What: Marine Safety Boardings
When: Memorial Day Weekend, 23-26 May 2008
Who: US Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary and Sitka Police Department
Where: Sitka Harbor and vicinity
Why:(See ad being run in Sitka Sentinel Below)
Attention Sitka - Marine Safety Boardings Memorial Day Weekend! Did you know that nearly 90% of all drowning fatalities in boating incidents are directly related to the lack of or improper use of personal flotation devices? Or that well over 80% of all boating incidents are due to operator/passenger negligence or inexperience? In an effort to prevent boating accidents before they occur, the United States' Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary, in conjunction with the Sitka Police Department, will be conducting vessel safety boardings May 23-26th 2008, Memorial Day Weekend. For any concerns, please contact Anisa Khandkar at CGC MAPLE.