Is video taping a neighbor legal or i...

Denver, CO

#130 May 13, 2012
What if you are secretly being videotaped in your home yet, you cant find the cameras, where would these hidden cameras be, where should I start looking?

Monticello, NY

#131 May 28, 2012
Dont see what all the fuss is about. If your ass neighbor is stalking you with videocam, do the same to them, very visibly, and if you catch anything embarrassing, post it on YouTube and send the whole neighborhood a link including the idiot. Post it on their Facebook page also if they have one. Send it to the media if it's extra juicy.

Yorktown Heights, NY

#133 Jun 28, 2012
buy a high powered laser and point it at the camera That will burn out the camera and fix the situation

Orlando, FL

#134 Aug 9, 2012
Well, I don't know about the camera and all that,but if I caught you letting your dog dump on my yard I would take you to civil court. Dog urine kills the grass and cost the owner money to fix, especially in a Association atmosphere. Try letting your dog dump in your own yard and your problems will go away.

Orlando, FL

#135 Aug 9, 2012
BBKing wrote:
buy a high powered laser and point it at the camera That will burn out the camera and fix the situation
mYes sir, it works
TV in Nebraska

Bellevue, NE

#138 Aug 14, 2012
I have a neighbor who installed over 6 cameras and two of his cameras are pointing directly in my yard. Not sure why but whenever my kids are out, he magically appears outside. Not sure what the laws are here in NE but what a loser. I consider this to be a violation of my privacy.

North Versailles, PA

#139 Aug 22, 2012
My neighbor has cameras all over the outside of his house and on his garages. I feel like its an invasion of privacy because the cameras face our house as well. He is an extremley paranoid person. Sometimes I think he is doing something illegal inside that house. Doesnt speak to any neighbors has all kinds of locks on his doors and cameras everywhere. If the camera is facing my house is there something I can do or can I report him. I feel like we cant even sit out in our back yard or on our front porch because of the cameras.

“Heart is still in Meriden!”

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#140 Aug 24, 2012
There is no expectation of privacy in public places in the open. There is no expectation of privacy in your yard or in your house if there are no obstructions from public areas, like a public street, looking through your uncovered windows at you standing there naked in front of the uncovered windows. Dressing rooms, public rest rooms, Bathrooms, toilet areas, and the like do have the expectation of privacy. Before we consider to follow the advice of common lay people don't you think it might be a dam good idea to seek the advice of a real Attorney of which I am not one. Go find one and ask them. Attorney's make a lot of money because people do what they think is right, not what is right. "Well I thought it was okay, it was common sense to do that" right? Law has nothing to do with common sense, it is constitutional in nature. Becareful what you believe to be okay. There are a lot of people in prison doing hard time for "thinking".
Grandmother in Georgia

Tucker, GA

#141 Sep 1, 2012
I am the neighbor who has a surveillance camera on her roof, pointing at my patio and the adjoining patio. One does this after coming face to face with a peeping tom at 1:30 in the AM. Ejaculate was on my storm door! It was nearly two months before it happened again. I had a professionally installed video camera with night vision installed. The very first night the indecent exposure events began. To my astonishment it was my immediate next-door neighbor, a man who lives alone, and is very quiet. He deliberately sets my motion lights by walking on my patio, then he goes back on his property and displays his private parts, and continues sometimes for hours, displaying, walking, waiting, going inside, then coming out again.
He does this even in the rain. He is a very sick man. I will keep my surveillance camera. Right now a criminal case is pending against him - mine.

Bruceville, TX

#142 Sep 4, 2012
is it legal for a out of district cop to have video survalence on are apartments swimming pool

Highland Lakes, NJ

#143 Sep 13, 2012
I have neighbors who are stalking me in hawley PA.they are video taping my family and watching every move we make.they have a 10 foot fence up and they sit in their house of out side watching us.Does anyone know if this is legal?
Matt in wisconsin

De Soto, WI

#144 Sep 17, 2012
ann wrote:
<quoted text>I think that is happening to us too can't prove it but when I do there's going to be hell to pay-there are so many sick freaks out there good luck!
Hi I have a peeping tom in my neighborhood
I posted a sign on my private property stating PEEPING TOM JUST AHEAD. So is it illegal for me in Wis to post a sign as such on my property??
julie fiffe

Saint Paul, MN

#145 Sep 18, 2012
Mr Good Advice wrote:
To those who have neighbors spying on you, Put insulation up in the windows, they can't hear what they can't hear and insulation will stop them from hearing anything. There are different types of insulation from foam boards to rolls of fiberglass and other products that will do the same. So you will lose your windows that point towards your neighbors house, out of site, out of mind. And if you really want to get back at them really good make a life casting of yourself and buy a set of childrens binoculars from a toystore and set it up in a window or yard in a place they can see it. It doesn't have to be a full sized life cast just as long as you hide it in such a way they can't see that there is no body, and you can buy a kit online pretty cheap to make life casts. Second, You can get your own video survallence system and do the same to them. And Third, get privacy screens put into place so the neighbors can't see you. A privacy fence works well but they aren't very tall (usually 6 feet) So get something that will block all of their view. Fourth, if sound is what they want broadcast Barney with a little out door speaker set to a low volume (as loud as your normal talking voice. And finally just in case your neighbor turns out to be a drug dealer or serial killer get yourself some protection. There are many different types of protection and instructional classes to go with them, ask around and you will find whatever you need. I wish you all good luck and be safe out there.
I don't think anyone should have to live that way, you shouldnt have to spend your money intended for your family on unnecessary purchases because of people that are no more than just the neighbor. They are nobody dont let them become more than that like a financial drain geez.
peggy annette

Bensalem, PA

#146 Oct 7, 2012
my neighbor is video tapeing me in my house can i do it back cause she gets in my face and tell me that im going to get it or do i call the cops and get a lawyer cause i want her away from my father and i dont deserve being video taped from her or my brother or his gf they need to stop

United States

#147 Oct 12, 2012
Hello, I live in Georgia.I'm being told by a police officer that if I drive by a neighbors house and record, while in my car, my neighbors kids yelling at me then I'm stalking them.he said its stalking because it's intimidating them. Is this true? Can someone tell me specifically why it is or isn't.

“Heart is still in Meriden!”

Since: Aug 11

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#148 Oct 18, 2012
In any area of public access your privacy cannot be protected. If a family is at Disney Land/World and they take pictures/video and you and your family are in the background, are you stalking them? Of course not.

The police might take issue with you driving and operating a camera while driving though, I sure would.

Using a video camera to record what can be seen with the human eye without violating trespass laws or court degrees is not illegal. Were a pretty young girl to lay on the beach in a very skimpy bikini while you are taking pictures or video of the beach area, such as in Daytona Beach Florida lets say, it is not illegal to see her in your video as it is not illegal to see her with your eyes. An artist uses their eyes to see what they paint and the image created is what they see. So is the image from a camera.

Charlottetown, Canada

#149 Nov 7, 2012
Hello, My nerves are shot!!! My neighbor has camera's up outside his home. When anyone in my home goes outside, a light shines directly on them,day an night and follows them. If he wanted it for protection for his own yard that is fine but I don't want it. He complained about my trees that I had planted this side of the property line.He complained about that, so I have started making a fence because he was cutting my trees and killing them. We do not bother anyone and always wanted to be a good neighbor but you can't to him.
Anyone have any suggestions what I can do besides paying a lot of money for a lawyer ?

Ocoee, FL

#150 Nov 30, 2012
I have a neighbor that just moved in 2 months ago. They have called animal control on one neighbor code ebfocment on another and has 6 (yes 6) cameras on all of us.They are hidden but we have found them in every window and 2 by the front and side door. He put up flood lights that shine in 5 of our front doors and windows so he can record at night. This guy is scarry. Not sure why or what he is doing with all this but I am worried.
Billy Jack

West Covina, CA

#151 Jan 20, 2013
The best method to stop sicko neighbors from pointing cameras at your house, front yard, driveway and so on is to take a proactive approach and address it with photgraphs to your city council. Your city leaders can easily and effectively create an ordinance that will regulate the use of residential surveillance cameras that will prevent sicko neighbors pointing cameras at your residence. Any city in the USA has the authority to regulate anything in the city via ordinances/city codes.

Monroeville, AL

#152 Jan 21, 2013
is it leagal in misssissippi for a neighbor to video tape you from a survalience camera (6) pointed at my parents house with sound recording as well this neighbor has harassed everyone in the neighborhood now my parents what can they legally do I have a teenage daughter and son that stay out there and it creeps me out

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