I noticed in a recent Sun-News article on lodgerís tax that Nancy Johnson is listed as the co-owner of the Palace Hotel. It came as a bit of a shock to me as Nancy is THE owner of the Place Hotel. Actually, considering all the mistakes in the Sun-News recently, it was not that much of a surprise.

I also noticed that the Sun-News is now looking for itís readers to write stories for the newspaper. That could well be an improvement. At least they might be correct.

Which leads to another question? What happened to Levi Hill, Holly Wise and now I have noticed that Sam Conn has disappeared from the pages of Sun-News. Is the thing going down the crapper or what?

Granted the Silver City Daily Press may not have much but what it does is generally correct.

KOAT basically plugged the plug when Larry Behrens moved to Santa Fe.

It is truly sad to see our local media (or whatís left of it) in such a VERY sad shape!