people that get on here and mouth other people are low life inbreds it funny bria i wasnt such a low life when you were living here for free and i was raising your kids when you were out chasing pills and i do believe you were ran off from here because you wouldnt take care of your kids and the neighbors called the police because you always screamed at your kids and let them out side all day hell your daughter let a man in the house she didnt know he fed her while you were passed out on pills then he called my landlord he was from riches appliances my kids eat well are well dressed make straight a,s in school so your opion and the mcphearsons opions dont mean shit to me at all hell everyone knows you all still food from hardees for cook outs what a wonderful bunch you guys are lmao good luck with your drugs sorry i woudnt sell you my scripts and you all got mad but i dont sell drugs like your mom does and what up with none of you facing me in person get a life i have a wonderful life since you all go ran off enjoy