Shelby Energy = Inflated Electric Bills

Shelby Energy = Inflated Electric Bills

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Fed UP

Louisville, KY

#1 Feb 22, 2011
Someone need to start an investigation on this electric co. we were gone 3 weeks last month and everything is the house was off and the thermostat was set on 65 and our bill was higher than its ever been. that is impossible and nothing is being done about it.

Winchester, KY

#2 Feb 24, 2011
It seems to be happening everywhere. I talked with some people from the Lexington area who experienced the same thing.

Louisville, KY

#3 Feb 25, 2011
Frustrated wrote:
It seems to be happening everywhere. I talked with some people from the Lexington area who experienced the same thing.
We have had several complaints about this Co at our firm. it is being looked into.

Tomball, TX

#4 Feb 26, 2011
I live alone , and I work nights, so I don't run anything but the heater , and my bills average 300 a month in the winter, my barn is in ku and never had a bill over 35 dollars, and I leave the lights in, water heaters on, and plug my tractors in

Louisville, KY

#5 Feb 28, 2011
Fred wrote:
I live alone , and I work nights, so I don't run anything but the heater , and my bills average 300 a month in the winter, my barn is in ku and never had a bill over 35 dollars, and I leave the lights in, water heaters on, and plug my tractors in
Not the First time we have heard that from Shelby Energy's Customers, we all need to stand up and fight this rip off company. there stealing our money and getting away with it every minute of everyday. we need a serious investigation into fraud of SHELBY ENERGY Please SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Louisville, KY

#6 Mar 1, 2011
It is happening in Louisville too.

I have a relative and frienda who live in Louisville, one is single and gone most of the time and his bill was over $300. Another is married but both work all day and their bill was over $500.

I remember, the new company which took over the utility companies in Louisville and Sheblyville made a statement to the public in which the bills would not increase....


Someone should play the video of their little speech and then show the comparisons of the bills before and after speech.

They know we need the utilities, so they will raise to any price they want.
another victim...

United States

#7 Mar 8, 2011
Every time I get a bill, I dream if being a KU customer. Screw Shelby Energy.

Louisville, KY

#8 Mar 17, 2011
My bill was almost $300.... I had to work extra hard Saturday night for that kind of money. It makes me wanna cry.

Louisville, KY

#9 Apr 4, 2011
THere All pieces of shit at Shelby Energy, breaking the law everyday and getting away with it. KU please expand your coverage

United States

#10 Sep 15, 2011
We need to start by trying to get a news interview with the Wave 3 news trouble shooter. Then we all need to get a petition signed and send a copy of it to the state energy commissioner and Govener. That would get the ball rolling. Shelby Energy is robbing all of its customers and getting buy with it, it is time we as hard working Americans to make a stand and fight this cesspool of wrong doing!

Versailles, KY

#11 Sep 15, 2011
is this what I have to look forward to since I moved to Smithfield,$300 light bills?
My God that will kill us !!!

Louisville, KY

#12 Sep 22, 2011
You all are all so dumb! They're a cooperative-- not for profit! They have the same people to answer to as any other company so they can't 'rip anyone off'... If your a member and your convinced you don't have anything running get an energy audit done. Somethings going on- they can't charge you for energy you're not using!
surely not

Ft Mitchell, KY

#13 Oct 4, 2011
I used to be a Shelby Energy customer! And YES!!! Shelby Energy are crooks!!! There needs to be an investigation!!! I now have KU, live in a BIGGER house, and my electric bill is like $200 less than it was when I had Shelby Energy!!! No one can afford to live anywhere if they have Shelby Energy! Everyone is getting charged at least $200 more than they should be every month! Why isn't someone looking into them??? Shelby Energy ripped me off for thousands of dollars over the years!! They should be made to pay everyone back that they have ripped off! Someone is getting rich off of poor people's money!! Why isn't anyone doing anything about it? They have charges on their bills that you never hear of on other electric bills. They do their best to confuse you, and give you lame excuses of costs of coal, and other charges. I could see if there was only a small difference in electric price between them and KU, but the difference is in the hundreds!

I agree, someone get with the Wave 3 Troubleshooter, and have them start an investigation! Someone with the cahoots and smarts to defend themselves.

Newport, KY

#14 Feb 9, 2013
Has there ever been an investigation of these crooks yet? I too lived with Shelby Energy as my electric company for 7 years! We have a large family, and our bill during those 8 years was usually $400.00-$450.00 every month. It was a struggle during those times to keep the electric on. We have now had KU for almost 3 years, and our bill is ALWAYS under $200.00 a month, even when we are not so careful about turning off lights and such. When we had Shelby Energy, we had to be extremely careful all the time, and made sure to turn off lights when coming out of a room, and had to work hard at conserving electric. But to no avail, we STILL had a bill that was over $400.00.

They put this huge "enviromental surcharge and fuel adjustment" on their bills that total around $200-$250 a month. Our enviromental with KU is only like $5.00 a month.

Over 8 years times, I believe they ripped me off for around $25,000. And they are doing that to hundreds of people. If they did this to 100 people, that would be around $2,400,000. They are making millions of dollars off of people. They should be made to pay this money back to everyone!
miss B

Frankfort, KY

#15 Feb 10, 2013
I agree with surely not, someone call wave 3 trouble shooter!
EveryoneCallWave 3

Lexington, KY

#16 Feb 10, 2013
We need to call or get on get in touch with wave 3's Eric Flack, he will call em out and get to the bottom to see what is really going on!

Fort Thomas, KY

#17 Feb 10, 2013
Capitalism,is being ignored.Greed and hand outs have created the worst administration we have ever experienced in our lifetimes.Every one wants to feed off the taxpayers that pay taxes and work.
The electric bills simply reflect the need of corporations needing electricity,the EPA setting impossible standards for the coal fired generators of the power companies.Prices going up.
KU better

United States

#18 Feb 10, 2013
I wish I had KU also. I would get rid of them and Debbie Martin.

United States

#19 Mar 9, 2013
How much is shelby energy's deposit?

Erlanger, KY

#20 Mar 11, 2013
It's ridiculous! I've always had ku but moved and now have Shelby energy and its horrible!! I'm paying twice as much and in a smaller house, I don't get it!

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