Hypothetical conversation with the pres.

So Pres. Obama, with your new gun and magazine ban your intention is to get these items out of the criminal's hands, correct?

Pres. Obama replies, Yes that is my intention, I want everyone to be safe from these weapons.

Sounds great sir. So the first thing you will be doing after the ban goes into effect is to go to every known criminal's home, including those that have served time but cannot legally own a gun, and search their house and take those guns out of their hands.

Pres. says, Well no we cannot do that because the constitution guarantees a citizen's right against illegal search and seizure.

So just what is the first thing you will do sir?

Pres.says, We expect all law abiding citizens that have those banned weapons to turn them in. We won't go to your house to get them but we expect you to comply and turn them in.

But sir, what about all the criminals that have those weapons? Obviously they, being criminals, won't comply with any order to turn them in.

Pres.says, Well we can't go to their house and take them, that is against the constitution and their right to privacy but we expect all law abiding and responsible citizens to turn them in.
This will keep these weapons out of the hands of criminals.

Now, that's pretty much what the anti-gun crowd is saying with all their rhetoric isn't it?

Doesn't make much sense does it?

Nope, and it never will..........