Wild Cowboys movie!


#222 May 2, 2012
25 years isnt life dog...jus came home afta doin 14...why in tha game if u can't handle the heat..i ain't knolw they lied woww thats bad,like homie said,"There are a lot of people spending the rest of their lives in prison because of lies they told because they were afraid to man up and accept responsibility for their actions".
John 174

United States

#223 May 2, 2012
Seen Disco on 174 Audubon in a white
535i around 7pm...IM STUN!!!
I guess people do remember this dude use to kill

United States

#224 May 2, 2012
dominique im wrote:
<quoted text> hey i see your screen name is money well im tryna find my dad who was around or involved back then and his street name was money do you have any info?
Naw,name doesn't ring a bell,,but what was his real name & what block was he from? That wasn't my name back then but I earned it through the years on the grind, I bounced in 95 when everyone was getting locked up & hit the ATL for 8years, I was in eastpoint then peachtree and kept it moving further south bro. miss the A-Town, good city..

Waterloo, Canada

#225 Jul 10, 2012
Cuanta mierda hablan

Waterloo, Canada

#226 Jul 10, 2012
Yo si se la historia de ellos

Brooklyn, NY

#227 Jul 12, 2012
pachanga wrote:
<quoted text>
according to the book chocolate got rubbed out in DR.
Frankie cuevas was dr or pr? book doesnt say , im curious to know.
Frankie Cuevas aka Gus was Dominican...he was one of my cousins best friends from 155 Audubon
Migs 171

Roselle, NJ

#228 Jul 13, 2012
155th and Audubon?? That block was official huhh. Where they moved that block to??
Migs 171

Roselle, NJ

#229 Jul 13, 2012
Oh shyt!! 155 Audubon. Oops

Brooklyn, NY

#230 Jul 13, 2012
lol...my bad....155 audubon on 163rd street

Brooklyn, NY

#231 Jul 13, 2012
Convent across the street....a few blocks from
Incarnation school.

Brooklyn, NY

#232 Jul 13, 2012
173rd...should check before I submit...lol

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

#233 Aug 11, 2012
none wrote:
<quoted text>
my aunt is married to pac

Pac is like an uncle to me i visit him everynow and then and victor(dag) is my (real blood ) uncle

United States

#234 Aug 15, 2012
Who were the dudes from 162/161 in war with over manteca spots? I remember the drive bys. Migs, were you with long hair, selling weed on 174 or 175? Trying to look like Alfonso from 173rd st?

Staten Island, NY

#235 Aug 17, 2012
jjrani wrote:
my man now, told me when we met he did time for 7yrs.....says he was a member.. got caught selling bact then..he said he had the bigest corner in W.H.to sell... a part me doesnt believe he was in this gang... he said he was... can anyone tell me the names of some of the young men who went to jail for selling?? might be the wrong thing to ask.... I'm just looking for the truth.. my future with this mans depends on the truth... dont care what he or anyone did.. only god can judge... I just want the truth... if this gang was as bad as everyone is saying, I need to know who he really was...the past is the past.. and he paid for what he did.. just need the truth.... thanks
All people are good until you bite them - so if you are not in that type of life - let it be. My Russusian People up in BK, my Dominican people up in WH, my African People up in the after hours in the Bronx, where I'm the only spanish/Mex and get treated like gold because family treats family that way. Like they like to say up the BX join - come in peace or leave in peices. Shout out to Brownie from the good old times at the Wedge whom introduced me to all her people up in the Bronx and bouched for me even after I was initially categorized as a stick up kid. Great fucking people.

Staten Island, NY

#236 Aug 17, 2012
Papote wrote:
Who were the dudes from 162/161 in war with over manteca spots? I remember the drive bys. Migs, were you with long hair, selling weed on 174 or 175? Trying to look like Alfonso from 173rd st?
Papote are you still Cheffing around?
Keisher Sosa

Homestead, FL

#237 Aug 31, 2012
Wack the only thing you sticking up is a dick in your ass! SUCKER!!!!!!!!

Teaneck, NJ

#238 Dec 6, 2012
171st n bway wrote:
y r lenny and nelson lifers in prison if they lied 2 save they own asses?
I was wit Nelson in Valhalla , they tucked him away in the West.Co. jail was wit him 4 8 months

Teaneck, NJ

#239 Dec 7, 2012
Director wrote:
Ed OD... Let's talk.
<quoted text>
Was wit nelson in Valhalla !
matthew sanchez

Jersey City, NJ

#240 Dec 22, 2012
blacrain wrote:
they had massive balls but fat danny did not snitch paqualito did not snitch teddy ted did not snitch fat jimmy did not snitch allen did not snitch victor did not snitch lace did not snitch david did not snitch edd o.d. did not snitch rob base did not snitch
renny did not snitch stanley did not snitch linwood did not snitch
so lenny and nelson could have kept it real too
<quoted text>
i wonder if little freddy snitched, hes my dad. and i hear he was part of cocaine cowboys, redtops and also fbi-far beyond imagination
lovin the heights

Orlando, FL

#241 Jan 8, 2013
edd-od south bronx wrote:
Prison, or even death are consequences any individual must accept if they choose the "life". "this is the life we have chosen for ourselves" is a quote from The Godfather" that has always stuck with me, because of its simple truth. If you choose to be a drug dealer, and you make millions of dollars off of the blood and sweat of other people, then man the "f" up and handle whatever comes your way, be it death, cops or any other hazard in a drug dealer's every day life. I completely committed myself to the notion that I could die on any given day, especially when if I would had gotten stopped on the street I wasn't going out without a fight. Although snitching is an everyday thing nowadays, I long for the days when snitches really got stitches. Anyone who knows the name EDD-O.D. knows I ain't lying. Big up to all OT and RT who didn't rat and did their time like the real men that we are!
Does anyone know what happen to RT, I sold him my apartment in 1989 in arthur ave in the bronx,He became a real good friend of mine and use to visit me and my daughter that I had from rasko 175 he was really there for me after i became a mother and i stoped hanging out and hardly ever hung out with people from 175. he just vanished.ve seen pics of mickey now and others and
rt nothing i hope hes alive and well and if anyone knew a girl named velma from 175 who rt hung out with too she passed like 2 years ago. wow thank god im in orlando and seeing now my grandhild grow. i dont know what would of happened if i would of stayed in the heights.......anyone out there hung in 175 st. nich?cause lenny and nelson were not as infamous as there are potrayed. I know i was there from 84 to at least 2000 see alot many friends died alot of loss wheres all the cash we all had a little of in those days

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