yates slave

Murfreesboro, TN

#350 Dec 13, 2012
4 years strong and never even considered for nissan spot. fact is, I never will be. I've done well with Yates and moved up as far as I can in the time given but no chance of ever getting on with nissan. best bet for you newbies is to get out of the mindset that you work for nissan and that you are a temp for hire for as long as they want you or as long as you want to work for them. I don't like working for yates, I don't like nissan for doing the working families in Tennessee like this but guess what... I have bills to pay and a family to feed, so I'll make do, swallow my pride and provide and even be thankful, even though I work just as hard and know just as much as the nissan employees. 4 years and every week we're in fear of losing our job. But still thankful to have one. I'll tell ya one thing though, I'll never buy a nissan.

United States

#351 Dec 13, 2012
Great post Yates slave, as a veteran i wish they would hire you, but at least you have the intelligence to know they never will. Too many are holding on to management's grand illusion of Nissan employee. It is brainwashed through employee orientation when they are first hired. These newbies need to wake up, talk to nissan vets an before you reply on here, READ THESE POSTS, you will learn about the management corruption.

Dayton, TN

#352 Dec 27, 2012
I have currently been placed on suspension with yates. Their process of investigating workplace incidents are so behind in the times it's insane. Who compares statements of witnesses in this current day to see whose stories sound alike. Haven't they ever heard of people putting their heads together and plotting stories.

Charlotte, NC

#353 Dec 28, 2012
They have been that way long before yates. Anytime they have incidents, they talk to witnesses. Problem with you guys is if they did do something to you, you guys cannot use peer review process like Nissan employees can. Everything in that plant is behind the times. Basically what your problem comes down to is if your manager likes you. If you come to work everyday and do your job right, they will usually let it slide. They love playing games when you get in trouble, they like keeping you in suspence awhile, they think it will straighten you up, make you act right awhile, plus it make the other co workers think "well so an so got in trouble an they are investigating, so i better act right or i will get in trouble too". Just childish games at Nissan Elementary School.

United States

#354 Jan 3, 2013
I start the pet training tomorrow and I must say from what I've read on these posts you make this sound like a terrible place to work. Just from what I've read if I didn't need a job ASAP I wouldn't even show up.

Charlotte, NC

#355 Jan 3, 2013
Depends on what part of plant you are sent. Some areas are better than others.

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#356 Jan 4, 2013
Is Yates still hiring?

York, SC

#357 Jan 4, 2013
I have a friend that works there and he said he loves it, i believe he's in parts???

Charlotte, NC

#358 Jan 4, 2013
Yates, a.k.a nissan is always hiring. Once again, some areas of plant is better than other areas, you do not get to choose where they put you.

Nebo, NC

#359 Jan 10, 2013
I heard Nissan is laying off is this true? Or is something going on? I wanted to apply but my friend works there and says there are problems with the system

Glen Rock, NJ

#360 Jan 11, 2013
They are not laying off , a message was sent out yesterday saying Nissan Is about to start hiring yates associates in April and also Nissan is giving its employees a raise this fall for the first time in years.

Murfreesboro, TN

#361 Jan 11, 2013

Charlotte, NC

#362 Jan 11, 2013
Once again, they are always hiring due to high turnover rate. Short shifting is occuring because of problems running three shifts. Also, the only reason they are promising making temps Nissan employees and giving the veterans a raise is because the plant in Canton Mississippi is about to vote for a union, and Smyrna management is scared to death and are throwing illusions out there to keep it out of Smyrna. Notice no dates were given, it was just said "this fall", and "soon packets will be given to temps". They are waiting to see what goes down in Canton first. If union gets in there, what they are throwing out there might happen, just to satisfy so it will not get in here. They will throw everyone a $1200 bonus, a raise, a hamburger dinner and a t shirt to buy your opinion. If you do not believe me ask a Nissan veteran. Our best bonuses and raises of the past were when threat of union was at their door. It is again.

Charlotte, NC

#363 Jan 11, 2013
How will they decide which yates associates get to be Nissan employees?

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#364 Jan 11, 2013
Tony wrote:
How will they decide which yates associates get to be Nissan employees?
Duck duck goose. Or Any many miny mo.

Charlotte, NC

#365 Jan 11, 2013
Knowing their tactics,(again, if it even happens), length of time employed at plant will be the main thing. What these morons don't realize is if you don't make everyone a employee you wedge a divide between temps an the company. If certain people become one you will have the old "so and so got to be one an i did not". That creates dissention amongst the workforce. If you have two temps an you make one an employee an the other stays a temp, if you are the one they make stay a temp you are going to be pissed off. If they do this, they got to make everyone, but they will not. They will put so many restrictions an qualifications on it, everyone will be pissed off. That's why it is all an illusion. They are saving so much money by having 75% of the workforce as temps, why would they change it. If they were going to make you a Nissan employee, they would have hired you as one.

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#366 Jan 14, 2013
Would union benefit the smyrna plant?

Maxton, NC

#367 Jan 14, 2013
That is a great question. Unions obviously do not have the clout they used to have. They have lost thousands of people, and the GM bailout soured public perception of automotive unions. That being said, the way Nissan management runs the Smyrna plant, it is kinda like a catch 22. They are just as corrupt as the union is, in my opinion, if i were a temp, i think i would take my chance with a union. And before anyone says anything about unions laying you off, Nissan laid all the temps off about 5 or 6 years ago, and will again if they need too. Like i posted earlier, they will do whatever it takes to keep it out, including false promises. The dangling of the carrot of Nissan worker is a mirage to keep union away. Management knows if it gets in their cushy little days of doing nothing, an making huge bonuses are over. It would get very interesting if it gets to the point of a vote in Smyrna. Have heard they are going after Decherd next after Canton, then Smyrna will be next. They will do whatever they can to keep it out, they know what they are doing to people is wrong.

Charlotte, NC

#368 Jan 16, 2013
I turned my resume in to the Decherd plant the 1st of December! Anyone have an idea when I could possibly here from yates about a job?

Murfreesboro, TN

#369 Jan 16, 2013
Oh yea!! bring you a union in and see how fast you all lose your jobs. dont get me wrong, I'm pro union but just being realistic.

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