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Phelps, KY

#1 Feb 3, 2013

Ok I heard that and instantly knew there was a deception going around Sneedville.

Apprently people have started going around asking people from Newman's ridge for DNA and then giving them false results for the DNA, I do not know if this is to make money from controversy or what.
What I do know is that by Tennessee law, anyone who was found to be even partia l Indian would be listed as free person of color and denied the right to vote. I also know the DNA haplogroups for those people on Newman's ridge came back as European NOT African. I mean why ask them to take DNA tests and then tell them false results? Do they actually think we can not get on the internet and see the REAL results ourself? Did they think we was too dumb to know the difference between European and African haplogroups? Then to try and swinddle us into calling our own parents liars??? Did they think we was too dumb to actually know what the Tennessee law is for "Free Person of color"???

Phelps, KY

#2 Feb 3, 2013
"Persons that are known and recognized by the Constitution and laws of Tennessee, as free persons of color are those who by the act of 1794 section 32 are taken and deemed to be capable in law to be certified in any case what is in, except against each other or in the language of the statute " all Negroes, Indians, Mulattoes, and all persons of mixed blood descended from Negro or Indian ancestors to the third generation inclusive though one ancestor of each generation may have been a white person, white bond or free" "That if the great grandfather of Plaintiff was an Indian or Negro and he is descended on the mother's side from a white woman, without any further Negro or Indian blood than such as he derived on the father's side, then the Plaintiff is not of mix blood, or within the third generation inclusive; in other words that if the Plaintiff has not in his veins more than 1/8 of Negro or Indian blood, he a citizen of this state and it would be slanderous to call him a Negro" Jacob Perkins vs John White, Johnson county, Tennessee http://jctcuzins.org/pam/perkins/jury.html

Phelps, KY

#3 Feb 3, 2013
52337 Vardeman Collins Unknown Origin R1a1a
87771 Vardy Collins b 1764 Unknown Origin R1a1a
153567 Shepherd Gibson Unknown Origin R1b1a2
69729 David Denham, b. 1754, Louisa County, VA. Unknown Origin I1
246966 Vardemon Collins b.1764 and d. 1850 United States R1b1a2
87373 Irish Jim Mullins of Hawkins Co. TN, b. c. 1780 Unknown Origin R1b1a2
247883 Samuel Bunch, b. ca. 1814, d. June 2, 1865, Sneed Unknown Origin R1b1a2a1a1b4

These are the Newman's ridge Melungeon results that Jack is talking about, Those are NOT African Haplogroups, so why Jack said they was African I have zero clue.

"Welcome to Y-chromosomal Haplogroup R1a1a. This widespread haplogroup covers central/eastern Europe, central Asia and south Asia (India). Smaller populations can aslo be found in Scandanavia, the UK and southern Europe."

"Haplogroup R1

R1 is the dominant haplogroup in Europe today, accounting for well over half of all men.

Haplogroup R1a1

Haplogroup R1a1 appears to have arisen in the Near East or present-day Pakistan during the peak of the Ice Age about 18,000 years ago. Until the Ice Age began to wane about 15,000 years ago, it may have been limited to the area around the Black Sea, a region that remained relatively ice-free and hospitable while much of Eurasia was covered by glaciers and tundra.
Haplogroup R1a1a: Eastern Europe

After the Ice Age, northward migrations carried R1a1a into the gradually greening territory surrendered by the receding glaciers. The abundance of R1a1a in Ukraine, where it reaches levels of about 50%, and the haplogroup's high genetic diversity among Ukrainians, have led researchers to suggest that it expanded from the relatively ice-free region around the Black Sea about 12,000 years ago. Much of the haplogroup's distribution in eastern Europe today can be explained by events associated with the recolonization process. It is most common in a swath stretching from southern Ukraine and the Balkans, north and west into Scandinavia. The frequency of R1a1a decreases farther south in the Balkans and in Scandinavia's far north.

Haplogroup I1 and I2

I is found almost exclusively in Europe, where about 20% of men have Y-chromosomes belonging to the haplogroup. It began spreading about 30,000 to 45,000 years ago with some of the first Homo sapiens to inhabit Europe.

The arrival of I1 into Russia may be connected to the expansion of Slavic-speaking tribes from central Europe beginning around 600 AD." www.23andme.com

So clearly the Newman's ridge families DO NOT have African Haplogroups...instead they was European, so why someone made the mistake of saying these Haplogroups was African I have no idea. As for the Free Person of Color, anyone who said they had Indian ancestry was required by Tennessee law to be listed as Free Person of Color.

"These two, Vardy Collins and Buck Gibson, were the had and source of the Melungeons in Tennessee. With the cunning of their Cherokee Ancestor, they planned and executed a scheme by which they were enabled to "set up for themselves" in the almost unbroken Territory of North Carolina. " Will Allen Dromgoole The Arena ; v. 3 (May, 1891), p. 749-751.

"Hopefully locating and indexing the Hawkins County records 1795-1850 will answer some of these questions and I can remove this ‘maybe Melungeon’ label from my Goins family. " Jack Goins on his link to Melungeons http://www.jgoins.com/maybe_melungeon.htm

It should also be good to note that Women can NOT do Ydna testing, only men can do a Ydna test.

Phelps, KY

#4 Feb 3, 2013
I have heard one of these people coming around sneedville trying to get people to DNA tests is telling people she is a "Scientist", well I researchered this lady and found she has no schooling in genetics and apprently she took some "computer" classes which best I can figure was to make pie charts, I could not even tell if she took computer classes in the 1980's 1990's or how far back however I have NEVER heard of anyone who took a few computer classes then start telling people they are a "Scientist". Again did these people think just because we live in the hills that we was just too dumb to figure out what was going on?

Here is what I found on the lady, http://www.dnaexplain.com/About/Resume.asp

"Roberta is a professional scientist and business owner (BS Computer Science, MBA, graduate work in Geographic Information Systems)"

I looked further on her website and it says she CHARGES people to analyze people's DNA....up to 350 bucks per person??? Yet she did not list anything in her resume showing any schooling in human genetics.

Further research I found this in the HHuffington post "Goins and his fellow researchers – who are genealogists but not academics – had to define who was a Melungeon."

If the newspaper states these people is not Academics then why is this lady apprently running around Sneedville telling people she is a "scientist"??

And then encourage people from Sneedville to call their own parents and grandparents liars????

Phelps, KY

#5 Feb 3, 2013
I guess they seen the name "snake holler" and decided it would be a good place to sell their "Snake oil" hehehehe

All I can say is if these people come around asking you to do a DNA test, or if these people come to you trying to get you to call your ancestors liars, then first ask to see their college degree for human genetics, next ask what Haplogroup YOUR ancestor was (they will try and use someone unrelated to you as your ancestry so make sure to ask for YOUR ancestor not someone elses), and if they try and say your ancestor was denied voting rights or was listed as Free person of color then ask them if your ancestor ever claimed to be Indian because anyone who claimed to be Indian by Tennessee state law would be denied voting rights and listed as Free person of color ( you can find the law at this site http://jctcuzins.org/pam/perkins/jury.html ), If they say your ancestor was a slave then ask them to show you where your ancestor was listed as a slave (currently there is no records for any ancestors on newman's ridge back to any slaves), if they say your ancestors came from the virginia coast area, then ask them to show you where they got that from (no newman's ridge families trace to Virginia coast). If they try and tell you about the Bolton family Supreme court case, remember to inform them that the Bolton family WON that Supreme court case and that the entire Bolton DNA project showed European Haplogroups.


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