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Fed Up

Smithville, TN

#1 Dec 23, 2012
Is anyone else completely fed up with the way the hospital around here is being managed?
one of the people

Nashville, TN

#2 Dec 24, 2012
Hi Fed up

OMG you took the words out of my mouth. It is the worst hospital I have ever been to.
Fed Up

Smithville, TN

#3 Dec 24, 2012
It not only takes hours to actually leave the waiting room and get back to the area to be seen but once you get back there the doctor's are complete idiots. Yeah, maybe it'd be a good idea to go to a different hospital but as high as gas is its hard to when income is limited and there's a tight budget.

Nashville, TN

#4 Dec 24, 2012
Please tell us what you are talking about.

The emergency room? Was service bad? Staff rude etc.

Had a family member in the hospital? Was service bad? Staff rude etc.

Just would like to know specific examples so I can compare to what happened to my family.

Fed Up

Smithville, TN

#5 Dec 25, 2012

In our experience we did encounter a rude staff member. He was a ER nurse and I believe his name was Daniel. Also, the doctor we saw said he didn't see anything wrong with my husband's foot except some bruising and referred him to an orthapedic surgeon who then told us it was BROKE, in TWO places. What was your experience?
who is the doctor

Smithville, TN

#6 Dec 26, 2012
took a relative to ER for a cut and never had a doctor to enter the room much less examine the patient. The nurses do all the work and examine the patient and spend more time getting information to put into the computer than actually examining the patient. No more than a first aid station. Doctors sat at the station learning how to use the new computer system while the nurses made the diagnosis after their evaluation. Three patients (childen) were transferred to another facility (best thing that could have been done) while others sat like my relative for three hours to be essentially given a look and a pass.

Smithville, TN

#7 Dec 27, 2012
There are lots of problems with the hospital here and they go way beyond what happens in the ER.

Nashville, TN

#8 Dec 31, 2012
It looks like everyone of you complaining must have been fired from the hospital.

When asked for an explanation - TELL US, WHAT IS WRONG AT THE HOSPITAL?

You can only offer vague responses - if you have a complaint - post it here - or contact the state board of health care facilities.

It is becoming apparent that your mommy and daddy have told you all of your life: "You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

Unfortunately, for you, you are not nearly as "important" as you think you are.

The evidence of your lack of importance is the fact that since the minute that you walked out the door, the hospital has continued to run. And the hospital is probably running better since they sent your goofey ass to the house.
broke dog

Nashville, TN

#9 Jan 2, 2013
I wish that someway the Drs. would make better use of their clinic, expand their hours to maybe 12 or 1 am, using a nurse practitioner, no appointments,this would help some people from missing work, that works day shifts,also I would hope that people would use the clinic instead of the er room, I believe there is too many people going to the er when they have no business there which runs up these big er bills that's not necessary.This lets the Dr. in the er room see the people that has a real emergency.

Morrison, TN

#10 Jan 2, 2013
I went in with a procedure that had to be done immediately. The doctor walked in to lance me. I begged for sedation, as I had this done a few months prior. I was cut with no medication then immediately injected with dilaudid AFTER it was all over. I was examined by a male nurse without a female present (in my female area). I called the CEO on advise of my OBGYN. What did she do? The male nurse called me to tell me a female nurse was watching through the window (with the blinds closed). I will NEVER go back.
same here

Smithville, TN

#11 Jan 3, 2013
I went to the ER first time in my life and I am over middle age. Saw Dr. Galwapago(or something like that)he was not sympathetic at all seemed like he wanted to purposely cause me pain. Even the nurses asked him if he wanted to use things that would make it more comfortable for me and he refused. Nurses were the feeling that he was a foreigner that hated Americans. My husband almost met him outside he was so angry. I followed up with my regular Doctor and told him the treatment I received and the things he refused to use that the nursed asked him if he wanted and he sd no. My Doctor got really upset and said there was no excuse for what he did to me and that some doctors are just lazy. The Hospital called my house a couple days later to ask about how the service was and my husband let them have it. This was not just a small medical problem I was having, I had people in the waiting room volunteering to let me go before them because there was so much blood.

United States

#12 Jan 3, 2013
None of you crybabies probably have insurance so you got a big invoice. That's why you're mad.

United States

#13 Jan 4, 2013
I took a friend there once, and since they didn't take her insurance they put her in an ambulance and sent her to warren county where she went into icu!!
same here

Smithville, TN

#14 Jan 4, 2013
Bobs wrote:
None of you crybabies probably have insurance so you got a big invoice. That's why you're mad.
No Bob..I have very good insurance and no trouble paying my portion. This had nothing to do with money it was treatment. Bob..let's hope and pray that you never get sick or hurt and need their care and if you do I sincerely hope that your treatment is much better than mine was..even though you are rude I do not wish what I went through on you.
Fed Up

Smithville, TN

#15 Jan 5, 2013
FYI "Bob" there was insurance coverage in my situation so know what you're talking about before you open your blowhole. This is for people to vent on their experience not for numbnuts like you to criticize others. Let me work at the hospital??

Nashville, TN

#16 Jan 8, 2013
Welcome to ObamaCare.

Nashville, TN

#17 Jan 8, 2013
Fed Up wrote:
FYI "Bob" there was insurance coverage in my situation so know what you're talking about before you open your blowhole. This is for people to vent on their experience not for numbnuts like you to criticize others. Let me work at the hospital??
And you are criticizing who? Oh, right, just the "numbnuts" that work at the hospital... Well, that's okay - I guess. If you dish it out be willing to take it.
Same here

Smithville, TN

#18 Jan 8, 2013
In my case the people that worked there were was the sorry ER Doctor that couldn't have cared less for me. And no, before someone comments, it wasn't about drugs, didn't ask for drugs, it was about standard of care.

Liberty, TN

#19 Jan 24, 2013
Had to take a family member the other night,I was shocked to see only one car in parking area, it is usually filled with people wanting drugs, so we were promptly ask our information and barely had time to sit down before called to back.The nurse was in there immediately asking questions and getting information about patient and checked her, very nice and helpful. BUT then we waited probably 20 minutes for Dr. Dingle to come in and all she done was barely touched them (because the nurse had already done what needed done) and walked back out to desk to computer, I guess we interrupted her game of farmville or something.We need better er doctors, people go to the emergency room because it is an EMERGENCY, well most people.And we need a pediatric doctor in this county so our children won't have to be sent somewhere else if they are injured or very sick.If this county had more to offer maybe their would be better doctors willing to move here and some specialists. We have some good dotors but they don't work the er. because they have a work load at their offices.This county needs help.
sacred dogs

Nashville, TN

#20 Jan 24, 2013
Number 1- this is not Obamacare. A law has been on the books for years that an emergency room cannot refuse treatment in a true life-threatening emergency. Obamacare doesn't enter into this at all. If you received poor service at any business, open your mouth (like you do on this forum) and tell the people that can actually do something about it. If enough people bitch about the problem, it may get fixed.

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