funroadrally……isn't a race. It’s a rolling scavenger hunt with odd competitions, through small(and big) towns, on two lane(or less) roads designed to challenge people to experience fun and fellowship. At the end will be a cool trophy , a meager cash prize, and a donation to your favorite charity.
The challenges include finding particular items along the way, taking photos of things you may not normally be allowed to take photos of, performing odd tasks designed to embarrass, having complete strangers perform odd tasks, etc., etc..
The evenings are spent hanging out in hotel/campground parking lots with some amazing people from the other teams who are also bored with the “norm”. Nightly events are some of the best fun. Water balloon fights, ugly(err beauty?) contests, spare tire relay races, flat tire changing races with a twist, and the list goes on.
Other tomfoolery may include costume days, eating contests, snipe hunting, tractor tipping, etc..
The GOOD from all of this: Half of the prize money goes to the charity of the winners choice(must be a real charity). Volunteering opportunities along the way(for max points). Knowing you did a good thing and had fun doing it.
To participate choose the rally you want to run, find some team members crazy enough to tag along and get ready to have the time of your life. Bring along a digital camera so you can prove your willingness to accomplish as many bizarre tasks as possible.
No speeding, spinning tires or wreckless driving. This is NOT a race……it is an ADVENTURE!