The Louds: An American Family. I forgot how good it really was. I am 47 years old and the only time I spent in California was when I did my Navy Basic Training in 1987. Then I went overseas to the Mediterainian.
This show about a family trying to move out of their parents home and build a better future for themselves was filmed in Santa Barbara and it was very, I think, endearing. Unlike most people you're forced to move next door to, these people, the Louds, did not seem to be lowlife cruds as is most America today.
The most interesting character, Lance, was very funny and had a zest for life. Although I did not agree with his lifestyle, I am not gay, he seemed a genuine person happy with himself. I ask all of you to get this DVD as it will be enjoyed by many of you. It was the country's first reality show and it does not disappoint.
I was so impressed I went out and bought the book his mother published called Lance Out Loud. This was really good as it is an indepth look into Lance's personal life. The only thing I strongly object to is the mention, in the documentary as in the book, is drug use. Being a former drug user from the 1980's I can say those were terrible years of my life wasted on the use of drugs and the time wasted on living with the very wrong people in my life whether they used drugs or not. I was raised in New Jersey and I would not wish that place on anybody.
But Lance did not have that problem and I'm glad he touched the lives of many in a good way. I'm also very glad he was able to win over and make friends with some very influential people in the entertainment industry. He had what it took politically to get people to WANT to be with him and that's saying a lot. Most people, myself included, just don't have what it takes to have THAT.
So again santa Barbara, nice to finally meet ya, and if there are any positive feedbacks from this subject I'd like to write to you again.